A Warbling Gameballs and Goats

Unlike some websites, Bernie's Insiders will never stoop to cheap tactics to attract visitors. There will be no trumped-up gimmicks or salacious double entendres here. Our mission is to provide information, and create a soapbox for Browns fans to let their opinions be heard without censorship. With that in mind, here is this week's Gameballs and Goats, as selected by our visitors. Jessica Simpson got a vote.

The Week's Results: The Gameball winner would have been a 100-1 shot prior to the game, but Frisman Jackson would not be denied. Reuben Droughns gets gameballs amidst the loss as well. And the offensive line getting a gameball??!? We must be in a new era.

One cannot help but approve of write-in votes for Brian "I (heart) Kyle Boller" Billick and "The Man". The Man, as we know, is responsible for everything, including putting an official's dome in between our quarterback and wide receiver. I'm guessing Jessica Simpson didn't get a gameball write-in for her singing, but, you know I'm just guessing.... also, props to Section 527 Dawg for avoiding this game in his ticket lottery. I'm hoping you get the Bears or Dolphins, bro.


Player Gameballs
Frisman Jackson 92
Reuben Droughns 82
Offensive Line 36
Leigh Bodden 26
Phil Dawson 15
Antonio Bryant 13

Write-Ins: "New Orleans, New York, Washington DC", New Orleans Saints, Turkey Jones, Tailgating, "I get one!", Overseas Troops (All services and ranks), Jessica Simpson


Player Goathorns
Officiating Crew 40
Entire Defense 31
Trent Dilfer 27
Ray Mickens 24
Defensive Line 20
Ben Taylor 19

Write-Ins: Bruce Arians, "Message Board Fans", "Ray Mickens hands to the face penalty", "The Man", Brian Billick, Nick Lachey, Butch Davis


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Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
mulekicker3 No sacks? Time for the QB to throw? A couple of holes for the running game? I haven't seen that in years. Nice job O-line.
naxos Tuff game. Its hard to find positives but the offense showed some signs. Great game by Frisman of course.
gbeachy50310 THOMPSON: What a stud today. BODDEN: Also some great plays. DROUGHNS: Nice runs, stepped in on KR and did a nice job.
katdawg Superb effort for Heiden, Droughns and Dawson. If I could pick 4, Carthon would be in there. He was a question mark in my mind going into this game and showed nice, imaginative playcalling. The OL looked great as compared to past years. This offense will produce as they gel.
condor Uh, did anyone call the Frisman sighting?
doctorfresh Reuben Droughns: Solid day considering we had to pass all day to try and keep up. He'll take the majority of our carries this year, and frankly, I am happy with that. Frisman Jackson: Gotta give it up for the Fris today. He had the fourth best receiving stats in the entire NFL this weekend! Yikes! Chaun Thompson: He stepped it up today, and seemed to be one of the few front 7 guys making any sort of tackles.
mark zickefoose Droughns doesn't LOOK like just a product of the Denver O-line. Frisman outplayed Johnson, and the O-line kept Trent clean.
osujoe Frisman Jackson - okay, I've not been a Frisman fan at all, but that was a hell of a play he made today. Dennis Northcutt - for that great return w/the B.S. call that brought it back. Reuben Droughns - looked awesome when they were able to give him the ball.
logdawg Wasn't it nice to not be able to call the play before the snap. Nice job Mr. Carthon. Friz had a great game, and Droughns was solid as well.
gkbollinger Droughns need to get the ball consistently - he makes things happen. OL didn't allow a sack. Frisman had a huge game
cashdog296 At least the O'line looked good.
alamodawg1 Droughns was a workhorse and was all over the place, Frisman had a breakout game, and Heiden made some unbelievable catches while taking some brutal shots!
glennchannell Frisman Jackson was the man. Bodden also had a nice game with 2 picks (I know, 1 was called back) and a very nice play getting past one of the OL on a screen on 3rd and 4 to make the stop.
other bjk For the first time ever, I gave a game ball to the entire O Line.
thejamdawg The people from the Gulf Coast could use a smile, the Saints gave them one.
direwolfpdx Not too many earned on this day. Jackson gets one for making the only exciting play of the game. Reuben ran well (when they called his number). And another to Heiden for making some tough catches.
baydawg No sacks, and 5.6yds/ru att...Run the Rock...Stupid!
clevelandfan Frisman Jackson - Terrific game, and first NFL touchdown, nice job. Dennis Northcutt - Solid game, and nice run back on the punt that resulted in a taken-back-by-penalty TD. Reuben Droughns - Solid running, too bad he couldn't get more touches. Tailgating - my first experiance tailgating, and it was fantastic!!!!!
htown_dawg Nice job by the OLine. No sacks. No penalties. 5.3 yards per rush.
section 527 dawg I get a gameball because I didn't draw this week's horrible game in our ticket pool! But they have to keep Reuben in there!!
chopper9 The offensive line gave Trent time. Great to see.
plumpgrizzlybear Fris and Bodden really stepped up and surprised with their solid play. Droughns silenced any leftover critics and looked like he was going 100 percent all the time.
tomahawkdawg Fris - Great game, nice long TD. You got yourself some ESPN highlights. O-Line: That is what we like to see after the last few years, thanks! Faine: Keep it up. Dominating play at the center position.
mdr OL - No sacks, few pressures, and big holes. I thought I was dreaming. Was I really watching the Browns? Frisman, welcome to the NFL... Finally.
irishmutt no sacks and a real pocket. GO BROWNS
james_t_h Frisman really wanted to win, and it showed...Droughns should be the every down back, what a smooth runner...Everyone needs to put away the thoughts that Phil is slipping...


