Browns-Lions: Gameballs and Goats

Week 6 set a record for voting, an unhappy circumstance for Trent Dilfer (270 goathorns... a new record) and Antonio Bryant. Meanwhile, Joshua Cribbs racked up 250 gameballs, which still isn't enough to threaten the overwhelming season totals amassed by Reuben Droughns. Here are the results, and your takes on the Browns disappointing loss...

The Week's Results: Thanks to a balky ezBoard control panel, the Gameballs and Goats tally wasn't available until Thursday this week. On the upside, this week marks the largest voting in our history, at least as far as I remember.  The voting was so heavy that some players soared into the year-to-date standings based on good performances (Joshua Cribbs), or fell from a positive count to being possibilities for Goat of the Year (Trent Dilfer, Antonio Bryant). One thing that's unlikely to change is Reuben Droughns huge lead for team MVP. His 424 gameballs to date - with zero goats - puts him nearly 200 gameballs ahead of Josh Cribbs.

Thanks also to Browns fans who made it an easy job to sort through the comments this week, and expressing your unhappiness with the team's performance with a minimum of expletives for me to ** asterisk ** out. There are some terrific and insightful comments in both the Gameball and Goat sections - read through 'em if you have the time. - Barry

Player Gameballs
Joshua Cribbs (16/QB) 252
Reuben Droughns (34/RB) 203
---Entire Defense--- 29
Leigh Bodden (28/DB) 28
Todd Grantham (DC) 23
Orpheus Roye (99/DE) 22
Braylon Edwards (17/WR) 22

WRITE-INS:  "The Garcia Trash sign creator", "the fans", "LeBron James", "Jeff Garcia", "Jim Mora Sr.",
"Oh my lush Jeff Garcia. Break a leg baby!", Tim Couch, "the seagull they showed coming back from commercials", "Me", "Jeff Garcia-so he has something to use tonight in bed", "The game ended", "That lady who does those Mercury car advertisements", "Me for driving to the game and staying Even though we SUCKED...", "Fans for having to watch this crap", "Out of town TV camera crew", "Kick return team "  

GOATS - Lions
Player Goathorns
Trent Dilfer (8/QB) 270
Antonio Bryant (81/WR) 169
Kyle Richardson (10/P) 64
---Entire Offense--- 45
Maurice Carthon (OC) 42
Romeo Crennel(Head) 33
L.J. Shelton (70/OT) 30

Jeff Garcia(5), "The two research papers due tomorrow", "MuskieDawg's brother, for tearing Muskie's ACL at the muni lot!!!!!!!!!", "passing offense", "Butch Davis, Owl, and Greg", "Gravity cause it didn't make jeff garcia fall when he should have", Ron Pitts, "Carthon Carthon Carthon", The "offensive" line, "Cliff C-me for thinking Dilfer was the real deal at QB", "K2---thanks for doing wheelies in front of the Muni parking lot before the game--it was such a treat for all", "The Fans that didn't show up!", "The idiot behind me", "Ughhhhh", "Kyle Richardson sucks", "Jeff Garcia still can't produce.", "Antonio Bryant's Third Down Drop", "redzone offense", "Crack-Head Ugly Girl Wearing a Lions T-Shirt in Sec 348", "MuskieDawg's Brother", Tim Couch


Gameballs Goathorns
Reuben Droughns Trent Dilfer
Joshua Cribbs Antonio Bryant
Offensive Line Officiating Crews
Gary Baxter Jeff Faine
Dennis Northcutt Maurice Carthon
Braylon Edwards Ray Mickens

Standings are calculated as (gameballs awarded - goathorns awarded). Only the top seven totals for gameballs or goats on a weekly basis are used in year-to-date tracking.


