White, Dawson Get Cash, Undrafted Rookies a Chance

Phil Dawson's dalliance with Buffalo paid off with a four-year contract, while the Ben Gay-less Browns put Jamel White's nerves at ease with a one-year deal. The team finally admitted to deals with eleven undrafted free agents, or UDFAs, a number of whom have really weird names. Actual insight will be coming from our intrepid Insiders stationed at Berea today. More...

Dawson's deal is a four-year stint for the reliable, if not distance-oriented, kicker. Dawson played footsie with Buffalo in the off-season, but as a restricted free agent had limited mobility. The Browns are clearly believers in their kicker, who long-time visitors to the old BTNG web site will remember as the consolation prize in the 1999 Adam Vinitieri sweepstakes. Dawson was on the Pat's practice squad behind Vinatieri and came over to the Browns when the Patriots retained their first-strong kicker's services that year.

Dawson, also referred to as the "Human Battering Ram" on these pages for his touchdown on a fake field goal followed by a nearly competent tackle on the ensuing kickoff, has become increasingly reliable in recent years and is now riding a streak of fifteen consecutive field goals.

Jamel White was picked up prior to the 2000 season by the Browns, who had been impressed with his performance against them in an exhibition game in Columbus against the Colts. White was a numbers victim on the then-stacked Colts squad and was not a player that the Indy club was happy to waive. White's potential came to the surface on a snowy afternoon in Green Bay last season, when he gained over 200 total yards against the Pack.

As every team does every year, the Browns have also been fishing in the pond of undrafted rookie free agents. These are players our Insiders know about. I won't even pretend to.

Here are their names, for those of you shopping for this year's Ben Gay or Madre Hill:

OL Konrad Dean, Akron
OL Qasim Mitchell, North Carolina A&T
HB Ben Miller, USAF
WR Dimitrius Breedlove, Evangel
WR Frisman Jackson, Western Illinois

DE Thomas Pittman, Florida
DE Michael Josiah, Louisville
LB Derrick Gibson
DB Kunle Williams, Penn
DB Eddie Canonicon  Sacramento State
DB Kalvin Pearson, Grambling

Expect more from our Insiders stationed in Berea as the first minicamp continues through the weekend!

- AB

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