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
bendal Dilfer is throwing too high just like in preseason. The officiating crew sucked. Carthon fell in love with the pass early on and didn't mix in the run.
eucliddawg Two BS calls would have went our way and we would be in overtime right now
lukedawg12 Trent Dilfer was the sole reason for 3 TO's. Enough said. Char-lie Char-lie.
mulekicker3 Simply disgusting performance by the front seven. Gross. Lets hope it gets better.
naxos Our defense really laid an egg. We need to generate some pass pressure and shore up our interior run D or we are in for a very very long year. Oh and those refs really suck.
phelix17 Thanks to Butch Davis for years of terrible draft picks. Savage has much work to do to get us a pass rush. Gonna be a long year.
gbeachy50310 DILFER: Floating passes all over the place. ENTIRE D: Like a sieve, the Bengals just flowed right through. OFFICIATING: Some really awful calls.
hokiewaldo Yes we lost. But we showed promise. We are rebuilding (or just plain building). It was the first game. We moved the ball. We played not bad D, room for improvement, but not bad considering the changes. We are going in the right direction for the long haul.
zombywoof 2 cheesy, ticky-tack penalties that didn't affect the play called back the 14 point difference.
katdawg I'm disappointed in the fans that had unrealistic expectations for this team and are ready to bench players and fire coaches. We're on the rebuild. Again. Have patience, young Jedis. The refs were absolutely horrible - though our front 7 were even worse. I hold out hope though because as they adjust to the scheme, I see improvement throughout the season.
condor Maybe it's just me but I can't stand Ian and Solomon. They continually identify the wrong people.
doctorfresh Entire Defense: We couldn't stop anything they did. Just awful. No one group did anything good, save for Thompson. Officiating Crew: They robbed us of two TD's - on the Northcutt punt return and the Bodden interception. Both were BS calls. What else is new? The Browns got screwed by the refs once again. Dilfer: Solid in the first half but tried to do too much and force throws in the second half. He, like the rest of the team, should be able to settle down a bit as the season goes on.
mark zickefoose It took all of TWO MINUTES for some of the whiny fans where I was to give up on the entire season, and about 35 minutes before people in the chat room were calling for coaches to be fired. The Refs get goat horns for making nonexistent calls (there were no hands to the face) that took points off the board. And it seemed like the only part of the defense that showed up were the linebackers and Leigh Bodden.
osujoe Officials - get out of the way, you bastards! And don't make crappy calls! Ugh! TV Announcers - hate hate hate hate them... could you call one thing right just once? The Man - I blame the man for our injuries in the secondary. Damn the man!
logdawg 2 weak penalties on would-be-TDs for the Browns really hurt. Baxter would have been nice to have had back there as well.
gkbollinger mickens - 2 costly penalties. D-line - needs to do a better job stopping the run. Dilfer missed some open guys.
cashdog296 Yuck! That D looks badddddd.
glennchannell Penalties and turnovers! Two TD's called back. This team isn't good enough to overcome those types of mistakes.
thejamdawg Penalties, they'll kill you everytime. I didn't a hand anywhere near Chad Johnson's Face!
direwolfpdx Defense was painful to watch. No rush and a big cushion in the secondary.
appraiser Needed...linebackers that can fill the gap. Also, a pass rush would help.
r22weiss Not surprised with the lack of pressure on the opposing QB but still was the main reason why the Browns lost. Dilfers 3 turnovers didn't help either. Also the call on Bodden's INT return was the worst call i have ever seen in a NFL game. Some "hands to the face" call. But i guess that's what happens in today's NFL.
baydawg The adjustments made by the bungels were better than our adjustments.
clevelandfan Entire D - I know this is a patch-work D w/ a lot of youth, and switching to a 3-4 and all, but that is not an excuse for the stupid plays. -TV Announcers - I was at the game, so they didn't bother me live, but I TIVO'd and watched some last night, and they kept saying Cosey Coleman caught that pass that bounced off the ref's noggin...it was Faine...not a big deal, but these guys have cheat sheets in front of them, look down and get the names right!!!! Officiating Crew - Nitpicky/Bad calls all around, and took at least a TD from us. William Green - had a brief appearance, but sure didn't make much of it.
htown_dawg Cut down on the turnovers, Trent.
section 527 dawg Romeo, Droughns had 40 yards in the 1st quarter and you pulled him!! Hello?? If there something wrong with a 6.5 average?? Especially when "blunt" Willie has 3.0/carry?? Oh yeah, and mix in a defense this week vs GB! Thanks.
chopper9 Could they find 2 bigger morons to do the TV broadcast? I watched the game on Tivo that night and they had 10 wrong calls in the first half alone!
plumpgrizzlybear You expect at least solid NFL caliber play out of your veterans. Lang, McKinley, Fisk, and Roye did not provide that for our front seven. Lang is in a new position, but where was the rush?
tomahawkdawg Russ - Wrap when you hit buddy! D-Line - Stay in your lanes and get lower! LBs - Time to step it up, and you all need to go to wrapping up school with Russell!
boxxer no pass rush what so ever.
mdr Worst. officiated. game. ever. Eagle and Crapcotts - 8th string announcers. How long till Mickey Mouse Mickens gets replaced. He couldn't cover my grandmother, and she's dead.
billybongwater wow...nice hands to the face call a**h@@es...
redright NONE...........Two dozen new guys on a team destined to be a top 5 draft pick with the least amount of sound players in a defined scheme.
irishmutt don't pass on 3rd and 1 or 3rd and 2.RUN the damn ball
james_t_h You just can't commit stupid penalties McIntyre...Romeo, passing on third and short losses its shock value after the fifth time doing it!!! I understand we were behind and we lost Heiden, but 43 pass attempts!!! 43!!!!

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