A Gleeful Gameballs and Goats

Not too many goathorns were handed out after a terrific win in Lambeau Field, and there were plenty of game balls to go around. Here are the results and comments from this week's Gameballs and Goats voting!

The Week's Results: Frisman Jackson's Gameball win streak ends at one, and Braylon Edwards is welcomed to what will hopefully be the first of many visits to the gameball chart. The week, though, belongs to Trent Dilfer, who snagged 89 gameballs. Steve Heiden scored two touchdowns, but finished behind Braylon the rocketsled in the voting. And what's the offensive line doing in there again? Don't those guys know that this is Cleveland??!?

On the other side of the ledger, only nickel back Ray Mickens was singled out for criticism. Combined with his goathorns from last week, Mickens leads for the year as well.


Player Gameballs
Trent Dilfer 89
Braylon Edwards 49
Steve Heiden 47
Offensive Line 41
Gary Baxter 37
Andra Davis 10

Write-Ins: Brett Farve (2), Brian Billick, "My Family"l


Player Goathorns
Ray Mickens 48
Billy Miller 24
Defensive Line 20
Chris Crocker 13
TV Announcers 10
Brodney Pool 9

Write-Ins: Reggie White, "Farve apologists", "The goat", "Q. Morgan (sentimental vote)", "The King from BK", Ryan Hamby, Houston Texans, "Bitch Davis", Defensive Front 7, "GB WRs for crying over every play", "The rest of the AFC North", Earl Little, Dilfer Haters, Baxter Haters, Myself, Bruce Arians, ESPN, "Owl and Greg", Butch Davis


Gameballs Goathorns
Frisman Jackson Ray Mickens
Reuben Droughns Defensive Line
Offensive Line Officiating Crews
Trent Dilfer Entire Defense
Braylon Edwards Billy Miller
Steve Heiden Ben Taylor

Gameball Comments:

