Positives Outweigh Negatives in Browns Win

Fred Greetham provides some instant analysis of the Browns victory over the Packers

Going into the 2005 season, we felt the Browns would win a couple of games they shouldn't and lose a couple of games they shouldn't have. The Browns rebounded after last week's opening loss to the Bengals, with a big 26-24 win on the road in an emotionally filled game at historic Lambeau Field.

Fred Greetham compiles the positives and negatives in the Browns first win of the 2005 season.

How many of you felt that Brett Favre would have won the game if he got the ball back with the Browns leading 19-17? Now, be honest.

The Best

  • When the Browns had just given up the touchdown to cut their lead to 19-17, the Browns had to get a couple of first downs to keep the ball out of Brett Favre's hands. On third-and-5, Trent Dilfer hit Reuben Droughns for a big first down with 3:21 to play. On the ensuing play, Dilfer hit Steve Heiden for a short pass, but a missed tackle by the safety allowed Heiden to ramble 62 yards for the score to give the Browns the 26-17 lead.

The Good

  • Braylon Edwards beginning to pay dividends for being the third overall pick in the 2005 draft. The young receiver broke the game open with a quick slant and then out raced the defenders for the 80-yard touchdown. Edwards had his first 100-yard game with three receptions for 107 yards, including his first NFL touchdown.
  • Tight end Steve Heiden had six catches for 104 yards, including two touchdowns in picking up the tight end position that had been plagued with injuries to Kellen Winslow and Aaron Shea.
  • Trent Dilfer was 21-of-32 for 336 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions compared with Brett Favre being 32-of-44 for 342 yards, including two touchdown and two interceptions.
  • The Browns were able to create a big turnover as Andra Davis and Kenard Lang performed the tip drill perfectly to Daylon McCutcheon at the Packers' 22.
  • Cornerback Gary Baxter made a big play with the Browns clinging to a 13-7 lead by intercepting a Brett Favre pass in the corner of the end zone intended for Robert Ferguson.
  • The Browns answered the opening drive by the Packers with an impressive drive. Rueben Droughns ran well and the Browns were effective throwing the short pass. The Browns shot themselves in the foot with penalties, but a pass interference penalty on the Packers bailed out Joe Andruzzi for a holding call prior to the score. Trent Dilfer was 6-of-6 for 60 yards on the first drive.
  • The Browns scored 19 unanswered points after giving up the opening score to Green Bay.
  • The offensive line controlled the line of scrimmage throughout the game and gave Reuben Droughns room to work. They also gave Dilfer time to throw. The combination of Droughns running the ball allowed Dilfer to throw short high percentage passes by Dilfer. Droughns had yards 50 rushing and three receptions for 29yards.
  • Defensive end Orpheus Roye sacked Favre in the first half and he was in Favre's face forcing an incomplete pass in the third quarter as he was being held. Roye was questionable going into the game with a hip flexor, but was a presence on the defense.
  • The Browns converted Packer turnovers into nine points.

The Bad

  • The defense let the Packers go straight down the field on the opening drive. Ray Mickens and Chris Crocker were smoked by Donald Driver for the long touchdown as he simply ran away from the defensive backs.
  • When the Packers were in the hurry up offense, they were unable to stop the Packers. Leading 19-10, the Browns allowed the Packers to move down the field with nine consecutive completions and 10-of-11 in allowing Favre to move the Packers 96 yards down the field to make the score 19-17.
  • Brodney Pool was called for holding on William Green's long return with 3:32 to play. Instead of the Browns starting the crucial drive near midfield, they had to start at their own 20.
  • The Browns were not good on third down conversions as they were just 2-of-8, but none was no bigger than the Dilfer to Droughns pass play which allowed the Browns to hang on for the win.
  • The Browns had trouble stopping the run early After giving up over 140 yards rushing in the first game, the Packers ran with great success. Green and Davenport had over 50 yards on their first two possessions. They totaled 116 yards rushing.
  • The Browns couldn't convert on Daylon McCutcheon's interception at the Packers' 22. The drive resulted in a Phil Dawson field goal.
  • Unable to stop the Packers on third-and-four inside the Packers' 10 after Kyle Richardson pinned the Packers back to the four-yard line.

The Ugly

  • The first quarter looked like the opening preseason game as six penalties in the first quarter hurt both teams. The Browns had eight first downs in the first quarter, however three came on gifts from the Packers via penalty.
  • Having Phil Dawson's PAT blocked after Braylon Edwards' touchdown. The play could've haunted the Browns if they would've been unable to score their last touchdown to Steve Heiden.
  • The Browns had some costly penalties in the early going, but the Packers bailed them out as they committed several penalties to help keep Browns drives going.

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