Berea Report: QB Debate Continues

Fred Greetham reports on the day-after buzz at the Browns training facility in Berea, Ohio. The quarterback situation is foremost in a lot of minds, but Kyle Richardson will find himself with some competition in the near future as well. As usual, you can find the day's news FIRST and FREE at!

BEREA – For the third week in a row questions are being asked about a change at quarterback.

Is it time for Charlie Frye to make his debut at home this Sunday against the Tennessee Titans? or should the Browns continue to stay the course and let him learn from the side line?

After Sunday's home game with the Titans, the Browns travel to Pittsburgh to play a nationally televised ESPN game on Sunday Night the following week. Crennel said the schedule has nothing to do with the decision.

"Whether we're on national television or not has nothing to do with the decision," Crennel said.

Against Houston, Trent Dilfer was 12-of-25 for 185 yards with one touchdown. He was sacked twice and had a QB rating of 86.2. For the season, Dilfer's QB rating is now 76.9.

Crennel said nothing is for sure this week.

"It looked like (Dilfer) played a little bit better," Crennel said. "I'm sure he'll tell you he left a couple of plays on the field. We've been talking and looking at that position. I don't think anything is set in stone, but we'll do what is best for the team, but I think he did better."

Crennel didn't say what he was thinking.

"I'm not saying what way I'm leaning," Crennel said.

Dilfer knows the debate on the quarterback goes with the job.

"It's like this in the NFL," Dilfer said. "That's the job. Early in my career it mattered more to me, but ultimately we're judged if we win or lose.

"You must have thick skin and be resilient to be a quarterback."

One big question is the Browns have to get Frye some time at some point this season to see how he performs in a real NFL game.

"With any young player you have on your team, at some point, you want to see what you have and you have to put him out there," Crennel said.

This year's draft at quarterback appears strong and the Browns could have one of the top picks.

"Whoever, is out there is out there," Crennel said. "Hopefully, we won't have the first pick in the draft and have to make that decision."

Frye was diplomatic when asked about the possibility of him seeing his first action this Sunday.

"That's a coach's decision," Frye said. "Until I'm told something otherwise, I'm the backup.

"I support Trent," he said. "Every week I'm one play away from playing and I approach it that way."

Crennel said if a rookie is in the game the opponent would throw blitzes at him all day as he did last year as the defensive coordinator of the Patriots when he faced the Browns and rookie Josh McCown.

Frye said he's ready for the blitzes.

"That's what we prepare for," Frye said. "It's all about knowing where your hot reads are."

Crennel asked what would the pros and cons of switching to Frye.

"One of the things positive you would anticipate it would be more of a spark for the offense," Crennel said. "The negative would be whoever the opponent is will bring every blitz known to man. If he could survive it would be a positive. If he couldn't do that, that would be a negative."

If the decision to go to Frye is made, Braylon Edwards thinks it would provide a lift.

"He would bring excitement and add an energy level because it would be his first game," Edwards said. "He would be a young guy getting his shot."


Romeo the Dutch Boy: Crennel used the analogy of sticking one's finger in the dike to stop the leaks in describing the team.

"Sometimes, you think you have one area doing ok, and then you stick a finger in the dike and a leak springs up some where else," he said. "Eventually, we'll be able to plug up the leaks and win. If we can get it all together at the same time, we can come up with a victory. Until that happens, we'll be trying to come up with that one play to win a game."

New Punter?: Crennel said the Browns might bring in a new punter to compete with Kyle Richardson, who averaged just 33.0 yards on four punts Sunday.For the season, Richardson is averaging 41.9 yards on 33 punts. His longest is 61 yards.

"We'll look at our short list and bring in some guys and look at them," Crennel said.

Richardson had a punt for 19- and 10-yards Sunday to put the Browns in poor field position.

Injury Update: It doesn't appear the Browns suffered any major injuries on Sunday. OL Joe Andruzzi left with a knee injury, but returned. KR Joshua Cribbs had a stinger, but also returned. CB Ray Mickens (groin), but should be alright. S Chris Crocker (shoulder) will get an x-ray and might have an MRI done. RB William Green had x-rays on his ankle.

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