Edwards Update: Hospital Discharge Imminent?

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BEREA - Browns head coach Romeo Crennel updated the status of RB Lee Suggs and WR Braylon Edwards, lost due to a thumb fracture and an arm infection, respectively. He did rule both players out this Sunday.

Crennel said he has indications that Edwards will be discharged from the hospital today, but still has no timetable on how long the rookie receiver might be out. Edwards has been in the hospital since Saturday night.

"When the Infection is gone and the incision is healed he can get back on the field," Crennel said. "If he's on intravenous antibiotics he has to stay in the hospital, but if he can take oral antibiotics he can leave.

"They haven't told me what they're doing," he said. "As far as I know, all of the cultures have come back negative, but they want to be very cautious with it.

"They want to be sure they treat it the correct way before saying this is the course of treatment we need to take," he said. "If he gets released from the hospital today, maybe the oral antibiotic can work.

"Those two guys (Edwards and Suggs) are out and everyone else should be ok," Crennel said "Orpheus Roye (knee) is still on there, but he has been able to play."

Crennel said the Browns were supposed to let the NFL know of Edwards' status before Sunday's game.

"The NFL is reviewing the incident and will let us know."

Suggs' broken thumb was diagnosed Monday after the press conference when he was taken for x-rays. He said Suggs would miss 4 to 6 weeks after a couple of screws were inserted into his thumb.

"I didn't know Suggs' thumb was broken when I was here Monday," Crennel said. "I told you Lee was o.k. I didn't have knowledge about his thumb. I told the medical staff to let me know if there was a potential major injury."

It is believed Suggs hurt his thumb making a tackle on a kickoff, but went to the trainers after the game. He was sent to the clinic on Monday during the press conference.

Crennel said because he handles the ball, he's more likely to be out longer because he can't handle the ball with a cast, unlike a defensive player like a linebacker.

Crennel said he has no plans to add a running back to the roster to take Suggs' place. Suggs had missed the first three weeks of the season after suffering a high ankle sprain and he has been sidelined by injuries since joining the Browns three years ago.

"Injuries just happen and all he can do is do everything he can to get back on the field and to show he still has it."

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