Gameballs and Goats: Week 5

Droughns gets the props, but Jeff Faine gets enough goathorns to last a lifetime in this week's Gameballs and Goats voting. Here is this week's edition of a feature we started (at the suggestion of GregTNG) back in 1999...

The Week's Results: Whenever the Browns lose to the Ravens (or the Steelers) the language gets a bit "edgier" in the Gameballs and Goats. We've tried to insert various punctuation marks in place of some of the more aggressive language. The response this week just shows how important this game is to Browns fans. Reuben Droughns continues to run away with the year-to-date Gameballs, as Trent Dilfer's performance got him demoted to third place in the standings. Jeff Faine's miscue to start the game earned him enough goathorns from Browns fans to vault to second in the year-to-date results.

Player Gameballs
Reuben Droughns 68
Dennis Northcutt 53
Gary Baxter 28
Fans 24
Andra Davis 16
Phil Dawson 15
Write-Ins: "Referee who got injured", "The Ravens for being the Ravens", "Nobody is worth it for this effort", LaDainian Tomlinson, Heather "they're not real" Kozar", "The 3 running plays we called", Casey Coleman, "NONE! we sucked", "Did I mention the fans?", Me, Terminator


Player Goathorns
Jeff Faine 84
Trent Dilfer 70
Maurice Carthon 42
Sean Jones 29
Entire Offense 24
Romeo Crennel 24


Write-Ins: "Whole Team", "Baltimore Fans", "Various pieces of paper blowing on field", "The Ravens for being the Ravens", Butch Davis, "Randy Lerner, Owl, and Greg", "Team Felon", "entire coaching staff", "DIShonorable Mention: Ravens fans cheering the official who had to be carted off the field!", "Teams Kellen Wheelie Winslow II---2011 Rookie of the Year",  "Staph infections", "Anyone assigned to cover todd heap", "Everyone on the browns sideline!", "Offense coaching... who passes on 2nd and 1", "Brian Billick"


Gameballs Goathorns
Reuben Droughns Officiating Crews
Offensive Line Jeff Faine
Trent Dilfer Ray Mickens
Gary Baxter Defensive Line
Dennis Northcutt Maurice Carthon
Frisman Jackson Sean Jones



dp10451 Cutt had a good game, both receiving and in the return game. Not much else to get excited about.
doctorfresh I am hard pressed to find anybody worthy of gameballs, but I will say Northcutt had a good game and was fired up and Baxter made some nice tackles and coverage plays.
paledragon Northcutt did a great job, but once again got screwed by his teammates and the refs. I liked how the defense put a lot of pressure on Wright.
madsoxx In actuality, none should be given.
woodydawg Cutt performed well all day, he can't control the penalties. Dawson was solid as usual, I know a stretch but who else you gonna pick? Orpheus was again, all over the place today. Hang your hats.
newmexicodawg Northcutt showed up for the first time this year with a couple of good catches to keep drives alive and a nice punt return. Reuben Droughns just plays herd, why don't the coaches give him more of a chance early in the game? Dilfer did the best with what he had to work with, he was pressured all day and the interception to Ray Lewis wasn't his fault entirely.
doughboy22 Kyle Richardson punted 6 times and averaged over 50 yards, big improvement over derrick frost. he and Andra Davis could be pro bowl contenders, if we get people to hear of who they are. same with Northcutt if his amazing punt returns weren't constantly called back. Plus he had a sick catch that dilfer threw at the 1 yard line
mddawgfan You can tell when Eason was in the game and you can tell when Fisk was there as well.
gbeachy50310 FANS: For keeping the faith and holding on to hope in spite of this week's stinker. DAWSON: Performed well. DROUGHNS: Nice running today -- needed more opportunities.
aqib Defense played well, only giving up wine drive over 20 yards. Offense lost this one.
ccclay57 Each 1 of these votes was a stretch. The whole team played terribly. Any gameball given out should be one of those mini plastic ones.
mstillman2 I was trying to think of some positives....we seem make decent adjustments in the second half of games, and didn't hear of any injuries....that's about it....
thejamdawg No Gameballs today
cball1 #1 Fans like me who sat through the entire debacle, because they love the Browns no matter what. #2 Hitting Ray Ray and Co. in the mouth and knocking him on his a$$ so he couldn't do his sorry ass dance after being the 3rd guy in on the tackle. #3 As bad as they played, they only gave up 3 FGs after being placed in horrible position all day.
progrocker Nobody deserves one for this piece of crap.
brightondawg A bit of a stretch, but I'm a self-confessed Green fan, and I get sick of the guy getting in for two plays a game and if the line doesn't block those two plays, he's criticized. Willie is still as powerful as Droughns and faster in the open field (though far less elusive in tight spaces). He's kept a good attitude from all accounts and has been a positive factor on the team. I'd liked to have seen him get more touches after he gave them a bit of a spark late in the 2nd quarter
brownsman2002 It was a terrible game all around but the defense was OK. Droughns was very good for as little as he was used.
clevelandfan No gameballs from me this week.
deathbyeagle Baxter--because, unlike Trent, he got some revenge on his ex-mates
outlawjessej We lost, nobody deserves a gameball!
slambar Droughns for taking on Ray Lewis head on and knocking him on his rear several times. Northcutt for speaking up saying enough is enough with the ST penalties and something has to be done.
sigcleve at least Droughns ran hard.
redright Dilfer...he's a leader RAC...has the team playing as well as it can...THE FANS...This team sucks but they are doing their best, getting better, and we know they are going to be very good next year, they don't embarrass
dboots Reuben ran hard (so did Willie). Baxter got his first interception & Dennis again played well.
section 527 dawg Perhaps a week late, but I have been listening to Casey for approximately 25 of my 31 years on this earth (give or take a few years). Here's hoping for a full and speedy recovery!
brownnoser Green, 2 for 15 and he ran both with anger. We should have seen him more. Cutt had a clutch catch and gave us an actual late chance.
rutger No game balls for this one.
cavaliers0123 Droughns just for knockin Ray-Ray flat on his ass.
pitbullterrier The fans deserve the gameball after sitting through that miserable debacle last Sunday. This is the first time I can honestly say our team hasn't looked prepared under Crennel.
munilotmadness Do I really have to give out three of them for this week???
bankone Droughns continues to run hard in limited duty
crunkadelic Nobody really deserves a gameball, but I will give one to the fans for watching that disgusting game.
buzzdog Hard to find anyone deserving of gameballs in this game
confuseddog for putting up with this sh*t for years on end, haha
arkdawg21 Terminator Smith gets one just for always being in Stabbin Rays face.


