Berea Report: Offense Getting Offensive

Fred Greetham reports from Berea on the Monday's practice, where the team's offense tries to understand what went wrong. Remember - Bernie's Insiders is usually the FIRST to publish daily practice reports on the web and we provide the ONLY same-day independent coverage on the 'net. Our daily practice reports are generally FREE. Use this information to clue in your friends and befuddle your enemies (particularly easily befuddled and peanut-inhalaing Steeler fans).

Berea – Romeo Crennel said he didn't expect to be more worried about the offense than the defense.

"I thought the offense was ahead of the defense because we thought we had more guys on offense who were experienced," Crennel said. "With the new 3-4 defense and the changes made, I expected the offense to be further along than where they are right now."

The Browns had just 186 yards against the Ravens, including just 70 yards rushing. The Browns lost two fumbles, had an interception and allowed four sacks.

"We couldn't do anything or didn't do anything offensively," Crennel said.

Crennel said the problems on the offense are a combination of the entire unit.

"Anytime you have protection problems it's on the offensive line and the quarterback, "he said. "It's a function of all of the offense players."

The offensive line felt they could've played better. Besides the sacks, the line had two false starts on L.J. Shelton and a holding penalty on Jeff Faine.

"Football is not a perfect game," Shelton said. "Some things we thought we should be behind us now are obviously not.

"We just need to try and correct the mistakes we made and move on," he said. "It's discouraging, but it was just one game."

Guard Cosey Coleman agreed.

"We have to find out what we did wrong and correct it," he said. "There's a lot of football to be played. We have to learn from it and move forward."

Crennel didn't say he was going to make any changes, but didn't deny any changes would be made. He was asked specifically about the quarterback position of possibly replacing Trent Dilfer with Charlie Frye.

"If I feel we're not making progress or doing down hill, then we might consider to make some changes," Crennel said. "We're going to look at it and consider what we could do to correct the situation.

"If we determine a personnel move needs to be made, we will do it no matter what position that is," he said. "We haven't been very productive throwing the football. We have to decide what the problem is.

"I think it has something to do with the teams we're playing and the situation the offense has been in."

Crennel said the Browns had one good drive in the game, but it only resulted in a field goal.

"We won the third quarter, but we needed a touchdown, not a field goal," Crennel said . Crennel said the Browns need to go back to square one.

"We thought we could take a step forward in this game, but we didn't," he said "We took a step back. We have to retrace some ground that we thought we had improved on. We have to go back to fundamentals and the basics because we weren't just good enough. We weren't good on the road in a game that gave us a chance to get our head above water."

Crennel said the Browns have to look at everything.

"When you have a performance like we had, everything needs work," he said. "From a fundamental standpoint we thought we were better coming out of the preseason and through the first few games. You try to get better at the basics and fundamentals and give yourself a chance to win."


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