Gonzo Chat: Here Comes the Cuban Messiah

Leave it to our visitors to welcome Joaquin Gonzalez in style. The raucous chat room enthusiasm that greeted his selection in Sunday's draft carried over to Monday night's chat. As usual, our chatters asked some fantastic questions. From his college nickname to biggest challenge to favorite beer, you'll find it in the chat transcript.

CP: Guys, PM me to get in line to ask Joaquin some questions
Lane: Joaquin my man, welcome to Bernie's Insiders and welcome to the Cleveland Browns
joaquingonzalez: thank u glad to be here
Lane: Glad to have you........
CP: I guess we will get started shortly as the subscribers all get in here
Lane: In a few moments, the chat room will be shut down. Only you, the moderators and one person at a time will ask you a question
Lane: CP will be moderating the chat tonight
CP: who's got the intestinal fortitude to ask Joaquin a question
CP: we have 5 people in line, PM me to add yourself to the list and talk to new Browns offensive lineman, Joaquin Gonzalez!
Lane: Joaquin welcome to Cleveland and welcome to Bernie's Insiders
CP: Ready for the first person?
Lane: Could you briefly tell us a little about yourself and the draft day experience?
joaquingonzalez: it was a long 2 days and i got tons of calls
joaquingonzalez: but i really wanted cleveland to call me
joaquingonzalez: and they finally did and i'm grateful
Lane: Did you have a feeling that Cleveland would be selecting you?
joaquingonzalez: well they are sort of the team that truly knows my potential and what i can do b/c they have seen me do it before
Lane: With that, CP is now at the controls and lets get started
CP: OK, again, welcome Joaquin! ericthebrown gets the first crack
ericthebrown: Very happy to see you picked by us. Do you consider your success to come from your determination or your brains? And what position do you see yourself playing here?
CP: guys, please limit yourself to a couple questions so that everyone can get a chance to talk to Joaquin and have your questions ready
joaquingonzalez: position, whatever i can help the team in. In terms of my success i've always been a hard worker and i had no choice in my life but learn to enjoy the hard work so I think it is b/c of that
ericthebrown: Thats all I have. Thanks for taking time to chat with us.
joaquingonzalez: anytime
CP: thanks eric
CP: Atowndawg, followed by OSUJoe
ATownDawg: Hello Joaquin, and welcome to the best Fan Site on the WWW! Thanks for taking your time with us tonight. Is it safe to assume that you have already arrived in Cleveland, and met the staff, teammates and so forth? What was your first impression?
joaquingonzalez: i have not yet shown up i first get there on thursday
joaquingonzalez: and i can't wait
CP: anything else ATown?
ATownDawg: we can't either. I'm dyin to see ya in the bright orange dome! thanks Joaquin!
ATownDawg: i'm out
joaquingonzalez: thank u
OSUJoe: 1st question - Who in the NFL would you point at as being an OL like you?
joaquingonzalez: i'd probally say boselli, just because of body type
OSUJoe: 2nd (and final) question - Do you have any general impressions of the OL unit you'll be joining?
joaquingonzalez: i know that they are going to be well coached, b/c the browns OL coach is pretty darn good its just a matter of continual development of all the players
CP: thanks OSU
joaquingonzalez: thnx
OSUJoe: Thanks a lot!
CaliBrownsFan: Joaquin, welcome to the NFL. You made it! :) So many of us were thrilled to see you drafted by the Browns, and I think you will find that Browns fans are the most loyal in sports! My question is this: You seem to be a goal-oriented person, so what are your short-term goals for your first year in the league? What are your goals three years from now? Good luck and God bless. CP I relinquish the floor.
CP: thanks Cali, I'll give Joaquin a chance to answer those
CP: next in line I have guest408, Aqib, Edwardson, seibu1 and vbf
joaquingonzalez: i got to UM as a walk-on goal 1 in college earn a scholarship, goal 2 earn a starting spot, goal 3 win the championship. In the NFL goal 1 make the team, goal 2 earn a starting spot, goal 3, win the championship, that easy
joaquingonzalez: the glue to all this is hard work
CP: I like that thinking!
