Browns Uncensored: Chat Transcript

The first of our regular chats with John Taylor and Lane Adkins is in the history books, or at least under the link above. See you next week, the transcript is done!

<artbtz>  Who else wants in before the hammer comes down?
<Lane>  OK guys, lets get it on
<DK>  lets :-)
<artbtz>  First up is kjprop####
<kjprop9291>  Can you guys give us any update on the condition of Dudley? I heard today that he is working out but that injury was Rhett-Like and I'd really like to see us pick-up one of the top 3 TE's if there is ANY question about his return. Also, how 'bout Courtney and Sanders? Are they ready for the April 26th Mini-camp?
<JohnTaylor>  Dudley's progress from the injury initially was slow, but now he seems to be ahead of schedule from the latest that I've heard. This is a serious injury, though, and there are some concerns in the organization that he won't be able to fully recover.
<Lane>  On Dudley.............A foot injury such as his takes a long time to heal. He has been working out and been doing some running on the foot.........Until he really works on it, we won't know
<Lane>  The injury is similiar to that of Rhett's.........
<Lane>  Brown and Sanders have no health issues that will hamper them in camp
<Lane>  They are healthy
<JohnTaylor>  Sanders should be 100% healthy for minicamp. Whether he stays that way, though, is another matter entirely.
<kjprop9291>  I'm a big OL pimper and I was wondering what you guys think of signing TRE again? I know our line was in shambles but he's got a SERIOUS dependibility problem and I just see him taking reps from another possible starter and interrupting that CONTINUITY an OL needs...What are your thoughts?
<JohnTaylor>  The signing of Tre' was a good signing as long as they are not counting on him solely to play the entire season. They need insurance against the inevitable.
<Lane>  If healthy, Johnson could be a very viable contributor, which the Browns need on the OL
<artbtz>  You all set KJ?
<kjprop9291>  Finally, if we pick-up Fonoti I see him as an immediate starter at RG...So what happens to TRE ( BESIDES AUG IR) and who goes to the LG position IYO?
<kjprop9291>  Last One Guys, thx
<Lane>  Taking away time from others is a question that makes you wonder....why sign him if the talent level on the roster was deemed acceptable
<Lane>  Don't bet on seeing Fonoti in Cleveland, if he is selected, then he will battle Tre' and Stokes for OG spot
<bowwow>  What number will Ty Rogers wear after we trade up and draft McKinnie?
<JohnTaylor>  LOL
<Lane>  ""it doesn't matter!""
<JohnTaylor>  Put McKinnie in a tutu for all I care, as long as it's Brown & Orange.
<bowwow>  Any more word on possible trade up scenarios? (Detroit, Dallas, San Diego, Minnesota????)
<Lane>  We can safely say, the Browns have discussed multiple options towards the upper portion of the draft..........
<bowwow>  Basically, at what point during a McKinnie slide should i EXPECT him to come to Cleveland?
<Lane>  The obvious is geared towards McKinnie, but there could be a couple other scenarios in the works
<bowwow>  and don't say #16
<Lane>  If we were running the Browns draft, this wouldn't be an issue..........they will be interested regardless if he slides or not
<Lane>  Lets say, they have talked to teams after #3 :-)
<JohnTaylor>  After the third pick in the draft, just make sure you are paying close attention.
<bowwow>  I WILL!
<Lane>  next question..........
<muskieDawg>  well, crap, bowwow took mine! Have the Browns showed any interest in Bentley mayb in the second round seeing that wolly will probably be cut come June 1st
<Lane>  The Browns spent a considerable amount of time with him and came away impressed with his interviews and aggressive football nature. he is definitely on the radar screen
<muskieDawg>  Also, the question everyone is wondering is Green or Duckett. Has there been any indications which will go first? Last one, you just talked about ""Other scenerios in the works"". What other scenarios have you heard?
<JohnTaylor>  The odds of Wolly being cut are less than 50-50. He's willing to restructure if need be.
