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He came from Michigan and wound up in Philly and St. Louis, but Steve Everitt was a breath of fresh air in the 90s who truly understood what it meant to be a Cleveland Brown. He "got" it. Steve proved that again Tuesday night in Clubchat as he talked about his experiences with the Browns and afterwards. Who was the scariest player Steve ever faced? Who made the mean little weasel face? And where's that bandana? Dig for the answers in yet another rollicking chat transcript.

KJ Say YES Steve
steveeveritt yes
KJ How's RG sound
KJ Your bandana episode was CLASSIC man
WorthingtonDawg classic
erocc epic
steveeveritt should have done it during the regular season, looking back
KJ No doubt
Lane OK guys, if you have a question(s) for Steve, PM me and I will get you lined up. We will be starting in about two minutes
WorthingtonDawg a buddy of mine and I talked of taking up a pool to pay your fines
steveeveritt i probably got ten letters with money and checks totaling about 100 bucks for that it was awesome
Lane We'll get this chat rolling..........Aqib is first, followed by VBF and Erroc
Aqib hey Steve great to have you here, what are you up to these days?
steveeveritt doing a lot of traveling and fishing and fishing and more fishing
Aqib First bandana question: Did Modell really get on your case about it?
steveeveritt not one bit he wasn't the real confrontational type
Aqib Last question: did you ever talk to the new Browns about coming back? Again thanks for coming you're one of the all time favorites
steveeveritt thanks i will answer in short segments or i will just ramble for hours
steveeveritt when we left to Baltimore i was restricted so i had to play there a year
steveeveritt the next year i would have gone anywhere rather than stay
steveeveritt so it was a decision where, of course i wanted to come back to cleve but the nfl was dragging its feet on a definite timetable and I had to decide where my future was gonna be, so...
steveeveritt once Wohlabaugh signed for seventeen years I didn't really think it would materialize. I have envied that guy for years
CP Steve, anything else on that question or should I through the next Dawg your way?
steveeveritt i can elaborate on anything and anyone you guys can think of
CP OK, I will turn the forum then to VBF so that he can pick your brain a bit
steveeveritt sure
vbf Steve, welcome!!!!!! How lame was it playing in crackmore and how lame were the fans? I can't imagine the massive suckage after having played in front of The Pound. Did other players make fun of those horrid uniforms? I'll let the others ask you about how big an asshole modell was/is.
DK dont hold back VBF
vbf lol
steveeveritt first of all the only thing that got me thru that year was knowing that the city of Balt had gone thru the same thing Cleve did
steveeveritt there was a core of hardcore Balt fans that totally deserved getting a team
steveeveritt so bringing the game back to them is what i focused on
vbf that's not the answer I was looking for
vbf :)
steveeveritt but i also remember about half way through that inaugural season we played pitts in Balt and there were probably 25,000 pittsburgh fans
vbf all those inbreds in one place
vbf OK, I'm done..take care Steve!!!!!
CP last time there were that many Squeeler fans outside Pittsburgh is when Steubenville Hardware had a special on septic tanks big enough for their whole families to swim in...
vbf LMAO!!!!!!!
steveeveritt I wrote an article for the ravens digest calling out the fans and some werent too happy with me but how are you not going to support a team that had been gone for 20 years i doubt that would happen in cleve
erocc Steve, welcome and thanks for being here. My question is somewhat open ended so feel free to rant. Tell us about David...his role in the team and the move, what people around the league and organization thought of him, etc... :) F
steveeveritt that didn't take long
erocc I'm sure it was predicted by some. :)
steveeveritt is that bk asking that question
CP feel free to refer to him as ""Honey"" Modell :-)
erocc not
steveeveritt alright here is a tidbit
steveeveritt my fondest memory of david modell well, there are two
steveeveritt I remember going in to the 95 season I had stopped renting an apartment and had finally bought a house in Westlake
steveeveritt MD Perry's house actually, and it was a pretty sweet house, and I was all excited and I went to facility in Berea
steveeveritt I was hanging out with the coaching staff , telling them all about my new purchase and David walked into the room
steveeveritt and we all clammed up hoping he would take the hint and leave
* Zombo (Plays Sound: bark4.wav) bark4
steveeveritt but he had overheard us all talking and he went out of his way to congradulate me on settling down in Cleve for a long career then fast forward a few months
steveeveritt and everyone knows they had the move in the works for quite some time before I even bought that house so that little slimy worm was lying right to my face do you want to hear the other one?
