Dave Carducci Predicts Round One

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Needs: You name it. Like any expansion team, the Texans can fill a hole with every pick.

Options: The Texans have made no secret of who they will take No. 1.

The Pick: David Carr, QB, Fresno State.

Analysis: Carr has the strong arm and the accuracy to be a perfect fit for the offense run by former Browns coach and current Texans coordinator Chris Palmer. The Texans hope Carr will develop quicker than the last first-round quarterback from Fresno State- Trent Dilfer


Needs: The Panthers have almost as many needs as the Texans. The defensive line struggled in 2001, making finding a dominating pass rusher and a run-stuffing tackle a priority. With the injury prone Richard Huntley slotted at tailback, the Panthers are also in need of another ball carrier.

Options: Julius Peppers would be a popular high-profile, local-boy pick and he would fill a major need. The Panthers have also hinted that Quentin Jammer and Joey Harrington are possibilities at No. 2.

The Pick: Julius Peppers, DE, North Carolina.

Analysis: Peppers is the obvious choice. The Tar Heel will be an instant fan favorite, giving the no-name team a marketable star. His impressive size, speed and athleticism should give the Panthers their first dominant pass-rushing end.


Needs: Do the Lions need a quarterback? General manager Matt Millen and coach Marty Mornhinweg apparently think Mike McMahon has what it takes to run their west-coast offense, so while they've hinted at taking Harrington, all talk of taking a quarterback at No. 3 is likely a smoke screen. Wide receiver, defensive end, cornerback, safety, tight end and
running back are also needs.

Options: The Lions would love to have Peppers to play end opposite Robert Porcher, but he'll be gone. Roy Williams is a nice fit, but safety is usually not a good value with the third pick.

The Pick: Quentin Jammer, CB, Texas.

Analysis: Jammer makes perfect sense. The Lions had major injury problems in the secondary last year and Jammer gives them a big, physical cover corner.


Needs: The Bills filled a few key needs by signing offensive tackles Trey Teague and Marcus Price and safety Billy Jenkins. That leaves defensive end and quarterback as their biggest holes.

Options: If the price is to high to bring a veteran signal caller like the Patriots' Drew Bledsoe to
Buffalo, the Bills might consider Harrington. Roy Williams is an option to join Jenkins in the

The Pick: Joey Harrington, QB, Oregon.

Analysis: While Carr has the better physical attributes, Harrington could be the best quarterback in the draft because of his poise and leadership.


Needs: The Chargers need help at both guard spots, left tackle and cornerback.

Options: While guard is the biggest need, the Chargers know they can find help at the position in later rounds. That leaves a decision between Miami offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie and Texas offensive tackle Mike Williams - a decision that could dramatically impact the Browns' plans.

The Pick: Mike Williams, OT, Texas.

Analysis: Williams is more of a bruiser than McKinnie. He could fill the Chargers inside needs by learning the NFL game at guard, then ultimately fill the need at tackle in the long term. The selection of Williams will make life interesting for the Browns, who desperately want McKinnie.


Needs: Who will be the replacement for aging running back Emmitt Smith? Is Roy Williams really the next Ronnie Lott, as Dave Campo believes?

Options: The need for a running back and a safety can be filled later in the draft. That's why the Cowboys will do everything they can to trade down to the middle of the first round. Jerry Jones always loves to trade down, and if McKinnie slips past No. 5, look for the Cowboys and Browns to consider a deal. For our purposes, we'll finish our predictions as if no deal will be made.

The Pick: Roy Williams, S, Oklahoma.

Analysis: Williams could slide if Jones decides to make shake up the draft with an unexpected selection. Donte Stallworth could be just such a pick.


Needs: Finding a big defensive tackle to compliment Chris Hovan is a priority. Offensive tackle is also a major need following the death of Korey Stringer and the release of Brad Badger.

Options: Defensive tackles Albert Haynesworth and Ryan Sims are strong possibilities, as is a trade with the Browns if McKinnie is available.

The Pick: Bryant McKinnie, OT, Miami.

Analysis: The Vikings would love to find McKinnie available at No. 7 because if they select him he fills a major need. If they don't, they have the option of trading down.


Needs: The Chiefs need to upgrade their defense in several areas, most notably defensive tackle and linebacker. Depth at wide receiver is also a problem.

Options: Will the Chiefs choose between Haynesworth and Sims, or do they look for a wide receiver?

