Browns - Lions Q&A Part 1

In part one of our Browns-Lions info exchange, the Roar Report's Nate Caminata answers questions from Browns fans about the state of the Detroit Lions. Look for part two coming soon!

How much longer will Joey Harrington be a part of the Lions? Until the Lions find an adequate replacement? When the cows come home?

No one really knows, but what is certain is that his career in Detroit is, for all intents and purposes, finished. It is likely that Harrington will be released from his contract after the season, but he'll have a slew of suitors, including the Kansas City Chiefs. Strangely, while that result might benefit Harrington, it still leaves the Lions with a quandry at the quarterback position. Because, one thing that 35-year old Jeff Garcia is not is a long-term solution.

Why did Matt Millen receive a 5 year extension? He seems like he's made some pretty bad decisons in his tenure in Detroit, or is there something outsiders are missing?

The Ford Family has a history of rewarding incompetence and/or "potential." Millen borders on both. While his acquisitions on paper are impressive, to say the results have been disappointing is almost laughable. Since Millen arrived in Detroit, the team has assembled seasons of 2-14, 3-13, 5-11 and 6-10. Progress? Depends on your level of patience. However, as Millen stated himself before the season began, a long-term deal in the NFL doesn't guarantee anything. If the Lions continue to falter, it's unlikely he'll see the contract through its duration.

Do you think Charles Rogers can be a serious WR threat when he comes back from his suspension since he has Roy and Michael Williams to contend with? Or is he going to be on his way out the door?

Rogers' potential exceeds both Roy's and Mike's. The good news for Rogers is that neither of them have realized that potential, either. But that's the bad news for Detroit. Rogers was a second overall pick, but given his talents, could wind up being the biggest NFL flop of All Time. Only he can change that. He'll have his opportunity to revive the Detroit offense when he returns in two weeks.

How is Mariucci perceived as a head coach? What are his strengths and weaknesses? Is his job still secure?

Mariucci's status is sinking quicker than a Minnesota Vikings' charter boat. It is clear that the team entered the season with issues at the offensive line position, and given the ball club's abundance of talent at the skill positions, that is absolutely inexcusable. Mariucci is directly responsible for his team's inability to produce a competent offense, regardless of what direction the media would like to spin it. As one columnist pointed out, once Harrington's out of the picture, what will Mooch's excuse be? Mariucci's only viable strengths are transparent: he's a Michigan boy with a storied history in the state, and had some success in San Francisco. But that means nothing in Detroit. Mariucci's penchant for being offensive minded has translated into one of the worst offenses in the National Football League since he took over in 2003. Fact is, he simply isn't getting it done. When you have several failing facets of a team, you can only blame one source: the head coach.

If Mike McMahon was still part of the team, do you think he would've taken the job away from Harrington by now?

No. And please don't mention that name again ...

How do you rate your offensive line? On a scale?

As heavy as the Lions offensive line is, it has been equally as pathetic. In each of the Lions first five games, Detroit has been unable to muster any semblance of a running game. Harrington, meanwhile, has been hurried, pressured, and sacked with relative ease. While each opponent uses the same blue print from the previous team to beat Detroit, it is the Lions who haven't learned to adjust.

Kevin Jones has really struggled this year, what is your opinion on him? Was he just a fluke at the end of last year?

Several things explain Jones' inability to get started. He has been without fullback Cory Schlesinger, who provided Jones with several opportunities last season. Schlesinger will return to duty for the first time this season against Cleveland. And as noted previously, the offensive line hasn't given Jones much to work with. Still, Jones has missed the occasional hole, but that doesn't explain the running game's ineptitude.

What is up with Mike Williams? Is he just not get reps in the offense or not getting open?

Williams is still learning the offense. The Lions have recently 'dummed' down the offense, to help ease the transition for Williams and wide receiver replacements who are substituting for the fragile Roy Williams and suspended Rogers. Williams, like a posterchild for Detroit's entire team, is still chalk full of potential. He has made some impressive catches, and once continues to get more playing time. He has been helped greatly by veteran Kevin Johnson.

Is Harrington finally out of chances? He seems to display many Couch-like tendencies.

At some point, "franchise" QBs need to make plays regardless of the flaws in their supporting cast. Harrington is partly responsible for the failure of the offense. At this point, it might not matter who is to blame, the two parties will likely file for divorce after the season concludes.

Are there Lions in Detroit?

Not if you've been watching this season ...

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