Dawg Comments
eucliddawg Welcome to the NFL Mr. Edwards! Not enough spots but Romeo and Mo really need a game ball.
brownstothebone Trent is just what the doctor ordered. Thanks Phil Savage!
rutger I gave them to the OL, Dilfer and Romeo but I think that the entire team and coaching staff deserve them as well..
paledragon Wow, what a game. Dilfer: great leadership, and great poise under pressure. Heiden: 2 TDs, nuff said. Edwards: Let's hope that's the first of many TDs in a Browns uniform
upperdawg Dilfer - you think the genius would like him back in bwhore now? Nearly perfect game.
losangelesdawg Great win for such a young team.... Dilfer played like the pro he is... made the big throw... O-line was a rock... no sacks in 2 games.... Hiring Savage and Crennel gave professionalism to this team... and it showed today... also hats off to Carthon...!
frumanchu WOW! So this is what it's like to have an NFL-caliber offensive line! Dilfer was great proving what he can do with some time to throw. O-line did a great job. Heiden says "Kellen who?" DB's showed how good they can be when healthy and gaining experience. Braylon shows why we drafted him. Offensive playcalling was excellent.
naxos Wow. We have an offensive line, we have a QB and we have some WRs and they are GOOD!
schehlk The offense continues to improve and find their rhythm as does the defense. If the improvement continues each week, the team will be able to take some swings at mighty Steelers and have another shot at the Bengals. Go Browns!
doctorfresh Gary Baxter: Great pick plus a solid day of coverage. Braylon Edwards: Kept getting open all day (why wouldn't Trent throw to him more??) and had one of the best career opening TDs ever. Steve Heiden: Just picked him up on my fantasy team. Having a great season so far, with the game winning TD at the end.
ikoiko Braylon should us why he was worth our #1. Played all elements of the game well today, and broke a short slant to the house. That same pass would have bounced off Q's pads!
mulekicker3 Great job Romeo! You're off the schnide!!!! Another week of no sacks by our O-line, solid.....
gregtng Trent- great game, Romeo- congrats on first win, Mo Carthon- Parcells should be kicking himself for letting this guy get away... Brian Billick- Just for being Baltimore's offensive guru...
gbeachy50310 ENTIRE O: Excellent. WRs, RBs, TEs, O-line all deserve gameballs. DILFER: Special gameball for Trent for leadership and hanging in there even when passed were dropped or misthrown. CUTCH: All over the field and some critical tackles and the pick!
madels McCutch was excellent, Dilfer played a veteran's game and the O-line --- OH MY the O-line. Watching the last few year's lines just broke my heart -- seeing a group play like a team, veterans picking up one guy, passing him off to another lineman and looking for the next guy to hit -- man its a freakin savage miracle (pun intended).
htown_dawg Had to write in Favre. 50,000 yards? Damn, my arm gets sore thinking about it.
dawgdc Maurice Carthon can be my Offensive Coordinator anyday!!!! GO BROWNS!!!!!!
mcdawg1 Carthon designed a great offensive scheme for this game. All the motions and shifts seemed to uncover what the GB D was trying to do. And great job by the players to stay onside, and execute the gameplan.
thespazdawg William "special team" green... can he play OLB?
osujoe Baxter - that interception was beautiful and I saw him make some nice plays throughout the day, including on run defense. Heiden - his second TD was all him. It was really funny seeing that safety dive on the ground to get out of his way. Edwards - oh man, I hope this is just a taste of things to come!
clevelandfan Steve Heiden - Wow, 2 TDs...nice YAC on the last TD...Kellen who? Braylon Edwards - Holy Toledo...is he FAST. Nice first TD...hopefully we'll see a lot more!! Trent Dilfer - Nice command of the offense today, and for the most part everyone was on the same page. Offensive Line - Its nice to have an actual NFL caliber o-line. Gary Baxter - Nice TD saving INT...nice to have him in the orange and brown.
gmathiasf Baxter made a BIG play and Davis was around the ball all day and made a great play on the Cutch INT that gave us the momentum we needed to the victory. Mo Carthon gets the last for obvious reasons.
fgm Trent Dilfer- Had a solid game overall. Missed a couple of wide open receivers at times, but kept his poise throughout the game and ran the offense much better than last week. Romeo Crennel- Extremely happy for this guy for getting that first coaching victory out of the way. With all the hard work he's done and the kind of straight-forward, honest person that he is, he definitely deserves to be a winner. Steve Heiden- Where the hell did he learn to accelerate like that? Tight ends are not known for turning on the after-burners and outrunning defensive backs. Better check to see if this guy's on steroids. Nice game though. Gary Baxter- Great job on the interception. That play was very key as it lead to Braylon's first pro TD. Only one in the secondary who covered anyone consistently.
section 527 dawg My family gets a gameball because I had to sit at home and watch the game (since I am sick!). They put up with my yelling, bitching, throwing things and such for the whole game. Props to them.
xudawg Edwards looked like the pimp he's going to be, and the refs get a write-in for a bunch of flags on the Green Bay D and the no call on the obvious Droughns fumble. Usually those calls seem to go the other way. (See Week 1)
Dawgalong What a great game! Maurice is a God! Keep playing to win instead of playing not to lose. I can't remember the last time we had a coaching win. This game was won by great coaching. Romeo, the keys to the city and N.E. Ohio are yours to take, just keep up the good work. It's certainly looking brighter in Brownstown!!
whotemp Offense played very well. I have not enjoyed a Browns victory like that since the Ravens last year.
phelix17 Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
lordhelpus Two games and "No" sacks!!!!! Who could have imagined that?
atldawg02 Baxter's INT won us the game. If Green Bay scores there I think the Browns fold on the road. Great game changing moment made by Baxter
dp10451 Braylon, welcome to the show! Heiden is what a tight end should be and Winslow may be some day. The entire offense looked good today. Just too many good games by too many "team" members to single guys out. Players, coaches, and office personnel alike. Great pick-me-up after Cincinnati.
thejamdawg It sure looks like the offense is gelling together nicely, hopefully the defense is doing the same.
matt_rowk-seat18 Dilfer -- great game WRs -- caught everything in range Right side of O-line played great Reuben did excellent in 1st half Play-calling took advantage of GB over-aggressiveness
bk1987mvp Second game without a sack and Dilfer throws for over 300 yards. That Butch Davis is why you don't skimp on the OL.
muskiedawg01 Anytime you can win in Green Bay is a good day...
condor Nice change to have a team that looks capable. Still have work to do, but capable.
weimer19 Kyle Richardson, the entire O-Line, All Coaches and others deserve a mention as well.
yogi8 Dilfer, Edwards and Heiden get gameballs this week, but I think a special golden gameball should go to Crennel on his 1st of what I'm certain will be many, many wins as HMFIC of the Cleveland Browns!


