Browns-Texans: Matchups To Watch...

Here's a look at some of the key match-ups for Sunday's game against the Texans. In order for the Browns to continue to harrass Texans' QB David Carr, Chaun Thompson (pictured) will have to be free to pursue the QB...

The Browns have not had much of a pass rush all season. They have eight sacks in six games and four of those were against the Bears' Kyle Orton.

Texans quarterback David Carr has already been sacked 35 times. Last week he attempted only nine passes and was still sacked five times.

The Browns expect Domanick Davis to be used like he was last week when he carried 28 times against the Colts. He gained 98 yards.

"Until we show we can stop it, every team is going to run on us," middle linebacker Andra Davis said. "We did a pretty good job last week (against Detroit) but they still ran 37 times on us."

Trent Dilfer has yet to show he can throw deep. He has touchdown passes of 80, 68 and 62 yards, but his longest throw among those three was eight yards to Braylon Edwards on the 80-yard play. Edwards did the rest.

The Browns started on the ground last week against the Lions. Reuben Droughns rushed for 76 yards in the first quarter and only 24 yards the rest of the game. They would like continue running in the second half.


Browns ROLB Chaun Thompson vs. Texans LT Chester Pitts: Thompson has two sacks to share the Browns' lead. He is quick and can get to David Carr, but he'll have to be cautious and not be running south full speed while Domanick Davis is going top speed in the opposite direction. Safety Chris Crocker could come up for run support to give Thompson freedom to go after Carr.

Browns RB Reuben Droughns vs. Texans MLB Morton Greenwood: Droughns broke loose on a 41-yard run last week. He is not shifty, but once he gets into the secondary he is difficult to tackle. It is critical for the Browns to pound the ball and keep pounding it because Dilfer struggled. He can manage games, but with eight turnovers in the last three weeks he is not playing like a quarterback who can win games by himself.

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