thejamdawg No penalties on Special Teams. Cribbs did a nice job returning the kickoff for a Touchdown. In a way, you can't blame Northcutt for not trying to return one with all the penalties that seem to happen when he does run with it. If only the offense can catch up with the defense. Droughns was the only real positive in the offense today.
yogi8 Droughns 100 yard game. Grantham looks to be a find at DC. Cribbs KR return.
edward_mathias We gotta keep riding Reuben like a mule! Terrelle opened some great holes for him.
salesman217 Bend but don't break defense shows up AGAIN! Josh Cribbs spoke his runback into existence. He exhibited the power of positive expectation. Droughns runs hard AGAIN -plus- breaks a long one to get to 100 yards.
naxos Not many lights shined bright in this sorry excuse for a game but Reuben ran hard and deserves credit. Also our D only allow 1 TD for the 4th week in a row, very nice. Finally good to see our return game back. Nice running Cribbs.
bigdawg101 stadium was rockin in the first half
dboots Reuben ran well as expected & Josh did an excellent job on the return.
mark zickefoose Droughs got his 100 and did his job. Cribbs got a TD and did his job. NO ONE ELSE DID THEIR JOB.
mulekicker3 Great job Reuben, another awesome effort.
cainhouse Edwards for showing up so soon.. Reuben for 100 and effort and Cribbs for creating the only excitement of the game. SHOULD HAVE TURNED EDWARDS LOOSE
gambierdawg Defense for playing well, Cribbs for the return, Droughns for running hard and cracking 100
chadgman Joe Andruzzi is the only guy who never seems to get called for penalties!!!
joe23 The real Josh Cribbs finally showed up. Droughns is a man-hammer. Why doesn't he get more carries? Roye is playing like the spring chicken he isn't.
btngcrew refs deserve one for giving us Rueben's fumble back...there was no way we got that ball back.
dawgdc We don't have the talent on Defense, but for our defense to allow 1 touchdown in each of the last four weeks shows me that Todd and RAC's system really works. Can't say enough about Braylon coming back from injury and Reuben running for 100 yards. Ethan needs to start plain and simple
mistofdeath67 Def. was great
fleabitten Thank God Savage traded for Reuben.
section 527 dawg Why does (Jim) Mora (Senior) get a gameball? "Gameballs? You are talking about gameballs?? Gameballs? We could not run the ball - we did not try to run the ball....we could not complete a pass!! And you are talking about gameballs??"
debsch72 Droughns looked good again. Joshua Cribbs looks like a good returner
reddawgonbtng Why Droughns doesn't get 30 carries a game is beyond me. No one has stopped him yet, except offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon by not giving him the ball. The D did very well considering how bad the O was all day.
dp10451 Cribbs was the only bright spot in the game. Kudos for his first NFL TD. Gotta give the fans a gameball for showing up to watch this debacle. Not much else to celebrate.
browniefanman Finally we get to see Cribbs do what we expected during the preseason. Droughns did great considering the rotten overall play of the rest of the team. D-Coordinator gets a gameball for keeping the Lions to 13 points when his unit was on the field for what seemed like 2/3rds of the game.
redright DROUGHNS..5+ Yrds a carry--100 yrd game.....CRIBBS took it to the house....GRANTHAM....HIS D is keeping us in the game and he is doing it with very little talent---that's coaching
aqib Cribbs gets a game ball for getting the only TD we scored today. Droughns ran well and got 100 yards. The defense has its flaws but they have given up an average of 13 points per game the last 4 games. With Holcomb, Garcia, and now Dilfer having all failed here can we check how Couch's arm is doing. I mean
doughboy22 Last week the announcers began by saying that Maurice Carthon could eventually be a great head coach, but my money's more on the future of Todd Grantham
cashdog296 Gotta give Cribbs a game ball for the return, he was our best offense all day. Droughns ran hard, got over 100, and kept us in it. I love the energy Grantham brings and this D is working great under his command.
climberbrown Cribbs: Bout time my (deleted).. nice job. Reuben: Bout time my (deleted).. nice job. Terelle: Keep on keeping on
gbeachy50310 DROUGHNS: Finally a 100 yd game. CRIBBS: Finally the flash of brilliance we've been waiting for. Needed more of it, unfortunately. FANS: Once again, stomaching another pathetic performance. Keep the faith, gang, we'll get there.
