Day Two Mini-Camp Report

Some news, not many notes from day two of the Browns three day mini-camp.

The second day of Browns mini-camp has concluded, with many of the same questions left to be answered.

How do the rookies in camp look? Who is going to start on the offensive line? Just how does this team compare right now to the team of a year ago?

Questions, questions, questions.

The assembled media in Berea didn't have much of an opportunity to view the team as they practiced, but head coach Butch Davis did take the time to speak about his young and improving team.

"The quality of work that we are able to get done just simply because of the ability level of guys on the second and third team. When we come back to quarterback school and we get ready for training camp, there's going to be some great position competition for guys to try and make the football team, " Davis said. "There's some guys that right now are working with the second unit and even some guys on the third unit that literally are going to push some guys, if not for starting jobs they are certainly going to push some guys to make the team."

William Green Watch: Green, nursing a strained calf practiced in the morning session, but was more of a spectator in the afternoon session.

"This morning he did an awful lot," Davis said. "And that calf is still a little bit sore and there's no point in going out (and taking a chance). I don't want to send him home at 75 or 80 percent. I want him to be well and start to train, start to run, and get back here May 15 for Quarterback School and be 100 percent."

Cover Corner: There is absolutely that Davis' eyes light up when discussing the defensive side of the ball and what a true cover cornerback provides. Late in the 2001 season, Davis repeatedly talked about the importance of a cornerback that has the ability to shutdown an opposing receiver.

Daylon McCutcheon, one of three unsigned restricted free agents is a player that fits that profile, according to Davis.

"He's really challenging and playing well," Davis said. "We feel like he's one of the best shutdown corners in a nickel situation on an inside slot receiver."

And what about McCutcheon's contract situation?

"Right now, in my opinion, contracts are not a major significant thing," he said. "It's something I'm sure the organization will move positively forward on. I know Daylon's agent is scheduled to come to town and meet with Carmen and Dwight next week.

"But right now all we're worried about is just trying to get better as a team. I told our players the one thing that I don't like, and this isn't the time, is a lot of distractions. Football, right now, with the exception of family and faith, needs to be about the most important thing in their lives."

Players On The Rise: It's early, but second year wide receiver Quincy Morgan has caught the eye of Davis.

Davis noted that Morgan has come to camp and is telling the other receivers where to line up, etc.

Another player that was mentioned by Davis was receiver JaJuan Dawson. Davis noted that Dawson is having a very good camp.

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