Guest408: Joaquin - Welcome to the Cleveland. We're ecstatic that you're a Brown! Have you played any cold weather football before? It can get pretty chilly here in the winter.
joaquingonzalez: i have but i guess not as cold as it gets there, but cold is only a state of mind
Guest408: What was the team reaction when Butch Davis left Miami to coach the Browns?
Aqib: Were your teammates surprised you were the only Cane to wind up in C-town?
joaquingonzalez: aw, but we kept beleiving in ourselves and kept following the dream he instilled in us and won the championship
Aqib: woops didn't mean to hit the enter key there
Guest408: Last question - are there any other athletes in your family? Best of luck for a great, long career with the Browns!
joaquingonzalez: not really all the other o-line were really excited that i was going back to be coached by butch
CP: thanks 408
joaquingonzalez: no other athletes, unless my mom and dad decide to get busy while i am in cleveland
CP: Aqib you can go AFTER Joaquin is done answering
CP: ok, Aqib, your turn
Aqib: did you have any indication in advance what round you were expected to go in
joaquingonzalez: 3 through 5
CP: Sounds like a lot of teams made a HUGE mistake
Aqib: have you seen Couch play and if so what do you think of him
joaquingonzalez: he is a great qb with a lot of talent and i look foward to his free meals after his game uni's are spanky clean
Aqib: last question: what number do you plan to wear.
Aqib: thanks for coming great to have you on the team
joaquingonzalez: 70's series
joaquingonzalez: whichever
joaquingonzalez: thank you
Edwardson: Who was the toughest guy you faced in college and why? In other words, did he beat you with quicks, strength or technique?
joaquingonzalez: believe it or not it was courtney brown, just b/c I was only a sophomore when I faced him, but the key is I never gave up a sack
Edwardson: What do you think will be the key for you to take your game to the next level?
joaquingonzalez: just being relentless like i've always been
Edwardson: BTW - Courtney will help you practice. ; )
joaquingonzalez: definately
Edwardson: Thanks. And good luck
joaquingonzalez: thanks
seibu1: Joaquin, let me just first of all say how excited we all were when you were picked. The chat room here at Bernie's Insiders just erupted. What excites you the most about playing for the Cleveland Browns and the city of Cleveland, outside of being reunited with Butch and Pete (and Andre and JJ)?
Lane: Joaquin, did Butch make the call telling you that the Browns were selecting you?
joaquingonzalez: to be honest, the fans, I hear you guys are the best fans in the NFL and i can't wait to be in the city with you guys
seibu1: good answer!
joaquingonzalez: yeah, pete first then butch
joaquingonzalez: its a good answer but its the correct one
seibu1: What do you think of William Green Joaquin?
joaquingonzalez: impressive i think him and JJ will make a great duo, i could only speak of them b/c there all i know
CP: anything else seibu
seibu1: Cool. Once again, we're all just happy you're here. Thanks and good luck!
seibu1: nope i'm done
joaquingonzalez: thanks
vbf: Joaquin, welcome to thee best friggin' football town in the land. seibu1 asked my ""Browns fan"" question. Good answer!!! McKinnie looked pissed going to Minny, was he hoping to go elsewhere? Glad you're here and a Cleveland Brown, you are now part of a very proud tradition. And always remember.. Pittsburgh sucks!!! And if you get a shot at him, can you please mow Billick down when we play the loathsome and despicable ratbirds? :)
joaquingonzalez: i don't know about mac haven't talked to him, but like i said i'm really extreemly glad to be a brown
CP: anything else vbf?
vbf: thanks, that's it.. good luck
joaquingonzalez: thanks'
kjprop9291: Welcome to the Cleveland Browns Organization, ""Gonzo"". We had to wait way too long for your name to be called. Will you be jumping right into the strength and conditioning program or will you wait until you are under contract?
joaquingonzalez: starting right away, contracts are good and all but they don't win championships
CP: speaking of not winning championships... Indians just finished a 4-2 victory
CP: anything else kjprop?
kjprop9291: no thanks Gonzo
joaquingonzalez: thanks
JonSheep: Thanks CP. Joaquin, I'm ecstatic that you are able to be a part of this team! How much do you expect to contribute this year and are you comfortable changing positions on the line?
joaquingonzalez: as much as i can and i'll play whatever position the coaches see most fit for me
JonSheep: Thanks Joaquin! I hope to see you in brown and orange for years to come...
joaquingonzalez: whether it be c g or t
CP: thanks Jon
SkeeterK: Hey Joaquin, welcome to the BTNG chat room...
