A Shanktacular Gameballs and Goats!

The team may lack the fire at times, but Cleveland Browns fans have brought their "A" game to the Gameballs and Goats again. Voting in record numbers... correct that, handing out goathorns in record numbers, there are at least some comments and write-ins worth your perusal in this week's GB&Gs!

The Week's Results: You know the season is going down the drain again when body parts start getting write-ins votes for goathorns. This week, Trent Dilfer's arm and two separate parts of Antonio Bryant's anatomy were singled out for discrediting. By about a month from now last year, there were goathorns being handed out to some family members of the coaching staff - mothers and grandmothers being served with the horns. The humanity! So at least we're not at that point yet. 

The year-long leaders for gameballs and goathorns remain the same, with Reuben Droughns and Trent Dilfer showing that the offensive backfield is being watched closely. Kyle Richardson is shooting up the goathorn list with a bullet, though, and any shanks in Cleveland Browns Stadium this weekend might wind up causing some sort of fissure in the space-time continuum in next week's voting.

Props to everyone who voted, and I think we were close to a record number of votes again. There are some great comments and some good chuckles in here... and we need a laugh as we get last week's game out of our systems.

 - Barry

Player Gameballs
Reuben Droughns (34/RB) 173
Leigh Bodden (28/DB) 167
Andra Davis (54/ILB) 147
Chaun Thompson (51/LB) 67
Antonio Bryant (81/WR) 63
Phil Dawson (4/K) 42
---Entire Defense--- 40

WRITE-INS:  Nobody (3), Lebron James(2), The fans (2), "RAC knows how to throw the red flag", "Whatever sedative Romeo takes", "The fan who ran out on the field and stole the ball from Farve during the Bengals, Packers game" (2), Tim Couch, Wellington Mara, "Chris Palmer's influence", Ted Ginn, Jr., Lynn Sheldon, "Me - for not breaking anything", Texans' Cheerleaders, Art Bietz, Rosa Parks, Rick Felsen, "Get Droughns the BALL!!", "Romeo, cause he didnt punt in the end and he challenged once", Jeff Garcia, Josh Harris, Quincy Morgan, "Defense is holding its own", "Charlie, Charlie, Charlie", "My cocaine dealer, as he's the only way I'm getting through the season!", "My liver", "Terry Robiskie, Kelly Holcomb, and the rest of the 2004 team that beat the Texans on the last week of the season", "Lady who does those Overstock.com spots"

Player Goathorns
Kyle Richardson (10/P) 285
Trent Dilfer (8/QB) 277
---Special Teams--- 87
Maurice Carthon (OC) 70
Dennis Northcutt (86/WR) 57
Romeo Crennel(Head) 33
Jerry Rosburg(ST) 31

Jeff Garcia(3), Art Modell (2), Butch Davis (2), "The Vampire they kept showing" (2), "RAC not throwing the red flag on the first TD", "All special teams (including Richardson)", Kyle Richardson. (He deserves TWO Goathorns), "L.J. Offsides Shelton", "Butch Davis, Owl and Greg", Greg Robinson, "Trent Dilfer's arm", "Antonio Bryant's Left Foot", "Myself", Scooter Libby, Casey Blake, "Fire Richardson", "Team's Desire to Win", Jared Holz, "The whole damn organization", Tim Couch, The Oddsmakers, "All Browns Coaches", Turnovers, Michael Jameson, "We are looking at two more years of bad offense", Playcalling, "The whole freakin Special Teams Unit! ", "Antonio Bryant's A$$", "Our tradition of losing", "Anyone who wasn't here for the last game of the 2004 season", "Crucial Turnovers", "3rd Downs - we go from bad to worse on 3rd down", "We just needed to make one play",  "0-1 Texans"



Gameballs Goathorns
Reuben Droughns Trent Dilfer
Joshua Cribbs Kyle Richardson
Leigh Bodden Maurice Carthon
Andra Davis Officiating Crews
Offensive Line Special Teams
Phil Dawson Jeff Faine

Standings are calculated as (gameballs awarded - goathorns awarded). Only the top seven totals for gameballs or goats on a weekly basis are used in year-to-date tracking.



okibrown Besides the first drive it was an excellent day by Bodden. Reuben provided a solid running game that we got away from... again... in the second half.
tribejunkie 3 players that didn't play
houlihan Braylon - gutsy catch toward the end.
writerdawg You lose to a winless team, nobody gets a game ball. Nobody.
kevhardy20 At least pretend you care your team is embarrassing an entire city
thejamdawg Another Wasted Effort by the defense & the Running Backs. Braylon showed why he is a big time receiver, too bad it was just one catch coming his way. He needs to be a bigger part of the offense.
dboots Good hard running by both backs today. The Defense gets a gameball for playing hard & keeping the team in the game.
cfdawg Droughns did good got a hundred yards Defense looks pretty good Frye NEEDS TO GET IN THERE! Fans need to get a gameball for watching this pile of &%Q@^%*^%.
mike_haddaway Great first half by Bodden, overall a solid effort. Andra Davis was everywhere, decent run defense. Another 100 yard game by Drougns, would have been excellent except for fumble.
aqib Droughns gets a game ball for getting almost 100 yards for the second week in a row, Yeah he fumbled but that was on a second effort, unlike William "the Candle" Green who is out after one blow. Davis and Bodden get game balls for being all over the field. So now we are 2-5 with Dilfer after going 2-6 with Holcomb in 2003, and 3-7 with Garcia in 2004. Hey guys maybe we should have stuck with Couch.