erocc of course :)
steveeveritt before games i used to got out on the field way before warmups just to go over the gameplan without any distractions that you get in the locker room
steveeveritt actually a bunch of us lineman, bob dahl, tbone, zeus, gene williams would
steveeveritt so we are getting our heads right before the game and getting in that zone
steveeveritt you would look up and Jim Brown would be walking around on the sideline and the dog pound would be filling up
steveeveritt the coolest possible environment for any football game ever played (except maybe for the big house in ann arbor, sorry)
steveeveritt but then david would walk up to us and give us the mean face like he was going to push us over the threshold, with the mean weasel face
steveeveritt i cannot name names or even verify for sure if it is true, but rumor has it, there were a few times, as David would finish up the weasel face, as he turned away from us that he was actually spit on
steveeveritt how was that
erocc Awesome Steve, thank you. Great answers. :)
Aqib dude you rule
steveeveritt thanx
CP erocc, cool if I let another Dawg get a chance?
erocc yes sure....thank youi
CP thanks erocc
steveeveritt of course, one thing I have alot these days, is time
CP DK was up next, but word has it that he gave his question to thekid, so he can run next
thekid see ya.This question is from RK, he couldn't make it tonight..... ""Hi Steve. Thanks for all your support towards C-Town after the move. Even though you probably hear it from us all the time we can never express enough how much it meant to us. This is kind of an off the wall question but I was wondering what you thought of Andy McCollum and if he's ever mentioned a desire to come to C-Town. He's one of those local boys made
thekid good and even though the Browns look pretty set at center for the time being he fits that versatile OG/C requirement Butch seems to have for OLmen. Thanks for coming out tonight.""
steveeveritt i played with andy when he was on the practice squad in Cleve and in 2000 with the rams
steveeveritt i think he is a great player prototype #'s and very smart but he has that attitude that you cant teach
steveeveritt he was probably on the bubble that practice squad year and we were in chicago scrimmaging the bears and we told andy he had to make an impression at practice that day
steveeveritt he got in like 5 fights and maybe even kicked out of practice but he made that impression
thekid how is your health? do you want to try to play again?
steveeveritt i have to say hi to my mom who is watching under an alias I'm sure, Hi Mom
steveeveritt i was able to walk away from the game unlike some of my friends who limped out
steveeveritt actually my 2nd year with the browns I hurt my neck and missed i game and began to start wearing a neck brace for the first time
steveeveritt it seemed every year we had to hike it up a little higher
steveeveritt but you can only make it so high without impairing your vision in your stance
steveeveritt so last year when i was with the rams and i was getting burnings in walk thrus without pads the decision was almost made for me
thekid who is the toughest guy you ever played against? and with? Thank you for stopping by.
steveeveritt some guys go in after every season and get scopes and little things cleaned up
steveeveritt i would just rather play as long as i can with what i gat rather than get sliced up like some of these dudes do
steveeveritt the toughest guy
steveeveritt the scariest was jumpy geathers
steveeveritt a lot of people are probably like, ""who?'
thekid i don't know him. why is he the toughest?
steveeveritt that man reaked more havoc on o-lineman than anyone I can think of
DK Defensive Lineman - Atlanta Falcons?
steveeveritt he played for the redskins, falcons and when he was with denver he tore my right pec in half and i missed the last half of that season in Balt he had a move called the forklift that5 was unstoppable
steveeveritt I voted him to the pro bowl even after he retired
MadDawgJimmyMac Welcome home Steve. We missed ya brother. Coming from an old time Browns fan, and I do mean old, we fans know how hard the move was for us (wiping tears). How sad we all were. What was the impact on the players. Their true feelings?
steveeveritt i think i held out hope that someone would intervene long after most guys had picked up and moved to balt
steveeveritt even after it was a done deal i thought the commissioner would put an end to it
steveeveritt a stop to it, i mean
MadDawgJimmyMac We kept hoping. And faxing, and e-mailing, and phoning, and faxing, and e-mailing, and phoning. lol
steveeveritt there were a bunch of good guys on that team and a core of guys that didnt want to go anywhere
steveeveritt it seems like yesterday i still think about it all the time
MadDawgJimmyMac So do we Steve and we will never forget you guys. :( How did you guys like playing for BelliSuck, er, Bellichek?
steveeveritt i should be starting my tenth year in cleve this fall, but what can you do
steveeveritt Belichek is my boy
MadDawgJimmyMac Really? Not ours. lol
MadDawgJimmyMac Please explain.
steveeveritt i know the whole bernie thing is on him but I go over his head and blame modell for that too
steveeveritt he drafted me and if you are one of his guys he treats you right he was my biggest fan I almost played for him a couple times after we left cleve
MadDawgJimmyMac Wow, thats surprising. Thats it for me. And Steve, please feel free to stop by the insider boards anytime.
MadDawgJimmyMac And GO BUCKEYES! :-)
steveeveritt thanks
Lane For you Indians fans, they are only down 21-1 in the ninth
MadDawgJimmyMac Thanks Steve.