SkeeterK: I missed part of the chat because I couldn't follow directions so I hope my Qs aren't redundant...
joaquingonzalez: ok
SkeeterK: As far as the adjustment to the pros, have you had any advice that you've leaned on and if so , from whom?
joaquingonzalez: Well there are guys that I've played with that are in the pro's and I understand the system a little bit, guys like dan morgan, rich mercier, santana, damione lewis
joaquingonzalez: aad so on
SkeeterK: okay... Joaquin, so what do the kids call you? Like, did your teammates at Miami have a cool nickname for you or were you just Joaquin the mashing machine ... or something that rhymes with Joaquin.
SkeeterK: or just Joaquin
joaquingonzalez: To be honest it was Cuban Messiah just b/c of my popularity with the fans in south florida
SkeeterK: The Cuban Messiah ... nice. Think it will stick? Finally, did you have to raise up and bust some ass in the locker room from time to time at UM. If I was really big, I probably would've bitch slapped some of those little receivers, just because I could.
CP: thanks Skeeter
joaquingonzalez: I dont know about sticking, but every now and then people need to be put in their place but words are enough
DanS: First off welcome to the BROWNS FAMILY!!! First off, as an OT some scouts seemed to think that your polish was a sign that you have peaked out. Do you feel that's the case and do you think you can handle the physical nature of RT or do you think that your skills and smarts may allow you to play LT in much the same manner Backus did for Detroit last year?
joaquingonzalez: I think I can play any position on the OL. I'm smart enough to know the playbook in a short time. In terms of the critics, everybody is entitled to their opinions, but you also know what they say about opinions, they are like a..ho..s everybodies got one and they stink.
DanS: Secondly what do you feel you most have to work on to get ready for the NFL and to help the Browns? Also if you don^`2019t big time VBF and I at camp were buyin! =-)
DanS: By the way... love the attitude. God bless smart OLmen with mean streak!
joaquingonzalez: continued growth and repolishing my techniques
joaquingonzalez: thanks
DanS: thaks Joaquin! good luck brother!
joaquingonzalez: thanks
Lumpy: Welcome to BrownsTown Joaquin !!! I was hoping we would draft you as you are one tough player!!! Do you see yourself as a better pass blocker or run blocker at this time? Also, Foge Fazio our defensive coordinator had Joe Moore as his OL coach at Pitt, please ask Coach Davis to have Foge bring in Joe Moore at camp-he is credited with the development of many good NFL linemen from Pitt and Notre Dame.
joaquingonzalez: Currently I feel I'm better passing just because in Miami most of the protections isolated the tackles so I really had that one on one work every game as opposed to the combination blocks in the running game when ur working with the guards
Lumpy: last question-tough one....who was your favorite NFL team before being drafted by the Browns and why?....thanks for chatting with us tonight ......woof woof!!!
joaquingonzalez: dolphins just because its my hometown, but screw them if we ever play them
Lumpy: great answer
CP: thanks Lumpy
Lumpy: I am done-thanks
joaquingonzalez: thanks
Chas: You've accomplished a lot in life: walk on at a Div I school, graduated with a 3.7 and have an MBA (if I read up on that right), won a National Championship, and now getting drafted into the NFL. What is your proudest moment so far in life? (Obviously the answer would be different in 2 years when you are saying ""I'm going to Disney World!"")
CP: I don't see DXDawg...
Lane: Joaquin has some classic takes, guys!
joaquingonzalez: i'd say winning the championship in the rose bowl
joaquingonzalez: best feeling in the world there is nobody better than u
Chas: You have played with a lot great athletes at Miami... Who is the greatest pure athlete you have ever been around? Santana Moss maybe?