mulekicker3 Great game by Bodden. Nice to see someone step up. Others will strongly disagree but I think the coaching staff had a great game.
fgm Joe Andruzzi- Showed a lot of toughness coming back from whatever injury he sustained and playing the rest of the game. Chaun Thompson- Was basically all over the field and made some key plays. Wish they would've had him blitz more on third down plays. Leigh Bodden- Made some terrific plays after giving up the early TD. Antonio Bryant- Caught everything thrown in his direction, but wish he would've been able to drag the other foot inbounds on the would-be TD.
dawgedue No one really deserved one. Lousy performance against lousy team.
william.reif Davis and Roye seem to be the only two in the front seven worth keeping! Like always Dawson is the most reliable player on the team.
jpaxton Defense was solid... Bodden filled in nicely.
dawgdc Leigh Bodden played very well in the passing and running game. He has played very well every time he gets into the ball game. AB made up for a bad outing last week!!!! Reuben Droughns, if you close your eyes and just listen to the play-by-play (which we all don't want to sometimes) you swear he was Kevin Mack Jr.
paledragon Much credit to the Browns for fewer penalties this week.
yogi8 All defensive Gameballs. One to Andra Davis for making good sure tackles and show some good speed and pursuit angles. Chaun Thompson finally starts to deliver on making big plays. He had a few today. Leigh Bodden had a nice day.
davenbacker Droughns and Green look like a good tandem, though I wish Droughns hadn't had the fumble. Bryant redeemed himself... if he can be consistent, I'm really excited to see him and BE out there for years to come. The D wasn't lights-out, but they played well enough to give us a chance to win.
dogfacewreckingball The defense played pretty well. Andra Davis was very good and Bodden did a good job replacing Baxter. Dawson's kickoffs didn't work out so well, but he makes his field goals and on this team that is important.
browns49 All defense and no offense.
cashdog296 Gameball for the fans, we deserve it for the s**t we're watching every week.
baydawg Good D, bad ST and bad O
muskiedoug Bodden played a hell of a game for his first start. Thompson is improving every game and I think can be an above-average LB in this league WITH TIME. Droughns continues to show us why we signed him...We still are several players away.
shegalofus I vote Lynn Sheldon aka Barnaby because he is a better drunk than me. Oh and Mason Unck made two plays. UNCK IT ! P.S. Kyle Richardson SUCKS ! & we signed him for more money than Frost. ???? Memo to Savage don't sign metrosexuals who can't punt. EX-RAVENS SUCK ! But Barnaby with a whisky on the rocks still can float a punt more than 20 yards. GO BROWNS !!!!!!!!
timbittner317 Cribbs and Droughns were the only positives when the Browns had the ball in their hands. Reuben had the fumble but the D was able to hold up the Texans. Hopefully the Browns can keep Grantham past this season...I think some teams will be looking at him as a HC candidate. He has prepared this D week in and week out. Maybe we should give him the offensive playbook. He couldn't do any worse than Carthon.
godfather4 Bodden...you and that defense, KEEP IT UP!!! Droughns...I wish you would get 25+ carries a game.
confuseddog you lost to Houston!
eucliddawg Today seemed like it was Andra's breakout game, hopefully we will see more of this!
gbeachy50310 BODDEN: A great game overall. ENTIRE D: Continues to keep the team in every game so far this year. If only the O and special teams could step up, we'd be 6-1. FANS: Again a gameball for sticking with this team after losing to the worst team in the NFL. What does that make the Browns?
naxos Not to much to say. RB's did a good job and our D played well.
rockymtndawg Nice game Chaun Thompson. Could you do it twice in a row for once?
savante Defense played well enough to win, and Thompson specifically played, by far, his best game as a Brown. Bryant can't be penalized for one CM, and was wide open on the last offensive play.
suitedaddyo (Texas Cheerleaders) Those babes were STACKED! Not like some anorexic squads, these girls at their Wheaties.
irishjt Phil Dawson continues to do his job even though the offense can't do theirs. Reuben Droughns has brought a power running game back to Cleveland, although they use Green on plays when Droughns should be in. Andra Davis quietly continues to be a great linebacker in the NFL. I believe he should finally get recognized as one of the better linebackers around.
smith6822 Another week that the defense keeps us in the game even if they are still learning. All of my game bal picks step up to the plate this week and out hustled everyone else. I do tip my hat to Antonio Bryant for his come back performance after a dismal game last week.
docgonzo (Art Bietz) For being a crunkadelic pimp daddy with the bestest Browns site ever.
casper99 Chaun T really took a step forward in becoming a valuable member of the defensive unit - he took charge and played with reckless intensity..He looks better every week.
owlnawndow If not for Rueben and the defense, we'd be 0 and 7.
kaiser_shouse if Droughns gets the ball more this game would have been won. He played well and they were playing against the worst run defense. Get him the ball! Give up on the passing with Dilfer, it is of secondary importance to getting the running game going.
glousterbrown Defense played well and as a matter of fact I gave Baxter a gameball for just watching this crap offense play. He sure deserved it more than most of them
sigcleve Droughns always runs hard. trade Winslow for a lineman and keep Shea and Heiden (injury free, though). bodden did a nice job today.