shadzimm For not throwing my TV through the wall!
huppdawg we need to stick with the run
markemason Cribbs - that's all. No one else deserves it for this atrocious embarrassing home loss.
veverkap Josh was the only true positive of the game. Kickoff return for a touchdown and some hard hits.
ccclay57 Orpheus was outstanding as usual. This unit plays great together. Romeo has quickly put together a no star solid D like he did in NE.
wasdccbf The Charlie watch is officially on.
bill01 Allowed one touchdown in each of the last 3 games . Shouldn't some one be looking at the offence ?????????
browngriz I thought the announcers were watching the game on a time delay the way they were able to call Dilfers two picks a full 1-2 seconds before they occurred. What are these games scripted, and I missed the memo?
mdkamp Cribbs is a WR not a QB
bendal Droughns is the only player deserving of a gameball.
jmcoultz Cribbs is going to see the end zone a couple more times this season now that he knows how it feels! Droughns gave 110% - can't blame him! Fans deserve a game ball for caring more about a win then the Browns offense! When they consistently put their team in 3rd in long situations due to penalties, they're showing us they don't care enough to stop making these little league mistakes.
maddawg38 Todd (Grantham) called a nice defensive game and unlike the offense the defense seems to execute. the special teams did a nice job on returns and coverage with no penalties
dacroof no comment necessary
clevelandfan Reuben Droughns - Still did not get the ball as much as he should, but limited touches got him a 100 yard day....just imagine what he can do with 30 carries. Josh Cribbs - Terrific run back, plus no penalties on the play!
robertbmagee Props to Cribbs for generating something positive Droughns was really running well - Too bad he only had 19 carries What can you say about Braylon coming back from that infection and contributing - At least he's trying to earn his paycheck
Dawgalong The defense gets one for keeping the game close. Cribbs gets one for keeping his job. Rueben gets one for running hard. NOW for the goats......
edwardsmatt Cribbs gets a ball for hanging on to it... and continuing to run FULL SPEED north and south. Stones, big stones. Entire Defense gets a game ball for adjusting to a 3-4 scheme and keeping the Browns in EVERY game so far this year. Fans get a game ball - - well because this is a new low. Getting beat by Garthia at home is another gut punch to this fan base. What humiliation is left for us? This re-build is at its peak of "true fan test". Uggh.
stah1234 The passing game need to be adjusted. Put C. Frye in for QB and get rid of Green on 3rd downs.
benwilliamson Droughns only Offensive player that wasn't offensive.
vandalfan11 Leigh, played a great game, good field awareness +  tipped passes = better than MICKENS RD- Is the back we have been waiting for- NOW JUST RUN FOR A TD Russell- Who ever said this guy was just a special teams dude was WAY wrong- he hits harder than Griffith!!!!
dawgedue "MTV" Cribbs - showing he's ready for prime time. Put him as punt returner. Droughns - see what happens when you actually hand him the ball? Dawson finally got his kickoffs to a point where the Lions had consistently bad field position. Too bad he only kicked off three times...
glousterbrown Not a lot to get excited about period!!
dogguitars (Out of town TV crews) for having to watch the Browns as part of their job.
dawgdplume Cribbs: Anytime you score the only TD, you get a gameball. Droughns: Ran hard, ran smart, ran for 100. Defense: Overworked, undermanned, yet only give up 13 pts. Performance worthy of victory. I saw Chaun making plays and Nick Eason made his presence apparent as well.
magoothemutt BE for coming back so quick. Gotta love this guys attitude. Cribbs for our only TD. Still runs to the biggest pile he can find, but the sea parted this time, though. Bodden inactive to starter, way to step-up after the 3rd play.
grogers78 Cribbs is a pure and simple athlete. I loved Droughns running and wished to see more of it in the 4th Q. Bodden filled in OK for Baxter.
gkbollinger Cribbs - our only points. nice burst. Bodden did a nice job replacing Baxter. Droughns is showing more than I expected. he can be the workhorse we need, if we had a passing game.
muskiedawg01 Roye always comes to play. Cribbs can play for me anyday.
municipalmutt Cribbs finally shows us some of that magic he had in preseason
rutger I gave out 1 gameball Cribbs got it.
izdlizard Defense played well enough for us to win the game, despite the turnovers and field position we surrendered. Cribbs for the return and the rest of the special teams for letting it stand.



