Browns at the Bye: Rookies to Get Reps

Charlie Frye, Brodney Pool and other youngsters will benefit from more attention over the next week...

Crennel said the bye week allows the coaches to put the younger players in practice playing with the starting units. Since there is no preparation for an upcoming game this Sunday, players like QB Charlie Frye, S Brodney Pool, DL Ethan Kelley amongst others will take their turns in the rotation.

"This is the bye week and we're trying to get better," Crennel said. "The tempo is better in practice because the guys are doing plays they know. Hopefully, we'll improve. It will give us an opportunity to let some younger guys get work.

"Normally, the young guys are on the show team," he said. "Since we don't have a show team this week, we'll let them get in there and work."

Crennel was asked what the week will do for Pool.

"I think he has a great opportunity to catch up because he'll get the work," Crennel said. "I think the thing with these guys is to get the opportunity to get reps so when they get the chance in a game they can go in and react."

Taking it Easy: Crennel said several of the players who've been nursing injuries are able to rest up this week.

"We get a chance to rest some guys like (Orpheus) Roye (knee), (Trent) Dilfer and (Steve) Heiden (thigh bruise)," Crennel said. "(Josh) Cribbs (knee) and (Matt) Stewart (knee) aren't doing anything yet, but are starting to work with (strength and conditioning coach) John (Lott) more."

Smile: The Browns took their 2005 team photo Wednesday morning.

Way to Go Ray: CB Ray Mickens has come in after joining the Browns late and fit right into the Browns scheme. Crennel is pleased with his play.

"Ray had a good game covering the slot receiver," Crennel said. "He's a professional. He's been a big part of the team and I think he likes the prospects of the team."

Crennel was asked if Mickens looked like he had lost a step since he coached him with the Jets.

"The guy is doing a good job for me," he said. "I'm a little older and I'm a step slower."

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