<muskieDawg>  I dont mind wolly. I think he's tough and if he is willing to take a paycut, then I would definitely keep him on
<Lane>  Actually, Rb is just one of 3 positions/players that they are serious about
<muskieDawg>  or restructure
<muskieDawg>  the other two?
<JohnTaylor>  Glad you added the ""restructure"". :-)
<muskieDawg>  Lineman and...
<Lane>  Other scenarios are all trade related, concerning moving up or down for specific players, such as Ryan Sims, Jeremy Shockey, Mike Pearson
<muskieDawg>  thats all for me, thanks guys...
<JohnTaylor>  no problemo.
<Lane>  You're welcome
<Aqib>  what really happened with the Williams deal. Why did we back off from giving up the #1 pick only to consider using it on Green/Duckett who are lesser players than Williams
<JohnTaylor>  We told you the truth while it was happening, and will fill you in on the rest of the story when it's appropriate. :-)
<artbtz>  (P2P me if you have the courage... the will... the strength... to ask Lane and John a question)
<Aqib>  what are the odds we actually pick at #16
<Lane>  Bottom line.....Clark was willing to do it, Davis wasn't
<JohnTaylor>  For some reason, the word ""miscommunication"" comes to mind.
<Lane>  60/70%% chance staying at 16
<Aqib>  what would you say the odds are of moving up or down
<JohnTaylor>  It's just so damn hard to trade in the NFL these days. Everybody's looking to bend everybody over.
<DK>  If you want to ask a questions Private message artbtz by double clicking his name and asking to get in line - DO NOT SEND him your actual quesstion
<artbtz>  Yeah, because I would not know the answer unless it's related to beer or rock music
<Lane>  I would say the chances are split on moving up or down. The Browns are in a nice position and will draft for equal positional value, not to reach for a player
<Aqib>  ok so since you think its 60-70%% we stay at #16 what names should I be expecting to hear at MSG around 230PM
<JohnTaylor>  Shockey, Duckett, Green, Levi Jones, Mike Pearson.
<JohnTaylor>  One of the Big Four DTs if they slip out of their expected slot in the top twelve-fourteen.
<Edwardson>  Any more word(s) on the Orpheus Roye restructuring (cough) cut? And let's combine that question with: What free agents do you see the Browns showing some interest in after the draft? specifically: Watters, Carter, Adams, McKenzie
<Lane>  Now, a good value trade opportunity to move up to land a specific player is definitely an option that is being explored........IE; Ryan Sims, Shockey
<Edwardson>  BTW: I tried to say that in my best ""strict moderation voice"" ;)
<JohnTaylor>  Roye's agent has yet to hear back from the Browns regarding his proposal. That was as of this morning.
<Lane>  Lets see what they do in the draft before going in that direction on FA
<Edwardson>  punt
<JohnTaylor>  McCardell will be a definite after June 1, but besides that, it's too hard to tell right now as a lot will depend on the direction of the draft.
<Lane>  Also, $$$$ are going to be an issue with McCardell, he will not come cheaply
<Edwardson>  Why, in your opinion, did Person ""drop?""
<JohnTaylor>  Of course, they can use Roye's money for Keenan. :-)
<Lane>  Wesley or Chuck?
<Edwardson>  That was my thinking JT
<Edwardson>  Pearson
<Edwardson>  no Pepe. .hehehe
<JohnTaylor>  Size had a lot to do with it initially, but he has put on roughly 22 pounds since the end of the season, which is part of the reason why his stock has started to climb back up again.
<Lane>  He is the second best pass blocking LT in this draft, run blocking is average, the additional weight will help him in this area, he us athletic
<Edwardson>  Last, what fullbacks should we keep an eye on, besides Davenport?
<Lane>  Personally, I would have absolutely no problem with them selecting Pearson
<Edwardson>  I hope we have a davenport to go with our couch btw
<Lane>  If watching the draft for FB, it will be a long two days :-)
<Edwardson>  (I like the kid from Syracuse...another KJ)
<Lane>  LOL..........nice one Edwardson
<JohnTaylor>  Haven't heard much interest on thre Browns' part in any specific fullbacks in the draft.