thejamdawg Droughns was doing a great job running the ball. They should have stuck with it and controlling the clock while wearing out the Lions Defense. As much as I like Dilfer as a person, It's time to see what Frye can do. The Texans Game next Sunday is as good a time as any to do this.
yogi8 Dilfer was really bad today. Bryant had a critical drop. Richardson doesn't seem to be the answer at P.
thejamdawg Hey Garcia, If you gave that kind of performance consistently for the Browns, maybe they wouldn't have cut you.
paledragon I am so disgusted with this team.
edward_mathias Trent was absolutely pathetic today. I'm at a loss for words. Jason Fisk was manhandled on the DL. Can't we try Kelley or Fraser?
salesman217 Trent had a bad game but he'll have to have AT LEAST one more loss where he throws more ints than the team scores TDs in order for Romeo to make the monumental decision to start Frye. Coaches don't take replacing their starting QB lightly. AB just needs to catch the damn ball. He said he wants people to say "That was the best WR on the field today". He's a long way from hearing that. Even with his two TDs last week, he's just an average receiver. Nothing special. If he wants to see his name in lights, he's gonna have to catch 99% of the ones he's supposed to, and 33% of the ones he's NOT supposed to. I've yet to see a highlight reel catch out of AB.
naxos My first goat for Trent, my gosh was he bad. Second for Antonio for not making plays and lastly for RAC for not having the courage to go for it late in the 4th two weeks in a row.
bigdawg101 If he (Garcia) played like that while here he never would have left
dboots Trent played as poor a game as I have seen from the quarterback position. A change needs to be made.
rb9980 The announcers on Fox were in love with Garcia. Look out Carmela.
mark zickefoose That's right, Crennel and Carthon deserve multiple goathorns each for this travesty.
mulekicker3 Dilfer, I have always hated you, and I slammed you for months after you signed with the Browns. Then you and coolerites made me change my opinion after preseason and the first couple games. I hate you again. Bring on Frye.
cainhouse Crennel is a COWARD. Kyle I mean Frost I mean Kyle ...what is the difference. Wilkerson and Rogers ate his lunch and drank his milk.
gambierdawg Offense is self explanatory, Dilfer- 3 picks is 3 picks, elevate your game, Garcia, WTF got into him?
chadgman I love Dilfer but he looked like he spent last night in the hot tub
joe23 Dilfer, I want to like you, but you make it very difficult. L.J. Shelton makes Ross Verba look like Doug Dieken. Jason Fisk is like a card table: His legs fold, he can't hold more than 20 pounds, and he's easy to move.
phelix17 Time to ditch Dilfer. If he keeps playing we will end up with the first pick of the draft. Before we take Matt Leinert we should give Charlie Frye a long, long look. Dilfer looks exactly like he has looked all of his career, a below average QB who can give away games an equal or more number of times than he can win them. The audition for our QB of the future starts now.
btngcrew The idiots at the stadium can stop booing and calling for frye AT ANY TIME NOW FOR F***'S SAKE!!!
dawgdc The O-Line has to get back to basics...Jason Fisk is a bum and AB dropping a 3rd and long catch hurts to no end!!!!
dawglber What a pitiful performance! Again, we make a way-less-than-average opposing quarterback look like the second coming of Johnny U!!
mistofdeath67 punt with 1:24 left in game are you on drugs? never been ashamed to be a browns fan ......til today
fleabitten Trent played a stinker, but it's still not time to bring in Charlie. We will be bad with him, and without him. No point in rushing it....... Yet!
section 527 dawg Garcia, in his usual whining selfish manner, takes ALL of the credit for that 13 point juggernaut he led today! He is such a disgusting specimen of a human being!