The Pick: Donte Stallworth, WR, Tennessee.

Analysis: Defensive tackle would be the most logical pick, but Dick Vermeil won in St. Louis with a stable of top receivers. He's already added capable veteran Johnnie Morton, and now he'll add the best receiver in the draft.


Needs: After their losses in the expansion draft, the Jaguars have to find help on the defensive line.

Options: Tennessee tackles Haynesworth and John Henderson would be nice fits. The Jaguars are also rumored to be interested in Lelie.

The Pick: Albert Haynesworth, DT, Tennessee.

Analysis: The big, physical Haynesworth would look good next to last year's first round pick Marcus Stroud.


Needs: Everything except running back, wide receiver and linebacker.

Options: Cornerback is a priority, and Phillip Buchanon would be a nice fit. Jeremy Shockey could fill a need at tight end. Like the Browns, the Bengals will consider moving up for McKinnie and Williams.

The Pick: Jeremy Shockey, TE, Miami

Analysis: Shockey is a nice weapon to go with receivers Peter Warrick, Darnay Scott, Ron Dugans and Chad Johnson. The trouble is, who will throw them the ball? The Bengals might be happy to see Harrington fall to No. 10.


Needs: Defense, defense and more defense.

Options: With Tony Dungy as coach, there is no doubt the Colts will try to shore up the defensive side of the ball. Sims, Henderson and Wendell Bryant are obvious options in the middle of the line. The Colts also need a pass-rushing end, but Georgia's Charles Grant seems like a reach at 11.

The Pick: Ryan Sims, DT, North Carolina.

Analysis: Sims is the powerful run stuffer the Colts are missing in their front four.


Needs: The Cardinals always seem to draft defensive linemen, yet defensive line is still a need. They need help all the way across the front four.

Options: Pick the best defensive lineman on the board.

The Pick: Wendell Bryant, DT, Wisconsin.

Analysis: Bryant is the best available in a position of need. He'll make plays from the inside.


Needs: A combination wide receiver-kick returner is a priority, as replacements for Joe Johnson at defensive end and La'Roi Glover at defensive tackle.

Options: The Saints would love Donte Stallworth. If he's gone, they'll consider receivers Antonio Bryant and Andre Davis.

The Pick: Charles Grant, DE, Georgia.

Analysis: Grant gives the Saints a pass-rushing end who is only just beginning to tap his potential.


Needs: An infusion of youth on the offensive line and a pass-catching tight end.

Options: Mike Pearson and Levi Jones are both a possibility. The Giants would love Shockey if he were available.

The pick: Levi Jones, OT, Arizona State

Analysis: Jones has more up-side than Pearson.


Needs: The Titans need defensive tackles, defensive backs and a replacement for Bruce Matthews at center.

Options: With the top defensive tackles off the board, the Titans will look for line help to improve their struggling running game or for a cover corner.

The Pick: John Henderson, DT, Tennessee

Analysis: The other top defensive tackles are gone. Ironically, Henderson might be the best of the lot, but ankle and back problems are a question.


Needs: An offensive line and a running back to ignite a stagnant rushing attack.

Options: If the Browns don't trade up for McKinnie, they'll consider several other options. William Green and T.J. Duckett are the top options at running back. The Browns will also consider guards Toniu Fonoti and Andre Gurode.

The Pick: T.J. Duckett, RB, Michigan State.

Analysis: Duckett's size and offseason workouts make him too good to pass up. Offensive line remains a priority that will be addressed in the second and third rounds.


Needs: Wide receiver and free safety.

Options: Lelie is the best receiver on the board, but his hamstring trouble may force the Falcons to look to Jabar Gaffney, Josh Reed or Antonio Bryant.

The Pick: Ashley Lelie, WR, Hawaii.

Analysis: Hamstring question won't keep Falcons from taking the deep threat.


Needs: A passing game.

Options: The Redskins will have a hard time avoiding the Redskins' need at receiver.

The Pick: Jabar Gaffney, WR, Florida.

Analysis: Former Florida coach Steve Spurrier already signed quarterback Danny Wuerffel and is considering trading for Shane Matthews just because they know his system, why wouldn't he go after a Gator receiver?


Needs: Wide receiver and safety.

Options: Aging Ed McCaffrey is coming off a broken leg. The Broncos will likely go after his eventual replacement.