<artbtz>  You're on the clock, CP
<CP>  OK, we signed Robert Griffith, a STRONG safety known for stopping the run and in general kicking some ass up the middle... now Steve King says he is being moved to Free Safety... Does that really matter in this system or is it as weird as I think it is?
<JohnTaylor>  There is no free and strong safety in Foge's defense. Griffith, even at ""free safety"" will help out the run-stoping game immensely. The safeties in this defense cover the field width-wise, not deep and run shallow like a regular defense, so to speak.
<Lane>  Absolutely correct............look for Fuller to see time at safety if Henry and Sanders pan out.
<Lane>  Michael Jamison is a player that caught their eye last season and will be in the mix
<JohnTaylor>  Or if Phillip Buchanon is their pick at #16 Lane.
<CP>  Also, Quincy Morgan was a virtual beanpole at WR last season... I read somewhere that he has added about 15 lbs of muscle... is it me or is thinking about the change in play by David Boston not all that unreasonable?
<Lane>  Don't let all the secrets out :-)
<JohnTaylor>  :-)
<Lane>  17 pounds and seriously increased body strength............
<Lane>  he has been working his hands and forearms..........
<Lane>  He spent a good amount of time working on keeping the ball off his pads this offseason
<JohnTaylor>  He now has hands of stone instead of hands of brick.
<Lane>  :-)
<Lane>  No Mas
<CP>  Boston really looked like a TE in the upper body last year and got great separation and put up some HUGE numbers... possibly a change for Quincy in that direction?
<Lane>  Not to that extent, his body structure is not as solid as that of Boston, but the changes is noticable
<OSUJoe>  Ok.. on the same line as edwardson: FBs.. any new leads coming out in FA at this time?
<Lane>  Nothing solid at this time
<CP>  Urgh, I knew I forgot one... if you guys get a chance in between other questions... J.J. Johnson at FB in 2002, not RB?
<Lane>  If he is to make the team, it may be at FB
<OSUJoe>  Was the ""Bryant McKinnie"" subject a cruel ploy to grab my attention?
<JohnTaylor>  Yes. Next....
<JohnTaylor>  :-)
<OSUJoe>  Okay.. thanks, I'm done :)
<JohnTaylor>  Let's put it this way: this may not be as big a Mountain to climb as some may think.
<Lane>  Dream the impossible dream, Davis is looking to the stars this week!
<ATownDawg>  Hello Guys. Thanks for the audience. Since you guys have left everyone hanging after that ^`2018pay close attention after pick #3^`2019 comment, does that mean Buffalo or San Diego? I have been hearing some rather interesting things coming from my San Diego connection, but the asking price seems way too high. I would NEVER put KJ in the trade mix.
<Lane>  Pay attention to Buffalo..............San Diego may not matter
<ATownDawg>  How does Jamel White play into our RB situation? I have heard he's put on quite a bit of weight. Does he have the stamina to take a full season of beatings?
<Lane>  We don't pay much attention to the rumors that make their way out from SD
<JohnTaylor>  Hacksaw needs some sharpening.
<Lane>  He looked good at times, has added additional weight
<Lane>  I am not sold on him being a feature back
<JohnTaylor>  The Browns still view him as a third-down type back.
<ATownDawg>  Any 'new' news on 'The Legend'?
<ATownDawg>  thanks alot fella's. I'm done :-)
<JohnTaylor>  Hasn't been arrested, so he's got that going for him.
<ATownDawg>  LOL jt
<rockdawg>  What's the word on some of the second tier TE's? do you see us looking that way in rounds 2-4? if we don't go for Shockey. Is Stevens from Washington on our board?
<Lane>  He has been working out in Cleveland and has been a good soldier this offseason............
<Lane>  hasn't talked to the PD about his life story lately, so he still has a shot
<Lane>  Haven't heard anything from the parole board on Stevens :-)
<JohnTaylor>  Haven't heard his name at all.
<rockdawg>  what are the picks/players we are talking about w/ beefalo or minny?