debsch72 Poor play calling. wanted to run this week, need to try mixing it up not run, run, run then pass pass pass. try run pass run once in a while. Dilfer time might be up as the starter. The plays look like they are there but Dilfer isn't executing.
reddawgonbtng Put a fork in Trent Dilfer. He's getting worse as the season goes and there's no point in leaving him in. He takes way too many sacks and his accuracy on the short passes has gotten worse and worse. Carthon needs to grow a pair and put the young guy in. The OL and running game is adequate, let's see what Frye can bring to the table.
apvic How did we let that dips**t Garcia beat us ?? He is losing his confidence. Dilfer is losing the teams confidence. He is giving us no chance to win. When it is 3rd and goal from the four yard line Romeo needs to punch Droughns two times and try and get the f***in touchdown...Stop passing the f***in ball and taking sacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dp10451 Sorry Trent, I like you but you're stinking up the joint. About the only one playing worse than Trent is Richardson. The last guy to punt like that got a one way ticket outta town! The whole offense sucked. No blocking, no catching, and they can't hold on to the damn ball. How about some of those changes, Romeo?
browniefanman Just catch the d*** ball Antonio! Fans get a goat...where was the passion? Carthon gets a goat for uninspired play-calling. (Mention should be made of RC punting on 4th down at the end of the game. Why punt? The Lions were moving the ball on offense and there was nothing left to lose by going for it.)
ed Preseason is over!! Let's try to put players on the field that want to win ... A.B. was great dissapoinment with his droped passes. And Dilfer ... well look at the scoreboard!!!!!!!!!!!
redright FAINE was the worse...CUTT didn't have his head in the game...DILFER...25 yards passing in the 4th quarter??? Cutt and Faine and Shelton and all the rest who just committed STUPID, MINDLESS, penalties
d2hayes Maybe I am just a homer--but I think the browns offense should be more potent than it is. Braylon Edwards, Antonio Bryant, Droughns, etc. The play calling is terrible!
aqib Bryant gets a goat for the big drop on Dilfers only good pass of the day. It would have been first down inside the 30, right at the edge of Dawson's range. Dilfer was flat out awful all day. I wonder how many more bad games before we start evaluating Frye. Diler while he has had some good games in his past was never a very good QB. Now I don't blame Savage or Crennel for the fact we are stuck with Dilfer, I blame Butch. His mishandling of QB position has resulted in this. I blame Randy Lerner for leaving Davis in charge for so long, and as usual Owl and Greg get goats for supporting Davis too.
doughboy22 I said the exact same thing last week: the other team was missing key players (dre bly, roy williams, charles rogers, kevin johnson, shaun rogers) and we still couldn't do it.
pbgolfer I am ashamed to be a Browns fan today for the first time since the return - ASHAMED. That game was awful. There seems to be no passion whatsoever.
tkpbrowns The Trent Dilfer experiment is officially over. I have been patient but have grown tired of his ineptness. Inaccurate, indecisive, and just an awful QB.
cashdog296 Dilfer- 'Nuff said. Romeo- Sorry, but he just didnt bring any passion to the table for me. Much less of a goat than Dilfer. And he punted late in the 4th again! yikes.. Entire Offense- Do I even need to say anything? This offense did NOTHING. We deserve better.
climberbrown Bryant: Dropped the biggest pass of the game Richardson: Looked too much like Frost. Dilfer: Overthrows are ridiculous. Learn to throw that ball away. Ron Pitts: Not sure if he's psychic, but announcing the interceptions before they even occurred.
ffas23 It is time that this team realizes Dilfer is not the guy to run this offense. It's time to start Fry now before it is too late.
gbeachy50310 BRYANT: The dropped catch was inexcusable. DILFER: QB rating = 22.37. 'nuff said. RICHARDSON: He's better than Frost? Today Frost had 4 kicks for 158yds, nailed 2 within the 20, a long of 51 and NO touchbacks. That 19-yarder today was a beauty, Kyle. Almost as nice as the 33 yard shank.
elijahcross Trent Dilfer has been horrible.