houlihan Awful, awful play calling in the 4th quarter. Who decided to punt with 4 minutes left?
dp10451 The whole damn team gets goathorns from me. How can they explain this pathetic performance? This was the Ravens for Christ sake. Show some pride!
dawgnthesouth Baltimore Fans get all the goat horns for cheering when one of the Ravens hurt a ref.
doctorfresh I wish there was an "entire team" option. Since there isn't, I will put the majority of blame on Romeo and his lack of firing up the troops. Carthon came in with a terrible gameplan - never establishing the run and calling way too many short pass plays. And, our offensive line stunk it up big time, giving Trent no time to do much of anything. Shades of the Butch Davis years today.
madsoxx Totally pathetic!
woodydawg Faine needs to learn how to snap in the shotgun, somehow. Cribbs another fumble, still looks stiff on the returns. Shelton looked more like a Maitre D' than a left tackle today.
newmexicodawg Faine's bad snap set the tone for an all around bad day. If a run play had been called and the Browns get a first down on that initial drive, the game is totally different. Mo Carthon not getting the ball to a running back until the second quarter is inexcusable. He is a huge goat today for not attempting to establish the run in a hostile environment. Finally Sean Jones' two special teams penalties drive him one step closer to being labeled a Butch Bust. What the hell has happened to Leigh Bodden?
mulekicker3 how bout trying a run once in a while when it's 2nd and short or 3rd and short. I love the unpredictable play calling, but lets not get carried away.
doughboy22 sigh. toward the end of the game, ravens were without 2 fullbacks, ed reed, and todd heap, and we still couldn't pull out a win.
whotemp Nothing good about that game!!!
gbeachy50310 ENTIRE O: Could never pull it together, and only made it to the red zone once the whole game. Three turnovers. CARTHON: Poor play calling -- 4 passing plays to start the game? Why are we not working with the run -- that was the only success we had during the game. Kudos for trying to change the pace of the game -- it worked when you tried it, why'd you quit?
apvic What the hell was Crenel thinking by punting with less than 6 min left and down by 13 points??? Someone has to have an answer about the stupid @#$!!* penalties by the stupid @#$!!* special teams. Man they really suck.... How much did we pay for Baxter??? he can't cover a @#$!!* tight end??? great work Phil.... Hey Carthon, it's third down and we have one and a half yards to go for a fist down in the red zone and we @#$!!* pass??? run the @#$!!* ball for two @#$!!* plays and get the @#$!!* @#$!!* first down you dumb stupid @#$!!*..
aqib Dilfer hasn't really looked good since the Packers game. If Couch had a game like Dilfer did against the Bears our idiot fans would have been all over him, especially if he followed that up with a game like today. I know he was probably too charged up because of his history with Baltimore. But fumbling the snap to start the game and overthrowing open receivers cost us this game. The offensive line did not play well today. Hopefully Ryan Tucker is in his last year as a Brown. I hope Nat Dorsey is progressing well. Why so many penalties on special teams? Guys the refs are looking for this stuff. Why do I keep giving Butch goats even though he is long gone? Because we are still digging out of the mess that clown left. Randy "Skippy" Lerner gets one for keeping Davis so long, and raising my ticket prices to pay off his contract. Owl and Greg gets goats for defending Davis to the end and beyond and until I get a retraction they will keep getting them.
ccclay57 The whole offensive line. Trent getting worse every week, defenses are adjusting to him.We are missing Edwards. What is it with rookies and staph infections? Does anybody in the organization know how to sterilize anything. Is it the women?
mjones85 Carthon - play calling was atrocious in the first half. Baltimore had no answer for our running game, but we didn't find out until part way through the second quarter- when we first handed off. Shame on you, coach.
montanadawg Faine - it was all about faine...
thejamdawg This is the first time all season I was actually disgusted with the performance. The Offense was flat, Jeff Faine can't snap in a shotgun, The Defense made Anthony Wright look like Johnny Unitas and even the coaching looked uninterested. Why against THIS team?
donstego r u kidding me even butch Davis would have gone on fourth down. oh Romeo where for r your balls!
cball1 #1 Faine for the first snap. #2 Faine for a holding call after one of our only long plays. #3 The entire offense for not playing with any sense of urgency, desire or pride.
progrocker A month ago we made Peyton Manning look like Anthony Wright ... today we made Anthony Wright look like Peyton Manning. Embarrassing, pathetic, and sickening -- ESPECIALLY against such a bad team. Blech.
