Random Thoughts from a Wasted Mind

Dale reflects, wastedly, on his experiences at the Bengals game. Wastedly is so a word.


Well, it is what it is. The Browns looked like a team that is rebuilding against the Cincinnati Bengals. Romeo Crennel and staff are in the first year of the program, but that doesn't mean that fans shouldn't expect the team to win on any given Sunday. The Dolphins and 49ers are in the same situation, but both teams managed to give their fans a win in the home opener. Each defeated opponents that reached the playoffs last year. So it can be done and the Browns faithful should not be patient. This team must make substantial progress each week resulting in wins along the way. The fans can be tolerable of a losing record, but it must be evident that the Cleveland Browns are no longer losers.

Game Day Experience

I was pleased with the activities around the stadium prior to the Bengals game. The live bands definitely added to the game day environment. I have a bladder the size of a pea so the addition of Port-O-Potties was a welcomed sight. The pack I was with had mixed reviews of the Legends Club. The old Dawgs, including myself, found it too loud with no place to rest our weary bones. The young pups in the group loved it. The food at the Gridiron Bar & Grille is the best in the stadium. Now all the team has to do is start winning at home.

Street Vendors

This is America and everyone has the right to earn a living in any way they see fit. Some have found it fit to sell shirts on the streets leading to Cleveland Brown Stadium on game day.

I am all for freedom of speech, but some of these shirts should be worn in the privacy of one's house. I am not offended by a shirt that says "Fornicate Pittsburgh." Actually those are my inner thoughts about any team the Browns play on Sunday, but I am not going to wear it on my chest like a badge of honor. I have enough common sense to realize that it may offend some folks.

During the home opener against the Bengals I saw a guy parading around in a shirt that displayed a photo portrait of William Green. The front of the shirt read "Weed Head Willie" and on the back "Smoke Green." At first I thought that he may have been a Bengals fan but the hat on his told me otherwise.

For a so-called fan to draw attention to William Green's past problems should be offensive to all true Browns fans. I thought about initiating a drive to buy all of these shirts in order to make one heck of a bonfire. I'd even invite Will to light the match. But that would mean profits for the vendor and I wouldn't want that.

I realize these vendors have been there for years. But, do we really want to see them on our walk to the stadium?

A fan recently told me that on his way to the preseason game against the Giants he decided to express his displeasure with the merchandise to one of the vendors.

He told the vendor, "Come on guys it's a new era."

The vendor waited for him to get beyond the retaliation point before yelling what certainly would have been fighting words if they were within swinging distance.

The only way these vendors go away is if Browns fans boycott buying their merchandise. That's a drive I am glad to initiate.

Browns Backers Bash

The Browns Backers Bash is alive and well in Indiana. Phil Temple, the President of the Central Indiana Browns Backers Association (CIBBA), has informed me that the pregame party will take place as planned.

It is scheduled to take place rain or shine at Military Park in Indianapolis on the morning of September 25. The festivities will start at eight-thirty and conclude with a march to the dome shortly after eleven. The admission for the event is $20 for adults and $10 for children twelve and younger.

Ticketed admission will include:

  • Catered food
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Raffle prizes
  • D.J.
  • Field goal kicking contest
  • Face painting
  • Pom-pom

CIBBA has hosted many pregame parties and they do a great job. So if you are going to the game start the day out early and enjoy the company of fellow Dawgs. To get more information regarding the Bash checkout the club's website at www.cibba.com.

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