Bleeding Brown and Orange DVD Released

The DVD of the new film about Browns fans can be purchased directly from GIBI...

Our friends over at GIBI Productions have released their long-awaited film about the Browns fans called "Bleeding Orange and Brown". You can find a trailer for the film right here (Quicktime).

Bleeding Orange and Brown is a unique production because of its focus on fans, rather players or owners. The film is a much-needed tonic for the constant flow of NFL-related marketing where fans are portrayed as wild-eyed cartoons or simply used as props in the stories of franchises or players. The hopes and dreams of real people, and how they identify with their hometown team, is the subject of the story.

Here is some more information from GIBI Productions:

Well it's finally out. The 2 disc DVD set of "Bleeding Orange & Brown: A Cleveland Tradition" began shipping on Friday. Those of you who pre-ordered your copy of the film will begin receiving them this week. If you have not ordered your copy yet you can now do so through the Good Idea Bad Idea Productions website at

From here on out all orders will be completed next business day. If you pay via e-check we will have to wait 4 business days for the check to clear before we can ship the DVDs.

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the premiere. It was a great event and we appreciate all of you who were able to come out and support the project. People have been asking about additional screening dates and we are currently working on setting up a few more. We will let everyone know once we have something worked out.

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