dosbo66736 Why is it that I found it easy to give rookies Gameballs, but not the "veterans"? Perhaps we should look more closely at more of our rookies, since the vets are not noteworthy. We certainly don't have anything to lose now.
swargo2 We lost a game that we seemingly were controlling. There are no gameballs for losing!
underlined_i Bryant better not be allowed to test free agency next season.
doughboy22 I gave no single  player a gameball, because multiple units played well: RBs Reuben Droughns & William Green, TEs Steve Heiden & Aaron Shea, and LBs Andra Davis & Chaun Thompson. Nice.
dp10451 Bodden came in under the gun and was outstanding. Just what I was expecting to see from Baxter. Dawson was dead on as usual. And for "kickers", he foiled two touchdowns by Mathis. Andra and Chaun were all over Dominic Davis. Great job guys.
phelix17 Bodden was my adopted rookie. I could not be more proud.
rfmc02 The offensive line of the texans
joe23 Droughns looked good again, yet Green gets the ball on a crucial 3rd and 1? At least we ran it. Davis was everywhere making plays, kudos to Chaun Thompson as well. Leigh Bodden got burnt once (what corner doesn't?), but played a superb game otherwise.
gribble114 Nobody deserves a gameball!
dapound Nice job on both sides of the ball with only one penalty for the whole game.
mrass Lee Bodden for rebounding and playing an excellent game after making the coverage boner on the first drive.
schehlk Out of the totally wretched AB flickered on the scene, I don't think the tip near the endzone was close enough to him to catch. William Green came in and exploded on a couple of good runs, nice. Ruben would be here in not for the fumble. Phil Dawson keeping his streak. My write in is Charlie Frye, he is at least getting the experience what not to do as a NFL QB, and just knowing he's there.
porschetd Bryant is a hustler, has spirit and is tough. Too bad he doesn't have anyone to throw to him.
mistofdeath67 Again the Defense did well.
dawglber If Droughns hadn't coughed that ball up, I would have given him a gameball. He is running so well.
vadawglb Bodden held his own and Davis looked like a real middle linebacker and Thompson maybe turning the corner on being a good outside backer finally.
slapster A player who consistently gives 100 per cent. He is on pace to get 1000 yards. This game proved even when he and Willie run well the goat is useless.
section 527 dawg I give Garcia a gameball for making me laugh out loud despite this abortion of a team losing an incredibly PATHETIC game!!
kardiackid17 Bodden stepped in and had a good game, minus the burn in the first quarter, he settled in quite well. Davis made some key tackles and read a fake end around, to get in on a sack. Defense did a fairly good job overall. Thompson was active and made good solid stops. PENALTIES were almost non existent, way to go fellas.
kooz67 Willie the Weed looked good and ran hard, Rueben was also powerful....Antonio, keep up the good work... getting open even when you are double teamed.
clevelandfan William Green - Willie gets my only gameball this week, nice running on his few carries while giving Droughns a rest. Also, for the team as a whole, they did a nice job of drastically reducing penalties.
asweet Great game from Bodden and Davis carrying the defense. At least Quincy still sucks. LJ didnt get flagged for the first time all season.
bfan99 only guys on defense that made plays except for cutch.
robertbmagee 1. Bodden stepped in and really played well. He deserves a lot of credit for helping this defense out of tough jams. 2. Droughns once again showed that he is the best player on the offense. Where was he on the last drive? 3. The defense was backed up by the terrible offense and special teams play all day, but they kept this team in the game.
brbbva I like what the entire coaching staff did this week. The credit for so few penalties must go to them. Even with his fumble, I like how hard Droughns works. If everyone was as consistent as Dawson is, we would have quite a team. Defense played tough as well, hope they get some votes.
fladawg1 The fans deserve gameballs just for putting up with a subpar performance and letdown from this performance.
jcash66 Chaun played a solid game as well
ayousey once again the defense keep us in the game . but when we need plays from the offense just was there
taterdawg Davis deserves Pro bowl consideration. Thompson becoming a force. Bodden consistently makes plays.
browns_beer Almost 100 Yds for Droughns and only 19Pts given up by the D. I still can't believe we didn't get the W
madels Andruzi is a warrior, Droughns is the man and Unck proved his worth, what more can I say.
Dawgalong Bodden had a monster game, Rueben ran hard as usual, and the defense played well enough to win AGAIN! My liver gets a gameball for hanging in there once again. I can't possibly drink any more while watching this mess.
jdawgy At least the running game was good except is short yardage situations when they knew the Browns would run. Also Bodden has done a nice job going back to pre-season.
wnybrown -Thank goodness for Andra! -Gotta pick Droughns even with the fumble. Why pull him out for Green on 3rd and 1? -Orpheus stays tough.
krunch11 Gameballs??? Are you kidding me???
godzilla Reuben had a solid game. Browns fans always get a thumbup.
njfortino1021 The team for only committing one penalty the whole game, Droughns for running hard (minus the fumble) and the defense for continually overachieving when being put in bad situations by the offense
orangenbrown The fans deserve a gameball for putting up with such "bland" football
brownssince79 He didn't punt on fourth down with a minute left in the game.
gkbollinger Thompson starting to make some plays. doesn't look lost. droughns has been a constant all seasons. bryant stepped up after last week.
redright KYLE RICHARDSON....a gameball... think of it as ............... "a lovely little parting gift"!
vondersaar The Houston fans were able to experience a win.
maddawg38 the defense as a whole are looking very impressive especially Bodden, Davis and Thompson you can see the development in the system.