<Lane>  We haven't gotten down that far in any details, just that we are sure that some talks have occured
<JohnTaylor>  Check the phone records in Berea and Orchard Park.
<Lane>  AB's cellphone interception receiver has been working overtime, mush like JT and I
<rockdawg>  any chance of a trade of Roye to Houston if a restructure doesn't come?
<Lane>  Don't bet on it
<JohnTaylor>  Very unlikely.
<Lane>  Mush JT, mush!
<rockdawg>  that's all I gots. Thanks
<JohnTaylor>  :-)
<JohnTaylor>  Gracias.
<Butch2k1>  I have heard first hand that Green is a great kid from my friend who is a coach at BC
<Butch2k1>  I have also heard that Davis compared him to Edge James at his workout
<Butch2k1>  Don't you think he is the choice over Duckett?
<Butch2k1>  Have you heard anything similar about Davis comparing Green to Duckett?
<Lane>  That info comes as no surprise to us, we have been told that the Browns are extremely high on Green
<Butch2k1>  What is the deal on the Fuller restructure?
<Butch2k1>  Could he be cut altogether?
<Lane>  On is basically a wait and see attitude. They know where to go, if need be
<Butch2k1>  Why would they possibly pay him 4.5 million?
<JohnTaylor>  There were initial reservations within the organization regarding both Green and Duckett, but further investigation and talking to those close to the two RBs has them seeing both in a much better light than at the time of the Combine.
<Lane>  We have heard that Fuller will be here in 2002
<Butch2k1>  What about Northsuck...errr, Northcutt?
<JohnTaylor>  Fuller won't be cut, barring a major unforeseen happening.
<JohnTaylor>  Have heard heard basically nothing on Northdrop.
<Butch2k1>  One more...odds of adding a veteran receiver after June 1st?
<JohnTaylor>  Sorry, Northdropp.
<Butch2k1>  And any word on Westbrook?
<Butch2k1>  That's all for me.
<JohnTaylor>  Less than 50-50 on the WR post-June 1.
<Lane>  Nothing new on Westbrook and that comes as a surprise to us.
<StrobeDog>  With Marquis Smith now a LB do you think that means that the Browns will stay with their 3rd down package with Miller taking Lang's end spot which would allow an experienced cover guy like Smith to take Miller's OLB spot?
<JohnTaylor>  Don't be surprised if you see Tyrone Rogers replacing Lang -- with Lang moving inside -- on passing downs at some point this season.
<Lane>  The Smith factor is being counted on at this time. They are looking to find a spot for the kid and this is basically his final shot
<JohnTaylor>  The club is very high on Tyrone.
<StrobeDog>  what about Spriggs? does he have a shot to supplant roye?
<Lane>  Gregory is the player that is talked about much more often at DT
<Lane>  It's all about the rotation
<Reverb> (SUPPRESSED)  hey guys
<JohnTaylor>  The starter almost doesn't matter as Butch loves his rotation at both DE and DT.
<StrobeDog>  ok, i'm done :) thanks guys
<JohnTaylor>  have a good one.
<DK>  I have two questions. First - WHAT is the skinny on the #4 pick. I heard a rumor in an Internet chat room that went something like ""After the third pick in the draft, just make sure you are paying close attention."" Can you shed any more light on this rumor? How does it apply to the Browns and their draft plans? (Details, we want details :-)
<DK>  D E T A I L S
<DK>  :-)
<Lane>  Well DK, Buffalo is at 4, the Browns have talked with Buffalo and we expect further discussions. Davis wants Mckinnie, if the price doesn't cross the highway robbery level, then you never know what may happen.
<Lane>  Is it going to happen?
<Lane>  You never know
<DK>  fair enough (I think)
<DK>  Second - How much of the team/offense has attended the ""voluntary"" workouts and practices this offseason? Is the offense ready to hit the ground running during training camp/preseason?
<JohnTaylor>  If they hit the ground crawling, they'll be ahead of last year's pace.
<Lane>  Over 90%% of the team has participated
<DK>  That is reassuring!
