Newswire: Collating a Win

Today's Browns newswire is navigable if and only if you classify and sort. Fortunately for you, we've already done that.


Sometimes I fool myself into thinking that we occasionally serve a useful purpose here, beyond our own endless quest for site sponsors and an extended (and generally futile) pursuit of free beer.

Hopefully, we can help you find some of the good stuff about the Browns on the web each morning while avoiding a blind search through pop-up ads, lame polls, flash gizmos and other dangerous and time wasting hazards of the internet. We call it the Daily Newswire.

This is a somewhat onerous task, particularly after a Browns win. But it beats working for a living.

As an example of the outpouring of Browns info following a victory, the image below is my web browser this morning after I opened up all the links that are on this morning's newswire. The international "No" symbol is the close button on each story, so you could count those to see how many stories we have this morning in the first pass.

That's a lot of Browns reading, right there.

Of course you may be distracted by the unorthodox look of my browser.

That's right. Oh yeah. I've pimped out my version of Firefox. Take that, lesser nerds. Don't step to me unless you're ready to represent. Reverse polish notation at 10 paces. Nothing's funnier than a virtual nerd slap-fight.

Anyhow, to help you navigate it all, here are some of the major types of stories:

Wisconsin newspapers bemoaning a loss to the Browns

The Chippewa Herald provides today's most obvious example of this, saying that the Browns are "widely regarded as the NFL's least talented team" and labeling the orange and brown gang as "hapless". The Herald also has a predictable column pointing to Reggie White as a player who would have been able to prevent such a horrible outcome.  Even the Associated Press painted the Browns as spoilers of Green Bay's festive day. The Racine Journal-Times has a story that points the finger somewhat at Favre for making mistakes that helped the Browns win.

Tony Grossi's recap of the game follows a similar formula from a Browns perspective, starting with take on how the Browns simply refused to follow the script that was laid out for them.

Romeo Crennel Gets First Win Stories

There are lots of these, as befitting the accomplishment. Some of these stories talk about how Crennel was able to cast the win as one game in sixteen, as befitting a man who has been coaching NFL teams for a long, long time.

Trent Dilfer's Big Day Stories

Dilfer has had some tough times, and has survived them with his perspective intact and what seems to be a positive outlook. Here are some stories that focus on Dilfer's journey and 300+ yards

Stories Highlighting Key Contributors

Braylon Edwards' stunning touchdown run gets a lot of attention throughout this morning's daily newswire. Here are some stories on Edwards and others:




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