slambar Droughns - another 100+ yds! Bodden - 2 starts, 2 INTs Davis - a tackling machine.
benwilliamson Despite the fumble Droughns had a good game and provides the only stability on offense. We need to sign Andre Davis ASAP, he is solid. TE's played well - Shea saved the offense on 4th down and Heiden continues to be clutch.
edwardsmatt Bodden - played well in a tough spot - the tests will only get tougher. Could be a diamond in the rough. Daylong McCutheon - for putting up with this crap for as long as the rest of us since "the Return" - give me 53 Cutchs. Chaun Thompson - playing better every week - not your fault you were drafted about four rounds too early.
strobedog Despite the early TD, Bodden had a hell of game. Thompson seemed to be everywhere. Green and Droughns had a nice game on the ground...too bad Droughns fumbled though.
orlandodawgpound Phil has been automatic, although he needs to be kicking more XPs than FGs.
brownsmaniac Nobody on the team deserves a stinkin gameball !
jmcoultz Defense continues to be solid!!!
wasdccbf Charlie, Charlie, Charlie!!!
tamscorp cut 40 players and you'll still have junk


thespazdawg I am sick of cheering for Dilfer. He is making Sundays not fun. Dawson cannot kick the ball out of the back of the end zone in a dome.
okibrown Kyle Richardson and Jerry Rosburg lost this game for us. I swear Kyle Richardson is a spy on behalf of the Ravens. As for Rosburg what an embarrassment. I don't think the guy knows a single thing about coaching.
houlihan Trent Dilfer - Decent protection, active running game, no penalties, few dropped passed. All of the excuses are disproved. Great guy, but not an NFL starter. Poor accuracy and held ball too long.
writerdawg Richardson should be cut immediately. He's a disgrace. And we need a new special teams coach. That performance was one of the worst I've ever seen and absolutely cost the Browns this game.
jdiscerni Hope Kyle Richardson enjoyed wearing the brown and orange 'cause he's gonna be flippin burgers next week!
kevhardy20 Richardson is the worst player to ever play for the Browns. And we had Terry Kirby
yazdawg Richardson.... CUT Dilfer... found wanting
thejamdawg Kyle Richardson: CUT HIM! My Wedge Shots out of the Bunker are better than his punts, and that isn't saying much. Can Phil Dawson Punt? We know that Dawson will try to tackle someone if he has to. Trent Dilfer: This Game Started out with so much promise. It seemed that Dilfer played loose & confident, then MELTDOWN! I like Trent as a person and all, but it's time to see what Charlie Frye can do. The O-Line: Has been a problem since they came back in '99.
dboots The passing game just sucks pure & simple. After all the years in the league Trent should NOT be playing like this. He is not playing well period. It's time to see Charlie.
sinko4 If Richardson doesn't get cut than Crennel is an idiot!! and if Dilfer is still the starting qb than Crennel is an idiot!!
mike_haddaway Trent isn't making plays when we need him to the most. I guess we should have ran it on our final 3rd down play, and at least had a prayer. Ugh. Losing to the Texans makes me feel dirty. This is the easy part of the schedule.
aqib Dilfer's fumble cost us this game, he had a chance to make it up at the end but underthrew a wide open Antonio Bryant. Lets make a change out of the Dil-Fire into the Frye-ing pan. The special teams were flatout awful today. Kyle Richardson needs to be gone. I'll drive him to the airport. Why are we stuck with Dilfer and Richardson? Blame Butch Davis. If he had resigned Gardocki and handled the QB position better we wouldn't be in this mess at those two spots. Randy Lerner gets a goat for keeping him so long and Owl and Greg get goats for supporting him.
mulekicker3 Dilfer, way to take a sack. You suck.
fgm Trent Dilfer- Although the loss wasn't totally his fault, there's no excuse for fumbling when he knew he was going to get sacked, and for taking a sack with the game on the line. Should I also mention that he missed open receivers, including Bryant on the 4th and 17 play that was way underthrown? Kyle Richardson- Two shanks in one game, in addition to a shank 2 weeks ago deserves not only to be cut immediately from the team, but to also be cut from his manhood...if you know what I mean. Special Teams- Kickoff and punt coverage was mostly dreadful all game. If you one lapse in coverage during a game, then ok. But several?!!!!! The special teams are playing more like special ed. kids and the special teams coach needs to be fired...and fired on by a host of M-16s. Reuben Droughns- Ran hard like he has been week after week, but needs to learn to place both hands on the ball when surrounded. That fumble was inexcusable!!!
dawgedue If we don't have a new punter and new quarterback by next week, I'm going to start questioning Romeo.
william.reif Bench Dilfer! Since it seems the browns will be in the running for a top draft pick, lets see if Frye is the quarter back of the future!
jpaxton I have seen better punting by drunken Browns fans in the Muni lot. Pitiful... I think Trent Dilfer is a fine man and perhaps would be a great QB coach, he is not the answer on the field. QBs learn on the field. We have a good enough supporting cast to let Frye run with it. At least we can chalk his mistakes as a learning experience and building towards the future. Letting Dilfer lose games for us is not building towards the future or playing for the present. Let's face it, there is a reason after 12 years of him being in the NFL we got him for a late round pick...