<DK>  From an Outsider to you Insiders - THANKS
<DK>  next......
<Lane>  The clock is ticking............
<artbtz>  You done DK?
<DK>  yeah
<Lane>  welcome
<Lumpy>  Will Warren play LDT or RDT
<JohnTaylor>  right side, next to Courtney. That's if Tyrone doesn't beat out Courtney in camp.
<Lumpy>  how is the progress of SPriggs and Gregory going? Or do we see Smith again this year?
<Lane>  And Arnold Miller may take lang;s spot :-)
<Lane>  You will see Mark Smith well as Gregory and Spriggs, they all rotate, look for about 10 DL'men
<Lumpy>  Do you see Verba stepping up and taking a leadership role on the OL instead of pointing fingers this season? LAST ?-thanks guys!
<Lane>  No on Verba.........not his style
<RK>  Hey guys. Great work feeding us information this offseason. That Sunday Massacre is da bomb.
<JohnTaylor>  We know.
<Lane>  :-)
<RK>  I'm curious as to how the front office views the acquisition of Chris Sanders. Are they really looking at him as a potential #2/#3 or are they just picking him up for competition? Does his joining the club affect whether or not the Browns pursue a more stable vet WR like McCardell, Alexander, or WestBrook (not that he's really 'stable') or is it a non-issue?
<Lane>  hey RK....
<RK>  Hi Lane.
<Lane>  If they are pinning their hopes on sanders, then the Browns are going to continue to have offensive issues
<JohnTaylor>  Throwing something up against the wall and hoping it sticks before it gets injured again. If he pans out, fine. If not, no loss. Put it this way: the presence of Sanders would not prevent them from going after McCardell.
<RK>  Cool. THat's what I wanted to hear. Another ?. Have either of you heard anything around the NFL about Art Modell speeding up the sale of the Ravens? With his recent heart problems and David's complete lack of competency along with very little hope for the Ravens to compete for the next 2 years it seems to make sense...
<JohnTaylor>  Have heard nothing on that note, RK.
<RK>  I know it's not draft related but as long as I've got your ears...
<Lane>  Nothing that I have heard, RK
<RK>  Last ?. Are either of you going to be around the chat room during the draft? We could really use your insight when the Browns pick another ""no-name"" like Anthony Henry...
<Lane>  Fire away
<JohnTaylor>  Just make sure you're good and thirsty come Saturday.
<artbtz>  Folks, we've gone longer than we expected and we're going to have to have the next person after RK be the last. That will be MadDawgJimmyMac
<JohnTaylor>  I'll chat with you personally during the draft if you'd like.
<artbtz>  Remember that these are going to be a weekly event!
<RK>  Great! I look forward to it. Someone else can buy...
<MadDawgJimmyMac>  Butch has said a trade up could involve players & Butch had Northwestern's OLB in for a visit. Is it possible Jamier Miller plus some lower picks could be traded for, say the 4th pick? We also keep #16.
<artbtz>  MadDawgJimmyMac is up. Everyone else in line... come back and join us next week and we'll try to get you up front.
<Lane>  Miller is not going anywhere in 2002
<MadDawgJimmyMac>  How many OL do you think we will draft and in what rounds?
<JohnTaylor>  We expect them to draft a couple, but as to where and when, that is a huge unknown.
<MadDawgJimmyMac>  Any Ol sleepers you want to clue us in on?
<Lane>  Is there an 8th round?
<MadDawgJimmyMac>  lol
<Lane>  Langston Walker from California
<MadDawgJimmyMac>  I hope your not inferring we will draft Ol in the 9th round lane.
<MadDawgJimmyMac>  Thats it for me. Thanks guys!
<Lane>  Nah, maybe on day 3 of the draft :-)
<MadDawgJimmyMac>  OMG!
<artbtz>  Thanks to everyone for hanging with us tonight!
<Lane>  Walker is 6'8, 335 and can be mean............
<artbtz>  We'll have a transcript up tomorrow!
<Lane>  Thanks for coming tonight guys

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