huppdawg 67 yard rushing in first quarter and then not much more what's up with the O.C. terrible play calling time for some charlie frye
mjones85 I can't believe we are worse than Detroit. Carthon should quit.
markemason Dilfer looks like he has a mortal disease or something - has he been checked. Bryant - Q. Morgan - any difference?
firstkings19vs5 Not playing charlie frye
veverkap Terrible play calling and execution by the offense
ccclay57 Defenses have fiqured Dilfer out. Dilfer can't fiqure Dilfer out. Edwards acts afraid to extend his arms halfway and Bryant didn't do his big contract hopes any good today. I'd love to see Frye but hope to god I don't. Keep him on the bench to learn all year. I was wheezing for the D all second half. They busted their butts!
wasdccbf Dilfer single-handedly lost that game for us. Even a below average performance from him would have been enough to beat the Lions (not a good football team). This was HORRIBLE!!! It was "Spurgeon Wynn-bad"! That's it. I am going on a hunger strike until Frye is put in there!
bill01 3 games no offensive td's That should tell someone some thing
njbrownsfan Another week of this and everyone will be yelling "Charlie"
jmcoultz I was going to single out Dilfer, but the entire offense deserves it. The only consistency here is 3rd and long! Plus the coaches deserve one. After last week you'd think they would have slapped the offense into shape but whatever they did, made them worse! Better try something different coaches. And I thought we released David Frost?
jmcoultz I'm tired of everyone saying he dropped the pass...BS! He bent low thinking the pass was going to drop, but the rocket of a pass was perfectly thrown and it came in above his hands and hit him right in the face! I wish he didn't have his helmet on. He thought it was real funny too...Concentrate GOAT!!!!
jmcoultz Since when can a QB throw to a guard and not get called for intentional grounding??? That cost us 3 points! How much did they win by? This is no excuse for the entire Browns organization (except the defense)..they're all GOATS!
krunch11 UUGGHH!!!!!
adharbert I really wanted Frye to wait, but after three terrible games from Dilfer it might be time. VERY painful to watch the offense play right now.
maddawg38 Trent looked like the rookie instead off the vet holding the ball forever. the game plan i can see for the offense but the execution is terrible and AB's drop would have atleast extended the game offensive line makes some terrible mistakes at critical times
deathbyeagle AB--catch the ball....Quincy could have caught that--well, probably not
dacroof great person, bad quarterback
clevelandfan All Coaches - Team still playing sloppy, and that is not acceptable. And the decision to put inside of 2 minutes...WTF!!!!!!!! Coaches from Romeo Crennel on down need to evaluate THEMSELVES and correct bad judgment calls. Antonio Bryant - Very catchable ball that would have been a first down, and could have changed the momentum of the game.
idscotto I've never been one to call for the back up QB to play , but that time is nearing. Also I'm tired of hearing how great AB is. It is time to show it.
robertbmagee Trent Dilfer is showing us why Baltimore was willing to let him go Antonio, Antonio - Those footsteps you hear are Braylon Edwards making a run at your spot as #1 receiver - You have to catch that 3rd down ball Defensive secondary, can we possibly stop someone on 3rd down?
Dawgalong Deplorable, uninspired, horrific play by Dilfer. I gave the offense one but in hindsight I should have given Dilfer two. It's a shame, he's a good guy and all. Easy to root for and you just want him to be good enough BUT, the fact is that his play and Romeo's clock mismanagement have cost us two wins. I also just can't get over the fact that after last weeks game and this weeks game he very clearly is shown on TV smiling and glad-handing with the opposing players while walking off the field. We need a leader that feels as badly as we do after a loss. I therefore think it's time to go with Charlie. I know the prescribed "let him learn for a year" theory is correct but I'm tired of losing. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot... RICHARDSON SUCKS!!!!!!
edwardsmatt OL - what was that? This unit looks NO different than the others since the re-build - where is Zahursky, Pyne, and Bundren when you need um... Faine? get off my team. Ben Taylor - 4th and goal - Quick (but gay) QB that is notorious for running bootlegs - and you jump towards the pile to look like you are doing something? Be where you are supposed to be and the fairy doesn't score. Get off my team too. Bryant - It takes two hands to pull up your pants and two hands to catch the ball. Nice postgame quotes about 2nd/3rd and long - just catch the ball you "moon".