The Pick: Antonio Bryant, WR, Pittsburgh

Analysis: The run on wide receivers continues.


Needs: A pass-catching tight end and a pass-rushing defensive end.

Options: The Seahawks want Shockey, but won't get him. The next best option is Daniel Graham.

The Pick: Daniel Graham, TE, Colorado.

Analysis: It's a reach just to fill a need.


Needs: Defensive tackle, safety, pass rushers.

Options: Eddie Freeman is a reach at tackle, but the Raiders are rumored to be interested. Linebacker-defensive end Dwight Freeney and outside linebacker Napoleon Harris are also possibilities. Trading down to the second round is an option

The Pick: Eddie Freeman, DT, Alabama-Birmingham.

Analysis: The Raiders need a defensive tackle and his offseason workouts have been strong.


Needs: Defensive tackle.

Options: With the top defensive tackles already off the board, the Jets will decide between Anthony Weaver and Larry Tripplett.

The Pick: Larry Tripplett, DT, Washington.

Analysis: Tripplett is probably a second-round talent, but the Jets often feel the need to reach.


Needs: Safety, pass rushers.

Options: Ed Reed of Miami would be a nice fit, but the Raiders took Derrick Gibson in the first round last year. Harris and tweeners Freeney and Kalimba Edwards could be the pick, but Al Davis never takes linebackers in round one.

The Pick: William Green, RB, Boston College

Analysis: The Raiders already have depth in the backfield with Charlie Garner and Tyrone Wheatley, but neither is the workhorse Green can become.


Needs: Rebuild the defense. Quarterback.

Options: Freeney would be a nice fit as a speed rusher. Anthony Weaver would fill the hole left by Tony Siragusa's retirement.

The Pick: Phillip Buchanon, CB, Miami

Analysis: Buchanon is a nice replacement for Duane Starks, who left in free agency.


Needs: Wide receiver, defensive line, outside linebacker.

Options: After passing on a receiver earlier in the round, look for the Saints to consider Josh Reed. Linebacker-defensive end Dwight Freeney is also a nice fit.

The Pick: Josh Reed, WR, Louisiana State

Analysis: The Saints will like Reed's run-after-catch ability and steady hands as a compliment to Joe Horn.


Needs: Linebacker and cornerback.

Options: With Jeremiah Trotter on his way out, the Eagles need to find a replacement. Any middle linebacker at this spot, however, would be a reach. Look for the Eagles to consider help at cornerback, offensive line or west-coast running back DeShaun Foster.

The Pick: Lito Sheppard, CB, Florida

Analysis: The Eagles are getting old at corner.


Needs: Secondary help, guard.

Options: The 49ers might like Sheppard, but they'll end up deciding between guards Andre Gurode and Toniu Fonoti and tackle Mike Pearson to shore up the offensive line.

The Pick: Andre Gurode, G, Colorado.

Analysis: Gurode is the best of the interior linemen.


Needs: Wide receiver, safety and linebacker.

Options: The Packers might consider any of the tweener linebacker-defensive ends, but in the end they'll go after a safety.

The Pick: Ed Reed, S, Miami.

Analysis: Reed will be groomed as LeRoy Butler's eventual replacement.


Needs: Quarterback, pass-rushing end, left tackle.

Options: The Bears will address their quarterback needs later in the draft. Freeney and Kalimba Edwards are the best options to rush the quarterback. Pearson could be an option at left tackle

The Pick: Dwight Freeney, DE-LB, Syracuse.

Analysis: Freeney has rare speed and will be given a chance to show he is a right end.


Needs: Safety, quarterback.

Options: The Steelers don't have many needs. With the top safeties gone, they'll go for the best available athlete.

The Pick: Napoleon Harris, OLB, Northwestern.

Analysis: Harris is insurance should the Steelers not retain Joey Porter this year or next.


Needs: Third receiver, right tackle, linebacker

Options: The Rams will likely go after the fastest of the remaining wide receivers.

The Pick: Javon Walker, WR, Florida State

Analysis: With sub 4.4 times in the 40, Walker is the replacement for Az-Zahir Hakim.


Needs: Defensive end, wide receiver, middle linebacker.

Options: Bill Belichick is always willing to shore up his defense. An end to compliment defensive tackle Richard Seymour is a strong possibility.

The Pick: Bryan Thomas, DE, Alabama-Birmingham.

Analysis: Speed rushing end is a nice fit for Super Bowl champs.

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