Goat Comments:

Dawg Comments
barrymcbride None!
eucliddawg Could hardly think of a goat, Mickens is awful, so is the NT position... Bring on Indy!
brownstothebone Ray Mickens sucks!
rutger No Goathorns after this win..
paledragon When you get a win like this, it's easy to overlook the bad.
writerdawg No goats for a win.
frumanchu Can't bring myself to knock anybody after a road win at Lambeau.
schehlk This week the goat can keep his horns. The Browns continue to show improvement and won. Good job team!
doctorfresh I have a feeling I will be giving goathorns to only defensive players this year. The whole unit was bad, again, especially the D-Line with no pressure on Favre and Ray Mickens - he's too damn small to be out there with those tall receivers.
mazdogg (BK King) He helped the Ravens score in that commercial.
mulekicker3 defense was better, but still bad.....Hey Billy Miller, your drop could have cost us the game....nice job Hamby
gregtng (Houston Texans) why'd ya lay down for the inbred?
gbeachy50310 BROWNS? No goathorns for a well-played (overall) game. D was a little sloppy on letting GB march downfield & score, but overall did well. TV CREW: "Yes, retiring Reggie White's number was a very special event, and we are glad we could be here to witness it"...but everyone watching on TV had to watch a bunch of stupid commercials and the update from the studio. History in the making, but we have to watch crap instead. Thanks for nothing.
madels An ode to Chaun: It was fun to see you run, It was sad to see you fall, You're athletic as hell, Your head's empty as well, Now screw your head on and hit that guy with the ball!!. Now I did like Braylon's slant and I will give him props for it, but the boy has to learn how to block -- here is a hint, block your man away from the play not in the back into our running backs. With the exception of the first quarter, which was probably scripted by the entire coaching staff, I found the play calling WAY TOO PREDICTABLE. Maurice seems to get into a rut -- and for *()^%*% sake, stop calling pitches until someone teaches people how to catch a pitch. How about Braylon on a reverse?
dawgdc Mickens is terrible, Andra needs to got back to tackling school...his stats would have been greater if he would have attacked more. Crocker has to learn how to play the position better...there is no way he should have allowed Ferguson to get behind him. Even, RAC screamed out "quit going for the ball fake and letting the receiver getting behind you!!!"
mcdawg1 Defense has a lot of work to do. They need more pressure on the QB. Most of the passes that were completed today, were simply excellent throws that were caught in coverage. That doesn't happen if the QB is running for his life.
thespazdawg Blocked PAT = goathorn for special teams
osujoe Billy Miller - could you look in the pass before running there?
clevelandfan Reuben Droughns - This is nitpicky, but for a few plays, he didn't seem to know what the call was....other than that, had a nice game...lets get 100 yards next week! Officials - I'm seeing a too many yellow flags so far this year...too many nitpicky calls. The rest of the AFC North - The Steelers, Ratbirds and Bungles...STILL SUCK!!!!
gmathiasf Brodney Pool was awful today, so was Ray Mickens. Billy Miller, you were brought here because of you hands. You cannot drop a wide open critical play like that. Luckily we picked up the first down (and some) or else people would remember this more.
fgm Joe Andruzzi- Two holding penalties?!!!! Dude, you're much better than that. Sean Jones- Horrible angle taken on Driver's TD. Horrible job of coverage throughout the game. This guy was a second round pick? This guy wouldn't be picked on a schoolyard team at recess! Billy Miller- Aaron Shea, please heal soon and get back on the field!!! Ray Mickens- This guy couldn't cover himself in bed with a blanket!
section 527 dawg I...I...I...I...I...I...SHUT UP, EARL!!
Dawgalong Geez, I think I don't like Mickens Mouse too much. I hope he changes my mind, I really do. It's hard to find any fault with these guys after a great win like that, but it might be worthwhile to bring along one of the younger guys.
whotemp I get a goat for hating on Dilfer in the offseason.
phelix17 Brian Billick is terrible! Some offensive genius. We suck! We're terrible! We...oops, uh, sorry, I thought this was the Ravens gameballs and goats. Nevermind.
lordhelpus At times, the Brown's CBs and Safeties looked very tentative in putting solids licks on Packer RBs and WRs. Oh for one Jack Tatum type big hitter.
atldawg02 Mickens SUCKS...still
oudawg11 ESPN highlight segment was horrible. Talked about Reggie White, showed the Packers first drive, Talked about Brett and 50,000 yards passing. Skipped how Cleveland tied game and took the lead. They showed Braylons catch Heidens catch. maybe 20 seconds of browns highlights in a 3-4 minute segment. And we won the game.
cleveland60 The CBS crew was dieing for the Pack to pull it out.
dp10451 Hard to criticize anybody after a game like this. But Chaun has to wrap these guys up when he gets them in his grasp.
matt_rowk-seat18 No penetration by D-line
bk1987mvp Lerner gets a goat for taking so long to get rid of Butch. Owl and Greg get goats for defending Butch for so long. I am waiting for Owl to either acknowledge that he is wrong or explain how the team would be better off if Butch had been retained. Same for Greg.
condor Sorry, drew a blank here.
boxxer lack of qb pressure
weimer19 Hard to find any real goats this time (A problem I like to have)
yogi8 no goathorns this week. Romeo called it a team win!

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