k2isforreal Cribbs three games of action has wielded two fumbles on kickoffs
brightondawg This is the first game I thought Carthon called bad. After it was clear the running game was the only thing remotely working, he should have called a handoff on EVERY first down play, to take some of the heat off Dilfer. Instead the game slipped away, and the Ravens continued to blitz. The linebackers didn't blitz much, but when they did no one got pressure; whoever was covering Heap (maybe it was a DB) didn't do a good job. I know Heap is solid, but it's Anthony Wright throwing the ball!!
brownsman2002 This was by far the worst game the Browns have played under Crennel. I can see why Savage is butting heads with Crennel. Crennel sucks as a head coach so far. There is no excuse to give up on fourth down at the end of the game as well as all of the penalties on special teams. The guy has no passion and no discipline.
clevelandfan Jeff Faine - First snap of the game ended up being a killer. Romeo Crennel - I think Romeo has what it takes to get this team turned around, and he has done a tremendous job this year, but he needs to take some responsibility for the lack of play calling on both sides of the ball. Mauice Carthon - I just don't understand all the passing, and no giving Reuben the ball 25-30+ times a game...15 carries for Reuben??? And not even a single run in the 1st qtr???? What gives????? Very frustrating seeing this team pass on every down, when we have a good back to carry the rock.
deathbyeagle Faine is a marginal NFL talent...period Sean Jones can't play defense and now can't play special teams either...hope he can throw a fastball!
thespazdawg Blitz? maybe? good idea? yes?
slambar Sean Jones and Michael Lehan are goats for being the biggest culprits on ST penalties all year. Maurice Carthon for not calling a run until 2 minutes into the 2nd Q.
sigcleve snap to the shin to start the slide, questionable game plan. that effort belonged in year 2004. couldn't even hear the announcers (not necessarily a bad thing) due to crowd noise. can we get a better mic setup next time?
dboots The coaching staff is responsible for not giving the team a chance. Not running more on offense & a defense that lets any team go right down the field (the famous SOFT zone).
section 527 dawg Did not even show up! Absolutely pathetic!
brownnoser Special Teams sucked, so additional nominations for Rosburg and his talliwackers, minus Cribbs, since making cuts are hard on a sore leg. Didn't have room, but Droughns should be here for his horrid pass blocking, fullback my @$$
DAWGALONG This COACHING loss reminded me of the Butchie era. I almost threw up my beer nuts watching Browns players helping the Ratbirds up off the turf and Dilfer's big wide grin at the end showed me that the Browns STILL don't understand that they are suppose to HATE the Ratbirds. If they would have rolled over and pi$$ed themselves at the sight of a Ratbird uniform I would not have been surprised. A putrid performance. We treated a bum Q.B. like he was Manning. Romeo, this is Michigan / Ohio State. Keep losing to the Baltimorons and the fans WILL turn. We would like to keep you but you need to realize that the two games against the Ratbirds mean more than as Baxter stated "just another game". IT'S NOT JUST ANOTHER GAME!!!!!
rutger I think the entire coaching staff played a part in this loss. They tried to be too cute and ended up out coaching themselves. Not enough aggression from the coaches on either side of the ball.
irishmutt RUN THE @#$!!* BALL ON 2ND AND 1 OR 3RD AND 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
glabonne What on earth was Carthon thinking when he put this game plan in? Then follow it up with the worst play calling since Marty's prevent defense against Denver in 86
80sboy Why not run more?
pitbullterrier The coaches weren't prepared for this game, and obviously missed the week before when Detroit dominated Baltimore. Pathetic.
munilotmadness For this team to win, keep the D off the field and run the football to control the clock. The time of possession from not running the ball in the first half was ridiculous. The total time of possession looks a lot better for total game when running in the second half. When will they give Ruben the 100 yard game that he so deserves with a 20 carry performance?
bankone RAC has got to challenge that call! Mo...see gameball comment
crunkadelic Really there are too many to mention, but I think the O-line really stood out as awful as did Dilfer.
buzzdog Coaching staff made this game unwinnable
confuseddog He didn't mean to win, does he ever??
arkdawg21 O & D Lines have looked horrible the last couple of weeks. Special Teams - GOOD GOD CAN WE SEE A RETURN WITHOUT A FREAKING LIL YELLOW THINGY and can we fill the lanes and not give up big returns every week.

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