CP: this is definitely a classic for us here... look forward to Joaquin barking along with us at CBS
joaquingonzalez: I'd say Andre Johnson who is currently there b/c he is the total package, size, strength, speed and character
Chas: I'm done... thanks messiah... can't wait to bark for you this year at camp
CP: thanks Chas
joaquingonzalez: thanks
DeployedDawg: Welcome to the best team in all of sports! Hope these questions haven't been asked yet. First, Browns fans love our history, are you brushed up on the history of the Browns and if not do you plan to read up on it? Next, why weren't you invited to the Indy combine? Last and most important, what's your favorite beer?
joaquingonzalez: About the combine don't know, about the beer i'd say its bud light, gotta watch the calories, everybody knows who paul brown is but by the time this weekend is over i will have the whole history wrapped up
DeployedDawg: Thanks and welcome aboard!!!! Knock Ray Lewis on his ass for us! Go Browns!!!
CP: thanks DD
joaquingonzalez: thanks
BT: Do you know much about the blocking schemes the Browns are employing? I'm wondering how similar it might be to what is used in Miami, and whether enough similarity exists to give you a leg up.
BT: oops
BT: caps lock
joaquingonzalez: i spoke today to the OL coach and i was shocked when we used the same exact stuff in Miami so i feel i have not one but two legs up
BT: cool!
BT: i'm done
CP: thanks BT
joaquingonzalez: thanks
DPG: All hail the Cuban Messiah! Hi Joaquin. We are all EXCITED to have you in the POUND :-) Which player would you probably have more trouble going against: Michael Strahan (power bull-rusher) or Javon Kearse (high motor speed edge rusher)? Lastly, what was the difference this year without Butch Davis VS with him? THANX and good luck
joaquingonzalez: without coach davis i'd say some of the organization of things. About the type of players, I've been waiting to go against them. I feel I have really good techniques to battle both those moves
DPG: thanks for youre honesty
DPG: im done
joaquingonzalez: thanks
CP: after FEVA is redright
BrownsFEVA: heya joaquin!, welcome to the browns team with the greatest fans in the nfl! you are in for a major brain-rush playing in our stadium. two Q's: (1) what opposing college d player(s) did you have the most success against...and who was one that gave you the biggest challenge against? (2) did you have a team nickname at miami? thank you ...and good luck big (huge) guy! ...make us proud dude and kick sum steeler ass for us!
joaquingonzalez: Opposing college player i had success against was sean gutherie. I played against him my last 2 years he was from BC, the one that i had to be really sound with was cory moore but again still got the job done, no sacks. As for the nickname, got plenty they usually come on there own so I'll let come on there own
BrownsFEVA: ty ....all done CP
joaquingonzalez: thanks
CP: thanks FEVA
CP: redright?
redright: I read 6-4 308 and many reps at 225, why do people say too small too light
joaquingonzalez: Truly God's honest truth I am 6'05 2/8's and 308. I truly think somebody screwed up and since i wasn't invited to the combine there was no way to correct that, but butch truly knows what I'm about. And that going in to Cleveland and competing to become a starter on the offensive line
redright: I'm sure you've discovered Brown goes better with orange than green. Is there any position you would play other than right tackle? If so what and why? what other positions have you played?
joaquingonzalez: I've played both left and right tackle, but could have played any one just cause i know what everybody was doing... just like i'm going to know what everybody is doing in the cleveland off. line and play tackle guard and center if need be. I know I am athletic enough to play left tackle, i feel very comfortable kicking that way out of my stance
redright: Are you ready to hear 75000+ shouting for Gonzo? All I saw for 4 rds were fans rooting for go go Gonzo, in the chat room.
joaquingonzalez: i cant wait, really looking foward to the first game in the pound
redright: I,m done THANX
CP: thanks redright
joaquingonzalez: thanks
Lane: Joaquin, we at Bernie's Insiders would like to thank you for coming in and chatting with us. Feel free to drop by at anytime, you are always welcome............On a personal level from talking with you, I was glad to see the Browns select you, I believe that the all-important NFL personnel directors and scouts blew it by letting you slide in the draft..........We'll talk soon, again welcome to Cleveland, you couldn't have [msg continues in 20 secs]
Lane: landed in a better football city. Keep working hard and claim a starting spot on the Browns offensive line in 2002........Let Romberg know I'm keeping an eye on him!............Take care and I'll see you Thursday.:
joaquingonzalez: cool
BuzzardBlaster: thanks Joaquin!

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