Browns Close 2002 Draft with a Hurricane

The 2002 Draft has come to a close for the Browns and for the second consecutive year, Butch Davis went home again, selecting OT Joaquin Gonzalez from Miami with their final pick of the draft.

6-4, 298 pound Joaquin Gonzalez will be rejoining former coach Butch Davis in Cleveland, keeping the Miami-Cleveland transcontinental pipeline primed, likely for years to come. A very solid, intelligent and veteran OT, Gonzalez will likely compete early for a backup position in Cleveland. Here are Rob Rang's thoughts on Gonzalez from

Unique prospect in that while he plays right tackle for Miami, Gonzalez may actually be better suited to the left side in the NFL. Isn't the huge mauler that most teams are looking for in a RT, and may have the feet to make the transition. There are also legitimate concerns about his upper body strength. A best case scenario, in my opinion, would be for Gonzalez to go to a West Coast Offense, and learn to play on both the left and right sides. Is a very good pass blocker (no sacks allowed all season), and has the quickness and athleticism to be an excellent WCO run blocker - where zone blocking, pulling and trapping, and secondary level blocking are stressed. A self-made player with limited pure athleticism and a legitimate question marks concerning his ceiling as a player. Likely will drop considerably lower than most "educated" draft fans feel is worthy, but there is a concern by NFL clubs that Gonzalez may have already "maxed out" as an athlete. An prospect that I am quite fond of if placed in the correct scheme, but a player who likely won't hear his name until the mid to later portions of the draft.  

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