CP thanks MadDawg
steveeveritt i could go in and give up 21 runs
CP HackinDawg, you are up
HackinDawg Hi Steve, Sorry I'm late. Even though you had to ride the rails outta here in '95. You are the best to ask,,,,,, Do you think our third rounder Melvin will be ready and able to do the job for us by January 2004??? ,,,, or maybe this year?
steveeveritt i think he has a great situation
HackinDawg Are all your Michigan Alumni, now Cleveland Browns, ready to turn it on this year?? I mean big time!!!
steveeveritt he can learn from dave without the immediate pressure of having to start
HackinDawg How's the 'Art' business going? Where can I pick up some of you work?
steveeveritt my rookie i had jay hilgenberg showing me the ropes,
steveeveritt not bad
steveeveritt aaron shea is a beast
steveeveritt ryan tucker is gonna tear it up for you guys, too
CP do you take requests for your artwork? Like a 3D realism piece based upon a fictional public hanging of David Modell at the 50 yard line of the new CBS?
steveeveritt you would be surprised at some of my sketches and the subject matter can i give a little pub to my charitable foundation
Lane Absolutely
steveeveritt my father runs it out of Charlotte, nc
steveeveritt I am headeed up there this weekend for our first big fundraiser
Lane Steve, would you mind providing us here with your foundation's address and telephone number?
steveeveritt I still sell my artwork, with all proceeds going to the foundation, you can contact my father at 704 844 0666 and the address is 500 West John St Matthews, NC 28105
steveeveritt that was shameless
HackinDawg Just a add on,,,,Why don't you go back in time, and get younger so we coulda picked you this year when we really need a lot of rotating meat-cleavers opening holes on the OL??
steveeveritt seriously, though we still have a relationship with Rainbow Babies Children's Hosp in Cleve
Lane No shame there...........
Lane Steve, who should donations be made out to?
steveeveritt We are funding football sholrships and art scholarships and are starting to get tinto the art therapy, working with kids, and a bunch of other cool stuff
steveeveritt my father would be more than happy to talk with anyone and everyone who is interested about artwork, donations, etc... his name is Michael and he has put up with me all these years so feel free to contact him about anything involved with the foundation
HackinDawg Thanks Steve (and Lane) I'll be happy to donate.
steveeveritt I am sorry i writ like a 2nd grader my typing teacher in junior high would be embarrassed
HackinDawg I had an advantage, I got to type and edit mine ahead of time,,,heh heh
steveeveritt i used to be a lot more smarter before all of the concusions
Lane Thanks Steve.......a foundation such as yours is extremely important to the growth, development, and further provides and opportunity of a child
steveeveritt concussions, i mean
Lane Steve, do you plan on coming up for any games next season?
CP We need to get the powers that be together and get Steve a regular column for premium subscribers
steveeveritt which game are they retiring my #? just kidding
HackinDawg I read that you're joining us for New Orleans? Should be a helluva party!!
CP Can't ever get enough war stories to read!
Lane We may not be able to get that number retired, but I believe that we can enshrine that bandana
steveeveritt maybe i could swing thru after the maize and blue beat up osu this year
HackinDawg No comment,,,
steveeveritt i still have the infamous bandana
CP if Luis Gonzalez' gum can get what it did on eBay, I'll bet that bandana would garner a pretty penny from Browns fans for charity :-)
HackinDawg Bandanas R Us
Lane Steve, it's been great having you with us tonight. We appreciate you stopping in and spending some time talking Browns football.
steveeveritt i have it right next to all the bricks from the old stadium that fans sent me
steveeveritt no problem
Lane You need to get me a picture of that
steveeveritt asap
Lane Feel free to stop in here at any time...........
Lane Thanks man
steveeveritt you have my number
Lane You are always welcome
Lane Absolutely
HackinDawg Steve, I missed the beginning of the Chat. What are you doing to keep yourself busy these days?
steveeveritt later
Guest182 steve are you still there
steveeveritt yes
Guest182 do you remember the barn in baltimore
Guest182 and nestors show
Lane Steve.......I'll give you a call later in the week
steveeveritt the crab feasts, of course
redright Steve We now have two young center/guards on the team. how long does it take to develop into a guard? a center? What does a fan look for from the stands to recognize good center play? How long would it take a rookie to become proficient as a center? How long for a line to gel?
steveeveritt alright lane
Reverb Steve, will you be in Charlotte this weekend ? And if so...when ?
Guest182 do you still have the shirt the bfwwn made for you after the bandana incident?
steveeveritt if he has good players around him and a solid coach, some luck as far as health goes there's no telling some 1st rounders are bust and some free agent are in the hall of fame
steveeveritt Sunday afternoon at the address above there is a big fund raiser with live music art for sale, kids stuff, face painting etc... stop by if you can it will be a lot of fun for a good cause
Reverb Great...I live in Charlotte, and my 6 year old and I love the Browns
steveeveritt cool
steveeveritt thank you guys
lightandsweet hey call your sister!!!
DK lightandsweet hey call your sister!!!
DK LOL - not only was your mom here Steve but you are gettin in trouble for not calling your sis!!! LOL

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