Tuesday Newswire: Trent Gets Props

Check it out: we have a quarterback making headlines for doing GOOD things. Weird.

Some things require a certain knowledge of history to appreciate.

People who are not Cleveland Browns fans (let's refer to this group as "outsiders" or "them") might not appreciate the dagger-like pain that registers itself when certain plays or episodes from late-1970s or mid-1980s play-off games are recalled.

Likewise, Trent Dilfer's new hometown may not fully "get" how important it was for him to finally overcome Brett Favre and the Packers. A town with somewhat better appreciation might be Seattle, where Dilfer spent the recent years of his career. Somewhere up there in the northwest, a paper called the News-Tribune did a feature story on it which leads off today's newswire.

Packer fans were so confused by Dilfer's sudden ability to pick apart the Packers that they apparently partied like it was the Dawg Pound in 1999.

Twenty fans chucked out? (Dismissive snort) It is to laugh. In his prime, Carmen Policy could have tossed that many before the brie cooled.

At any rate, Dilfer gets some additional mention in the rather critical matter of fantasy football as well. It seems that he's a pretty darn popular free agent pick-up this week. My guess is that's taking a roster spot recently left open as spasmodic button-pushing fantasy football players dropped Frisman Jackson. I'm more the "did I update my roster this month?" type of fantasy football player, I guess.

In the fantasy league I'm in, Steve Heiden is the flavor-of-the-week. Who am I to tell my compatriots that his numbers will drop like Brian Billick's asking price for boring speeches as soon as Aaron Shea returns? Let them learn on their own.

Closer to home, the Tuesday morning newswire reflects the day-after questions from journalists on Monday in Berea. Here's the scoop via a helpful set of bullet points, created using very nifty standardized HTML techniques which should display in just about any browser*:

Before I stop prattling this morning, there are two stories from college papers that indicate that the next generation of football writers might have a good handle on things. The Daily Kent Stater has a nice article how how Cleveland loves hometown heroes.

Also on the university beat, there's an article in the Queens College Knight News which uses a lot of long words in the first sentence. Usually this causes me to leave a page in order to see if there's anything new on Homestar Runner, but if I'm reading this article right, he's saying that Art Modell is a bit of a dirtball. I can't fuss about that.

There are lots of other good stories on the newswire this morning, so check it out!


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