dawgdc Special teams kept kicking to Mathis, can I ask why? Rosburg may get fired this season, because of Kyle Richardson. Speaking of Richardson I swear we cut Derrick Frost last year because of his shanks and inconsistency in the punting game last year? Please let's not wait again!!! Cut him now!!! Dilfer great guy...can't say enough about him being a great guy. Right now it's not translating to on the field. He's seriously digressing to those Tampa Bay dayz!!!! You can't take sacks in critical situations and you can't fumble close to the red zone, as a veteran QB you feel pressure and know how to tuck the ball away, even if you get popped!!! Northcutt...there is no way in H.E. double hockey sticks you drop a ball thrown directly at you during the last two minutes of the game....you can't blame your teammates on that!!! Jason Fisk needs to retire and please let's forget he's wearing #95, because that's Jamir Miller's number!!!!
dawg033 The OC and entire offence truely, truely SUCK!!!!!!!!!!
mjones85 Almost everyone played well enough to win - except Dilfer. I'm not sure how much support he has left from the team- but he has lost mine entirely. Coach really should have challenged the Houston touchdown. Kyle Richardson should be cut before the plane lands in Cleveland.
salemdog Green for Droughns in red zone. Trying a pass after Droughns ran for about 30 yds in 3 carries. Where was the blitz on 3rd and 19? Maybe the kickoff coverage team could try to hold somebody to inside the 40. Otherwise, just kick it out of bounds and save the possible injuries. A 30 yard punt would look good. They Stink!!!
paledragon Something happened between the Chicago game and the Baltimore which has messed with Dilfer's head. He is broken. It is time for Frye, if even just to restore Dilfer's confidence.
btngcrew Why, oh why, did the Browns, on AT LEAST THREE separate occasions, call a playaction fake on THIRD or FOURTH AND LONG?! And why was William Green getting so many reps?
yogi8 Goathorns go to ST. One as a group, one to ST Coach (Rosburg) and the last one to our Pee Wee Punter! The yardage we lost to Houston was incredible. KO returns, 10 and 18 yard punts. 50 yard punts saved for when we need 40 yard punts, etc.
davenbacker Richardson should be run out of town. Dilfer wasn't accurate even in most of his completed passes. But it all goes back to Modell... we shouldn't have had to rebuild in 1999, and we shouldn't have to now.
leotrucker get a punter in today
dogfacewreckingball While originally watching the game, I bitched alot about Dilfer. But after an hour or so of reflection, he didn't make my goat list. Kyle Richardson is without a doubt the worst punter I have ever seen. The field position battle was lost today in the worst way. Rosburg may be looking for a job next year. I assume Richardson will be gone this week!
sincitydawg Richardson needs to be CUT immediately. I could punt better than that! The Special teams unit on return coverage was pathetic. Trent may be a classy guy but he is a terrible quarterback. He has been bringing the entire offense down and I don't see the value of keeping him as the starting QB any longer. If our QB is going to be making boneheaded mistakes I'd rather it be our rookie out there learning instead of a veteran who doesn't seem to get better.
glabonne Again Mo gets in the red zone and completely abandons the run. does he think he's going to catch the D napping if this is his typical play call?
browns49 Exactly what is Frye learning from Dilfer other than how to lose? Why are we kicking off to someone who returns well?
walldog I propose punching Kyle Richardson's ticket for a one way trip outta town. UGLY......UGLY UGLY UGLY. Yuck, odorous, rank and vile!
cashdog296 Hmmmmmm, our offense blows.
j_gtaylor Savage is supposed to know talent...Richardson should not be in the league!
muskiedoug Is Kyle Richardson the worst kicker in the league or what. If we don't sign Zastudil in the off-season, we're in big trouble in regards to special teams.
shegalofus If Kyle Richardson is still punting for the Browns next weekend . . . 8 and 19 and don't forget about last week or the week before et al !!!!! WE can't afford "special" teams like this ! Face it, Ex-Ravens are NOT what the Browns need. P.S. I hate to go here but . . .Dilfer spelled backwards is Relfid. In Latin I believe it means " under thrown ball and my punter sucks "!! GO BROWNS P.S. Dilfer is better golfer than quarterback ! Thanks, bro !! It shows.
mikehey Crennel for not using Edwards enough.
timbittner317 Why is Richardson in the NFL? I've seen better high school punters. This guy should be on the waiver wire NOW! It's time for Dilfer to go...he's missing open receivers and appears to be losing the confidence of the offense. They just seem lethargic in the second half. Carthon...why run Green inside the 20? Isn't that where your "feature" back should get the ball? What happened to the open offense that we saw in pre-season and the first 2 games of the year?
godfather4 Carthon, Keep Green on the bench!! What are you thinking? Kyle, I have a 17 year old brother that is a soccer player and can punt a hell of a lot better than you. Dilfer, it's time to move on to Charlie.
confuseddog pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
eucliddawg Who do I lay this loss on??? DENNIS NORTHCUTT! His drop cost us the game.
gbeachy50310 RICHARDSON: Must go. At least Frost had a leg injury when his performance slid last year. ENTIRE O: You know, no more blaming it on one person. This unit just can't pull it together. Sure the O line is the best in years, the receivers seem sharp, the TEs are making catches, we finally have an RB and FBs who can run and block, but it just ain't happening. SPECIAL TEAMS: Had its lunch handed to them today. Simply outplayed (or outcoached) by the Texans special teams.
naxos I can't be too mad, I lost my ability to care. Our punter needs to punt himself to the curb though.
rockymtndawg That was the worst display of punting ever, like in the history of mankind.
