Newswire: Focus On Edwards, Winslow

Updates on Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow are the focus of the Tuesday morning Newswire...

It's the day after a big Browns victory, but attention was on sidelined Cleveland Browns players in local newspapers on Tuesday morning.

Jeff Schudel has an excellent wrap-up on the Braylon Edwards situation in this morning's Lake County News-Herald, which provides answers to a number of questions fans have about Edwards' status. Jeff, by the way, will be joining us this evening on the Bernie's Insiders Radio Program at 9PM on SportsTalk Network.

The most critical thing for everyone to know is that there wasn't a definitive prognosis on Edwards as of Monday evening. The Browns hope to know more today, and will undoubtedly be answering the phones about it in Berea despite today being an off-day for the team.

There are two items that I consistently have seen on the minds of folks on our forums, as well as other Browns forums.

The first are two reports by ESPN's Chris Mortenson, the first speculating that Edwards will be out 6-8 weeks on Sunday. Mortenson then came back with another report the next day that cut Edwards' time away in half.

While Mortenson may wind up being correct, it's mystifying as to how those numbers came to be thrown out there. As Jeff points out in his article, the doctors working with Edwards at the Cleveland Clinic don't even know what kind of infection Edwards has.

As a lot of Browns fans have noted in threads on our forums and others, it's hard to get too concerned about these estimates until the team has more information from doctors at the Clinic. When we have information that originates from within the team - either through official statements or through our friends close to the team - we'll report it, as will other local sources of Browns news. 

The second item that probably needs to be addressed are some comments from fans that Edwards was somehow being "babied" by the team. There have been a couple of threads of this type on Browns message boards that I've seen.

Some of this thinking was probably prompted by our own story on Sunday that it was perceived that Edwards problem was related to was was considered to be an in-grown hair on his arm. That sounds like a hangnail or something, but Jeff's column points out how a number of dangerous infections can be started by such seemingly innocuous breaks in the skin. 

Any line line of thinking that Edwards was being overly-cautious is definitively slapped away by Jeff's chronicle of the events leading up to Edwards' hospitalization this weekend. Jeff points out that it was the team that identified the problem and took action.

There are other reports on Edwards status that help bring Browns fans up-to-date which can be found on today's Newswire.

The other injured player who has been the object of some media stories over the last several days is Browns TE Kellen Winslow.

Winslow was the subject of a report by's Jay Glazer on Sunday, where Glazer reported that the Cleveland Browns and TE Kellen Winslow were close to a new deal. The deal, as reported by Glazer, allows the Browns TE to recoup most of the money lost this season due to Winslows' off-field motorcycle accident.

This ties to analysis provided by Bernie's Insiders shortly after the accident that the Browns most-likely course with Winslow was take back bonuses tied to his contract, but allow Winslow to make back that money if he hits certain incentives in future performance.

Mary Kay Cabot reports this morning that, in fact, the Browns are close to a one-year extension with Winslow and that the contract is close to being signed. As far as I can tell, Mary Kay has an exclusive this morning in getting confirmation from Team President John Collins. It's well worth checking out as is the rest of the Newswire!

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