Dilfer Gets a Rest

The Browns QB looks set to bounce back after taking a nasty shot against Green Bay. Not only that, he's looking to improve his play in the Red Zone. Here are some Browns notes to start off a warm October Tuesday in Cleveland...

The Browns gave Trent Dilfer some time off during their bye week.

"We rested him a bit because he's one of the elder statesmen," coach Romeo Crennel said.

Crennel and Dilfer both said they expect Dilfer to start Sunday against the Bears. Dilfer took a shot to his knee in the loss to the Colts, and limped through the final period. He did not need an MRI, though, and he said there was no problem with his knee.

"I'm feeling good and I'll be ready to go this week," Dilfer said. Dilfer has been a pleasant surprise through three games. His rating of 95.1 is eighth-best in the league.

The Browns QB also wants to be more productive in the red zone.

Dilfer has dropped to throw five times in the red zone on third down, and completed two passes -- none for touchdowns.

One completion was on a tipped ball that went to center Jeff Faine; another incompletion was a drop by Antonio Bryant.

But Dilfer also took a sack and said he needs to do better on the most crucial down in the most crucial situations.

"I haven't played my best football on third down in the red zone," he said. "That's where I want to play my best."

CALVARY ARRIVES: General Manager Phil Savage thinks the return of Lee Suggs will help Reuben Droughns.

Droughns has run well, but is averaging less than four yards per carry.

Savage said the team envisioned Suggs and Droughns as an inside-outside tandem. "I think Reuben's performance will increase as Lee comes back and vice versa," Savage said. "I think they'll kind of feed off each other."

NOT STARTING YET: WR Braylon Edwards may or may not move into the starting lineup against Chicago. Asked if the coaching staff had discussed moving Edwards to the starting unit and using Dennis Northcutt as the third wideout, coach Romeo Crennel said, "We have not discussed that."

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