stah1234 T. Dilfer is ain't great as Frye is. TV announcers are always negatives which is alright if the Browns losing game like last week.
ngbrownie It's a good thing that there is still a radio crew to listen to.
benwilliamson Bryant's drop could be play of the game since it would have put the Browns close to FG range. Richardson looks more inconsistent than Frost. Shelton is a flag machine.
appraiser 29 yard punt! then you improved on that with a 30-some yarder, finally found your leg and kicked the ball out of the endzone. Dilfer had another bad game. as for the coach, honeymoon is coming to an end...
vandalfan11 Joe- YOU GOT HANDLED! Trent- Sorry, but you just don't have the ability to make a play other than the deep ball Jason Fisk- What the hell do you do on this team? I dare you to make one sack this year... just one!!!!!
dawgedue Dilfer - Cut him, don't even bench him. Richardson - Enough is enough. Taylor- you know he's going to bootleg. Don't get sucked inside. That type of poor discipline kills us on D.
glousterbrown Man Crennel needs to get this ship righted quickly because people will start abandoning ship if it continues to look like the players are.
brownnoser Dilfer this & Dilfer that. We lack good pass protection
dogguitars Extra special 2nd nomination on the same card because he sucks twice as much as last week.
dawgdplume Carthon: A WR reverse, to Bryant? in the Red Zone??? Really, lookin' through your playbook while Reuben is making sandwiches out of Lions D, you figure a WR reverse is the best play. Were you watchin' the same game? ....and not even w/ Northcuttt who gives you the "he's got moves" excuse. Terrible play call sets the tone for three and out in red zone and early (and only) TD opportunity was squandered. Dilfer: "the feel good story" is not makin' me feel so good. Poor command of offense, field general.. General Custer..maybe. Needs to shake off the rust, shake out the cobwebs or shake his moneymaker with Stella, whatever it takes to get his groove back. Entire Team: players & Coaches: Ya win as a team, ya lose as a team. This was a great opportunity to continue the home momentum created after Chicago win. I really felt this team understood that we don't expect a Super bowl this year, just a team that wins games the games they are supposed to, especially at home. This week, I am disappointed with the entire team.
bucksrule How do u not run the ball, when ur QB is struggling so bad and ur running back is playing well
magoothemutt Richardson-should be seeing the waiver wire. The O-Line-can someone write down the count for them, or teach them to pass block? Crennel for giving up with 90 seconds left. Note to opposing fans: if your really ugly, please sit down!
grogers78 Dilfer is average on his best day and pitiful on most days. Richardson looked like my grandmother trying to kick the ball. I am just pist about Baxter going down.
bk1985 Romeo for not yanking Dilfer. Frye is not couch.
gkbollinger Dilfer has been awful - Frye better be ready. a #1 WR makes clutch catches - AB didn't. Shelton has been getting beaten regularly. A lot more goats on offense line, but LJ leads the way
muskiedawg01 I think Trent will be a good tutor and backup quarterback in this league for a long time...We're 2-4, not going to the playoffs, let's see what the kid can do. We have a decent enough line where he won't get killed...Richardson is awful...We need to sign Zastudil next year...Bryant we needed a big play and it hit you in the face...Nice work...Muskie's brother blew my ACL in the Muni lot before the game...He still didn't get me down though.
municipalmutt Living in the Tampa area, it's starting to come back to me why the Bucs dumped Dilfer
nyjoey Throw the Damn Ball!
rutger Dilfer has played 3 bad games in a row but there is no way I'd bench him and start Frye anytime this year.
izdlizard Dilfer's turnovers and inability to throw accurately killed us, the O-line was a major factor for the above, when they weren't letting Dilfer get hit they were collecting drive killing hankies. Dilfer finally throws a good pass on 3rd and a mile and Bryant drops it maybe he was just in shock too.



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