bigdaddy78 If this is what our Browns do when they feel they've been "slapped in the face", I can't wait until they play a real team.
savante Gotta love a scheme that allows a kick returner to basically be one tackle away from a TD on EVERY kick.
irishjt Dilfer has not done a thing since the 3rd game of the season. He makes stupid plays like trying to get rid of the ball and ends up fumbling it. It's ok to take the sack once in the while, especially when you are in field goal range. Time to bring in Frye. Kyle Richardson sucks, Gardocki and Frost are both better than he is. Richardson either shanks it badly or he pins the opposition inside the 20. Carthon needs to start getting the ball to Braylon Edwards more. You pick the guy 3rd overall for a reason and that reason isn't to throw to him 4 times a game.
smith6822 Field position is crucial in a game and 20 yard punts don't help at all. I'm not calling for Charlie just yet, but Trent had an opportunity to step it up and show his leadership with 1:40.
docgonzo For not coming down hard on this gang of malcontents sooner.
casper99 Turnovers and punts... Turnovers are a pert of the game, continuous poor punting shouldn't be!!
owlnawndow Sorry Romeo, But you selected Maurice for this job.
matt_rowk-seat18 Why would you keep kicking the ball to the only weapon the Texans have?
hidaley Sit Dilfer Down
kaiser_shouse This guy just flat out sucks. I know a number of people who are more reliable than him. Also, Why does Dawson continue kicking it to the speedy receiver on kickoffs, which gave the Texans good field position at the end of the game.
glousterbrown Richardson needs cut after the last two weeks. Our starting WR's each need to catch the ball when the game is on the line, and our QB gets worse every game. The offensive coordinator is getting to be just plain offensive, and we suck so bad right now we are flat out the worst team in the NFL. If RAC can't get more emotion out of the team than he has the last two weeks he aught to start sending the grim reaper in with de-activation papers and see if that helps. I am sick of this crap!!
sigcleve questionable playcalling in the red zone. Richardson is a disappointment. with a team like we have, we do need that qb that can squeak an extra score out as opposed to a simple game mgr.
dosbo66736 Team sucks, attitude sucks. Just collecting their paychecks. Good thing they have contracts to guarantee them big money, even if they suck. Funny how Joe Public gets fired if he doesn't perform for his employer.
swargo2 I am so tired of Carthon attempting to throw in the Red Zone. Every time we get down there he wants to be cute instead of playing hard nose football. In the third quarter after getting to the 17, he goes play action. Dilfer fumbles and we know the rest. Just hand the ball off to Reuben Mo! Second, Kyle Richardson is showing why he was out of the NFL last year. Yes, we all wanted to get the taste of Frost out of our mouths, but now it has been replaced with something just as bitter. Kyle needs to be shown the door. Finally, we are seven games in now and again we are getting nothing from our draft picks. Perkins is never activated, and seems to be an obvious bust. Where is David McMillan? Dilfer can't seem to remember that Braylon Edwards plays for us and doesn't look his way enough. Hoffman and Dunn are on the practice squad. The only one that is doing anything is Pool. Hopefully by this time next year we can see some of these guys contributions (especially Frye) but as of right now the "Draft Guru" Phil Savage, has done nothing but miss on picks. At least that is no worse than par for the course in Cleveland.
doughboy22 i guarantee Braylon Edwards replaces Dennis Northcutt as the #2 receiver for this week. Also, what happened to special teams since last year? it used to be one of our few highlights ranking in the top ten in the league. now it stinks
dp10451 Richardson gets two goathorns and I hope a one way ticket out of town. Cutt, damn, ya gotta do somethin'. You don't get open and you don't catch the ball. I know you're better than that.
phelix17 I wanted Dilfer to have a chance. I felt that he had been on bad teams with bad receivers and this was his year to shine. Turns out that the reason the teams he led were bad was Trent. You may not want to throw Charlie in there now, but no team member should feel they are throwing in the season for a change to Frye. Quite the opposite, sadly.
rfmc02 The Super 8 Motel All You Can Eat Breakfast in Houston
joe23 Dilfer, Dilfer, Dilfer. Why are you such a...Dilfer? The team should've terminated Richardson's contract, and left him in Houston. Carthon is showing us why Parcells wouldn't let him call plays.
gribble114 Everybody from Randy Lerner to the towel boys deserves goathorns. I shouldn't be so hard on the towel boys they probably can punt better than Richardson.
daddy34 Watching Trent Dilfer play QB makes my eyes bleed.
jeffdawg Other than the obvious with Richardson and Dilfer, Northcutt gets a goathorn. Not only was he nonexistent in the passing game, he also had a huge drop that was easily catchable. What's that Dennis?? Are those footsteps you hear?? What? They ran past you? Starting lineup says: Hello Braylon, Goodbye Dennis.
schehlk Sorry I've lost confidence in Trent. Yes me, the one who said give Butch Davis another year (retard) and this will be Couch's break out season (Ha, Ha, Ha) and the guy who still thinks Kelly Holcomb is going to be a great QB if protected by an o-line (still waiting) The third no show broke the camels back, leaving me with two words: Charlie Frye. Kyle the punter? Don't be shocked when your pink slip arrives. Special teams, we would have done better to kick it out of bounds every kick to limit them to the 40 yard line, that suck guys. Jeff Garcia, you still stink. NOTE: I am suspending my loyalty to the team until they give a crap, no more wearing orange is my protest. I love the Browns, but it takes two to have a relationship.
