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Draft Day on Bernie's Insiders

Bernie's Insiders is going to be it's usual hyper-football-obsessed self this weekend with our Insiders and the BTNG Crew pounding away at keeping the site refreshed with the latest info. From special Web-Extra draft boards to the popular Draft Day chat room (read: virtual tailgate) to the higher-than-normal level of BTNG Crew stupidity, we're trying to make this Draft Day the best ever on the site. Click the link above to find out more!

Since we were called BTNG, this web site has been a wild place on draft day. Over the last several years, we have had over 100 people gathering in the chat room at times and the forums just explode. We want to make sure that this Draft Weekend is the coolest ever on the site, and we hope that you will join us.

Bernie's Insiders will have representatives in Berea and at the Draft Weekend in Florida, as well as site visitors at the draft itself in New York who have promised to provide reports when they are recovered from their hango... um... when they have the time.

Here's what we have planned.

1. Constant News and Updates. On Saturday, we will have a constantly updated draft selection area at the top of the site which will have draft status information. Who is on the clock, and who the last pick was. As always, we'll have the Browns draft choices highlighted with links and news. We will be chained to our computers all weekend, and our families know to pretend we're not even at home. We'll be slamming out updates old-school. Ah, the life of the football obsessed.

2. Special Web-Extra Draft Forum. Our Insiders will get one-on-one interviews with Browns draftees on Sunday, as well as a briefer time within a group on Saturday. We are creating a special Web-Extra draft forum where you can pose questions that you would like to have asked of the draftees by our Insiders. They won't relay everything, but our Insiders will be your eyes and ears in Berea - and they will ask some of your questions and relay the answers back to the forum. Is there anything like that anywhere else? Don't think so.

3. The Bernies Insiders/BTNG Ultra-Draft Room. The site of constant craziness the last three draft days, our chat room has been a haven for draft fanatics since the Browns have returned. Bring your snacks and favorite liquids, crank on ESPN & ESPN2, kick back and talk football with your fellow Browns fans.

4. Constantly updated reports from Berea. We will have a running Web-Extra ticker from our Insiders in Berea. When they get a chance to file, they'll shoot off their thoughts and we'll get them up fast. You'll get a sense of what is happening in Berea throughout the day from the perspective of our Insiders.

5. Special guest appearances in the Chat Room.  It's always hard to promise this because our Insiders are usually pretty pressed on Draft Day, but we're pretty sure that we'll have some guest appearances in there. Folks know that there were a bunch of special guests last year, and we'll try to get folks in again. No promises, but we've had good luck with duct tape and sedation as a means to invite people to the chat room.

6. The Return of Radio BTNG? We've been wanting to bring back radio chats for a while and we might do it on Saturday night. Frankly,.it depends on whether I get time at the end of the day to fortify myself with some Crooked River so that I can crank up the broadcast, spin annoying tunes, and babble back to the Dawgs in the chat room. If we can get this rolling, we might be able to call down to Florida and get updates from what's happening there. I'll announce it on the site if we're going to do it. Then you can know enough not to listen.

If you've got other things you would like to see, feel free to write me at You never know what is going to happen around here on Draft Weekend. WE ARE PUMPED!!

- AB

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