Browns Uncensored Chat Returns!

One of Bernie's Insiders most enduring and popular features returns tonight as we kick off a fourth year of "Browns Uncensored" chats. Browns reporter David Carducci will hold forth on the club and what he's heard starting at 9:15PM EST tonight in the chat room.

Browns Uncensored chat returns tonight at 9:15PM EST in the Bernie's Insiders chat room, and will continue each Thursday night through the season.

The chat generally goes around an hour, sometimes less or more depending on the level of questions, and features Browns reporter David Carducci, who is sometimes joined by other Bernie's Insiders analysts, including Lane Adkins.

The chat is usually only for subscribers, although we sometimes open it up to all fans so everyone can get a sense of how Bernie's Insiders chats work. The password to the "Club Chat" room is posted in Ask the Insiders and pinned to the top of the forum.

PASSWORD: This chat will be available to everyone, but transcripts will be available only to site sponsors.

TO GET TO THE CHAT ROOM click put your mouse over the "Message Boards" link in the menu above, and select the "Chat Room" item when it drops down. Alternatively, you can just CLICK HERE for the chat room in your browser.*

FOR MORE INFORMATION about how to navigate your way to Club Chat CLICK HERE.

IRC USERS: The chat room utilizes a Java front end which makes participating in the chat simple. If you are having trouble with the Java applet or prefer an IRC interface, the chat room can also be accessed using an IRC client such as mIRC, Klient. We have also successfully tested the chat room with IRC clients built into instant messaging programs like Trillian or browsers such as Opera - and even IRC clients for hand-held telephones! 

To get to the club chat room using an IRC client connect to server port: 7152 and enter the command "/join #ClubChat".

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