porschetd Trent, it's time to retire your a mediocre backup at best.
leotrucker we keep waiting for one big play to win the game - we cant do a lot of little plays--
mistofdeath67 So what is going to be the reason not to start Frye now? The season is over. Let's see if Charlie is our Q.B. for the Future. If he is not we can use the first pick in the draft to get another one.
dawglber Our special teams suck!! Dilfer is so damned inconsistent!! He certainly isn't the answer to our troubles. I hope Richardson is on the first plane, train, automobile out of here!! He has only one job, and that is to kick the crap out of the ball, and he cannot even do that! Pitiful!! I liked the fact that the number of penalties was way way down.
vadawglb Play calling is still questionable. How can we only manage two sacks against the Texans? What happened to the aggressive defense the coaches were talking about in the preseason?
slapster He never made a big plays. He held the ball on third down taking a sack he never should have. He held the ball to long. He is wildly inconsistent in his passing the only consistent being is that it usually is not on target. A qb is supposed to distribute the ball to his playmakers. He has proven inable to do this on any consistent basis.
nyjoey We NEED a new punter!!!
section 527 dawg I hate it when the oddsmakers are right!
kardiackid17 Cutt dropped key fourth quarter catch, and I have no comments that would be damning enough for a so called pro punter named Kyle Richardson. Dilfer again disappointed, and the special teams could not contain Mathis. Better luck next week Dawgs. We had this one, and the two key moments in my opinion was the two fumbles by Dilfer and Droughns. That led to some momentum and much worse, points.
kooz67 Send this ass-munch back to Baltimore....once a rat-turd, always a rat-turd!!!! What a doofus. Can our special teams tackle anyone? How about we just have Phil kick it out of bounds and let them have that field position versus what the opponents end up getting because of our coverage. Where is the Red Zone offense..play calling sucks...how about running the ball? Maybe next year. Anyone have a pass rush? We Suck!
clevelandfan Special Teams - Not at all special this week. Kyle Richardson needs to go back to punting school. Antonio Bryant - make sure your feet are in bounds. Entire Offense - Running game improved, but you can't cough up the ball like that, the offensive coaches need to spend some time this week explaining how to protect the ball. All Browns Coaches - From top down, they need to re-evaluate decisions that are hurting this team. Turnovers - 'nough said.
asweet Nice pass in overtime queer. Congrats Michael, you got out just in time before we start playing for a OSU linebacker. Solomon Wilcox is a tool box!
mcouch Browns need a punter
bfan99 Richardson should be cut, Dilfer on the bench and Northcutt to the slot.
robertbmagee 1. Memo to Maurice Carthon: What happened to screen passes? Where was Droughns on the last drive? WHY DO WE ONLY HAVE 4 TDS IN 5 GAMES? 2. I know Dilfer's rating looked good, but he didn't. He is overthrowing receivers, making bad decisions, and again turned the ball over. And he killed the last drive when he took a sack to completely drive them out of FG range. 3. I didn't think anyone could make me want Derek Frost back, but Kyle Richardson is making Frost look great.
brbbva It would be easy to blame Dilfer for the loss, but the punt and kick coverage units were horrible. That combined with Richardson's terrible showing and I find it easy to put this loss on them. We simply can't give our opponents that kind of field position. I guess I have to break down and give Dilfer some horns as well. We can't expect too much from him, but he had no business losing that fumble. That was a rookie mistake, not one a veteran should make.
fladawg1 Richardson should be left at the airport and told to buy his own ticket back! Carthon needs to come up with more imaginative play calling, especially on 3rd and short.
jcash66 Where is Derrick Frost when you need him? I would have voted Richardson for all three but Carthon is awful too.
ssmac like it or not these people get paid for being out there - they are PROFESSIONALS. Act like it. They have been pampered since they were 6 years old - now it is time to play!!!
pghjb At least we did not punt with less than a minute to go
joelswearingen You will never, ever win when your opponent's starting drive position is the 42 yard line!!!!!!
ayousey we would have been fine yesterday if we could have held on to the football. once again the offense couldn't make the plays when we had to and the Trent held on to the ball to long again
taterdawg Richardson should be cleaning out his locker. Dilfer needs to sit. Its Frye time.
browns_beer Nice Punt Richards, next time maybe you can hit a monster 20 yarder. Butch gets a horn for getting rid of the best punter in the game. I remember back in the day when we were bad but at least we could punt. Now we're just bad.
brownhornet15 There is another picture of Bryant's butt in the Plain Dealer Photo Gallery. Every time that guy makes a play (Which isn't very often), his pants fall down. GET A BELT!!!
madels So many goats, only three to pick -- well Kyle Richardson is the no brainer. One man can kill a team. Green gets my second pick for two reasons, first he is not a 3rd down back. Keep Reuben in unless he asks to come out. The second reason was his critical mistakes on special teams. Take a look at the film and watch Green open up holes for the other side on special teams it wasn't pretty. Lastly, Mr. Carthon -- when you get to the 10 yard line, you don't take out your best back. Try running Reuben, why don't you. Trent can't throw the ball into the end zone anyways (Shea miracle catch aside). Just keep running the ball.
