Berea Report: Roye Having a Pro Bowl Year

Here is today's report from the Browns practice in Berea, where the focus was on excellent defensive lineman Orpheus Roye. While the Browns rebuild, Roye is quietly having another standout season. The news from Berea - first and free thanks to the support of Browns fans who subscribe. Take our seven-day free trial and join us!

Berea –In the first six years since the Browns returned to the NFL only one player has made it to the Pro Bowl.

And there's a good chance it will be seven.


Linebacker Jamir Miller made the Pro Bowl in Butch Davis' first year as coach of the Browns and he said the reason was because of the way they used Miller.

Many think Orpheus Roye is the closest player on the current Browns to having a Pro Bowl-type of season, but Romeo Crennel doesn't think Roye will get the nod to go to Hawaii.

"We spoke about Orpheus last week, but because the sack numbers aren't up there, he probably won't make the Pro Bowl," Crennel said. "If you look at the (tackle) numbers, a case could be made for him."

Roye has 55 tackles, including two tackles for losses. He has five quarterback pressures, but just one sack. He has forced a fumble and recovered one, as well. His tackles are near the top of the charts for defensive linemen, but it's the sacks that get the notice.

"I'd like to go to the Pro Bowl," Roye said. "But, if I don't, that's alright. Winning is more important to me.

"Sometimes, the Pro Bowl is over rated," he said. "You can argue (the stats) in different ways. I can't worry about that."

Roye has been one of the steadiest players on the Browns—not only this year—but for the past several seasons since coming over from the Steelers as an unrestricted free agent.

"I'm having a good season," he said. "I'm giving it my best and that's all I can control."

Steelers coach Bill Cowher was Roye's coach for his four seasons in the NFL.

"He has kind of gone back to the future," Cowher said. "He played end for us in the 3-4 and then went to Cleveland and played in the 4-3. Now, he's back in the 3-4."

Roye has 480 tackles in his 10-year career. His best season was in 2003 when he had 85 tackles.

"He's playing at a high level," Cowher said. "He's a perfect fit for what they're trying to do in Cleveland."

Quick Hits

Batch at QB, Same MO: Crennel doesn't expect any change in philosophy for the Steelers with Charlie Batch at the helm instead of QB Ben Roethlisberger, who will miss his second straight game recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery.

"I don't think it changes that much because they're going to run the football," Crennel said. "That's what they do and once they get that going, they throw some play-action passes in there."

Duce Staley has returned to action to bolster the Steelers attack to go along with Willie Parker and Jerome Bettis. Staley had 76 yards in his first action on 15 carries. However, Bettis and Parker have been battling injuries and are listed as questionable this week.

"That's just how we approach it," Batch said. "We want to run the ball and with Duce back there, that's a big lift."

Last week, Batch made his first start in years and led the Steelers to a 20-10 win over the Packers. He was 9-of-16 for 65 yards, including one interception. He ran eight times for 14 yards.

"For his first live action in three or four years," Bill Cowher said. "I think he did a good job managing the game."

Crennel says the Steelers have a system that succeeds, whoever is inserted into the game.

"Whoever it is, their system is in place," Crennel said. "They are going to run the ball and whoever is running the ball seems to get yards.

"They have good players up front and create a seam," Crennel said. "They do a good job of getting guys who fit their system. They have a consistent philosophy that they teach and coach."

Injury Update
: For the Browns, CB Ray Mickens (groin), CB Daylon McCutcheon (ankle), OL Joe Andruzzi (knee), RB Lee Suggs (thumb) are listed as questionable. RB William Green (ankle) and OL Cosey Coleman (knee) are doubtful. For the Steelers: Besides Roethlisberger, LB James Farrior is doubtful.

Green, Coleman and McCutcheon did not practice Wednesday. McCutcheon will try to practice Thursday and Crennel expects him to play on Sunday. Mickens and Lehan would take McCutcheon's place if he's unable to go.

Suggs practiced and is wearing a light cast.

"You have to be sure he can hang on to the ball because the opponent will try to rip the ball out of there because of the thumb," Crennel said. "He's running around out there and doing some things."

Edwards Slighted?: WR Braylon Edwards had just one catch for two yards last week and Crennel was asked if he felt it was because Edwards spoke out earlier in the week about the quarterback situation.

"I know (Dilfer's) a professional and that had nothing to do with Braylon getting just one catch," Crennel said. "There were more than one ball thrown his way."

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