Dawgalong Richardson, YOU'RE FIRED!! Dilfer, YOU'RE benched. Mr. Crennel, Mr. Lerner would like to see you in his office...The season is now officially over. Put Charlie in, get the guy in the Dawg suit to punt. Forget that, get a Dog to punt. Trent, Trent, Trent, I'm sorry but this has gone on for too long. It's like groundhog day every Sunday. You hold the ball Waaay toooo Looong. At least you didn't grin like a politician after the game. Richardson, you just plain suck. Romeo, stop the pain NOW. You guessed wrong about Dilfer coming around, etc. Cut your losses now because the fans WILL TURN ON YOU IF YOU LET THIS S**T CONTINUE! You know what, screw it, I have turned on you. Take your Superbowl rings that everyone else earned for you and shove them up your **S. LEAVE, LEAVE NOW! ARRRRRRGH!
swalidog Seriously, how does a team going nowhere on a nine game skid win against this team, and a team with reasons to play get beat the next year? The Texans were a better team last year, I'm starting to think the same can be said of the Browns...
jdawgy Trent Dilfer getting sacked and dropping the Browns out of field goal position is the last straw. His throws are a second late and he is to slow to scramble. The running game can not get a 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1!! And what happened to Northcutt?, the answer is probably Trent Dilfer can't see the whole field.
wnybrown -Freaking Shanktastic! Too incredibly bad punts, one put a stake in our hearts (a little Halloween flavor) -Kickoff returns killed us. The last one was sooooo painful. -Another reason I wish I lived in Cleveland, so I wouldn't need to listen to these dolts.
ant37 Not only is Dilfer hurting this team more than he's helping, the man is hurt. He said his head was spinning on the last drive! Can Romeo coach? Seriously. Charlie Frye can WIN with this team RIGHT NOW. You heard it here first.
deathbyeagle Nice hands Northcutt!! Can't catch the only ball thrown to you 'Invisible Man.' Everyone wants the 3rd round pick to start...what about the 3rd OVERALL Pick?? Start a petition: LET BRAYLON PLAY...he needs to be the first read on all the pass routes....Patience is running out.........its time!!!!
orechia nice play action pass on 4'th and 17 moron
godzilla The whole team sucked...to be honest.
ngbrownie Kyle Richardson has to be the worst high school punter I have ever seen. I gave one to Trent for the turnover and the underthrow. And one to 'Cutt for not catching one that was right to him.
fenderbender Rationale for Crennel's goat - Quit punting on fourth and an inch when you don't have a punter.
tvdennis21 it's not as if the season really matters anymore but we would be better off with no punter, just let Dilfer throw it down field for a pick and save us the trouble. at least there would be less of a surprise. who knows maybe we could cover better!!
njfortino1021 Coaching-Each and every week Braylon does not start, Ryan Tucker for committing a costly penalty in a critical situation, Kyle Richardson for kicking worst than I can and the offense for again losing this game to the worst team in football
brownssince79 Somebody needs to explain to Romeo that he can actually wait for his coaches to look at the replay before he wastes a time out on an obvious call.
gkbollinger Richardson = derrick frost. we need a new punter, period. Dilfer has to make the big play - Bryant was open on our last play. northcutt has to make the catches to keep drives alive.
redright These three have disappeared. They don't get open and don't make plays. They are killing our offense.
vondersaar fumble, 10 yard punt, fumble, 20 yard punt, incomplete. Need I say more.
three sewers gone Rosburg's group sucks. He should be gone.
maddawg38 there was nothing special about our special teams.
slambar Richardson - 10 Yds.? 19 yds.? Northcutt - have to catch the ones that hit your hands, Dude. Dilfer - managing the game includes not fumbling, hitting wide open receivers.
benwilliamson Too bad Frost is now punting elsewhere - Richardson is more inconsistent than him. Rosburg should know not to kick to the only playmaker the Texans have.
edwardsmatt Bryant - a #1 receiver making millions of dollars in the NFL KNOWS HOW TO GET THE SECOND FOOT IN WITH THE GAME ON THE LINE. Every week you disappoint me somehow. Jerry Rosburg - enough already - go lead a church youth group or something. You have amazed me by staying in the NFL this long. Buh bye! Maurice Carthon - you take the hickey here instead of RAC because you HAVE to get Cutt in the slot and put Braylon in the #1 or #2 spot. If Braylon isnt getting the playbook -- simplify the plan - do something to put these guys in the right spots!
strobedog Who would have thought, at the start of the season, that the offense would be playing worse than the defense? There are too many playmakers on the O side of the ball not to score more points. That aside, Kyle Richardson and our terrible kickoff coverage went a long way to help us lose this game.
orlandodawgpound We couldn't beat the worst team in the NFL!! I guess that makes us the worst team in the NFL.
wrongwhey17 Trent Dilfer is horrible get him outa here.
gov135 I work by Cleveland Hopkins, so it's really not too much of an inconvenience for me to drop off about half the guys who played on special teams last week. First stop, Kyle Richardson's house.
brownsmaniac Cut Richardson as fast as you can, ANY street replacement will do at this point. Is Green up the middle our new 3rd and 1 play Maurice ? Is Droughns that weak at receiving that he has to come out in the red zone ? Give him a blow on the way if needed ...
jmcoultz Great punting @%$!&%^$%@#$!^%$#!!!! Dilfer needs help - I think Frye can at least move his feet to create more time for everyone! Give him a try...can't hurt us anymore.... can it?
wasdccbf Dilfer is dead to me!
tamscorp fat,lazy and old. no energy,, never will will win anything.  he stunk as defensive coordinator, fire him now why waste the time

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