Browns-Titans: Gameballs and Goats

It was a much happier experience recording the Gameballs and Goats this week, as a little less, um, "creative editing" was needed to make the article family-friendly. Plus, we had our first write-in candidate to get into the top seven ever. Here's this week's edition of Gameballs and Goats!

The Week's Results: So, we've now learned one thing. That is, three times as many people vote if there's a front page link available for gameballs and goats. Look for that to start showing up the rest of the season so we can more folks to participate.

Reuben Droughns continues to be a favorite as the season chugs along, with nearly 700 gameballs awarded so far this season. His nearest competitor, Josh Cribbs, has around 250. So, Reuben can pretty much make space on his mantle for that coveted MVP trophy / used beer can after this season is through. Trent Dilfer and Kyle Richardson made up some ground this week, but not enough to be displaced from the lead positions in the race for the not-quite-as-coveted LVP / dead-fish-on-a-stick.

 - Barry

Player Gameballs
Reuben Droughns (34/RB) 101
Dennis Northcutt (86/WR) 45
Trent Dilfer (8/QB) 41
Kyle Richardson (10/P) 40
Jason Wright 17
---Entire Defense--- 11
---O Line--- 10

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS:  Jason Wright(17), The Wind, Entire secondary, James Barski, Terrelle "Triple Pancake" Smith, "Terrelle Smith Steamrolling Entire Defense", "Fans who stayed", "Carolina Cheerleaders---now thats team spirit!!", "me... on my couch... in my dawg mask... ", "Smith and Droughns for knocking the defenders on their a$$es..."


Player Goathorns
Steve Heiden (82/TE) 59
---Fans--- 17
---TV Announcers--- 15
Jerry Rosburg(ST) 11
Braylon Edwards (17/WR) 11
Trent Dilfer (8/QB) 9
---Special Teams--- 9

Wind/weather (4), WBNS/TV Stations (3), "The Officials from the Vanderbilt-Florida Game", "Beurlein Is Brutal !!!", Kevin VanLenten, "The president of Iran", "The guy who hasn't updated the roster so I can give Jason Wright a game ball without writing him in". "Fans who left", "Police who arrested the 2 cheerleaders....let their love be free!!!", "Fart Modell", "special teams penalties", "Butch Davis, Owl, and Greg", "Pittsburgh Sucks!"



Gameballs Goathorns
Reuben Droughns Trent Dilfer
Joshua Cribbs Kyle Richardson
Leigh Bodden Maurice Carthon
Andra Davis Officiating Crews
Offensive Line Special Teams
Phil Dawson Jeff Faine

Standings are calculated as (gameballs awarded - goathorns awarded). Only the top seven totals for gameballs or goats on a weekly basis are used in year-to-date tracking.


cashdog296 Trent FINALLY looked good again.
writerdawg Mo Carthon for finally figuring out Northcutt needs to be part of this offense.
thejamdawg Jason Wright. Very Nice Game for coming off the street. Trent Dilfer. This is what we wanted from Dilfer, efficient management of the offense. Reuben Droughns for running the ball nicely all day. Kyle Richardson gets a gameball for making up for that shankfest last week. Ohio State & The Browns Win! That's a perfect football weekend!
rutger Three guys that were getting a lot of heat came up big today.. Nice jobs by Dilfer, Richardson and Northcutt.. Plus a write in for Droughns, the man had a great game, get him re-signed NOW!!..
fgm Trent Dilfer- Nice overall game today. Will kill the "Charlie" chants for at least a week. Kyle Richardson- Did this dude remember to eat his Wheaties this morning? A complete 180 from last week. Reuben Droughns- What a beast this guy is!!!! Reminds me of someone who wore his number about 15, 20 years ago. Wonder who I could be talking about? Brodney Pool- Made a couple of nice plays and had the game-saving INT. He's really starting to come around as a player.
paledragon Wow. What a game. Droughns was a bulldozer. Pool got his first interception at the best possible moment. Jason Wright scored our first run TD of the year. I don't know who he is, but I like him already. Bonus gameball to Richardson for having his best game yet in the Brown and Orange, despite the wind.
dawgdc Like I said last week Reuben Droughns reminds me of Kevin Mack, Jr...even with the DUI this week sad but true. The kid play his BUTT off this week he deserves two game balls. Trent made a nice comeback this week, but he neglected Braylon, because Northsucks was crying to the coaches. If, we are going to have any success offensively he has to start using EVERYBODY!!!! Braylon should have been used alot this week. What can you say about Joe Andruzzi, I swear he wasn't going to play this week and he was seriously FORD TOUGH this week!!! I will continue to say this until somebody on the defensive coaching staff hears me. START BRODNEY POOL AND ETHAN KELLEY our defense is so much better with both of them in there. Kelley stands the center up to allow our LB's to attack there running backs, which a true nose tackle is suppose to do!!!! Not like Jason Fisk who gets pancaked 3 out of 4 times!!!!! Pool can play ball...he needs to be out there more making plays. I was so happy to see RAC light into Reuben's arse when he fumbled, as a Head Coach you have to do that....players need to understand you can't make a play WITHOUT THE BALL!!! Way to go RAC!!!!!
naxos I love winning! Great game by Rueben and the O-Line. Especially nice seeing Faine out there making some great blocks down field. Also nice job by Jason Wright coming into the game and producing big.
okibrown Great game by Dilfer and Richardson. Nice to see after the rough stretch they've both had. Reuben proved to be a football warrior today.
other bjk T. Smith gets a game ball for running people over
shegalofus Jason Wright is NOT wrong ! Orpheus Shmorforpheus I love ya mom ! THE LAKE ERIE WIND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are 3-5 !! GO BROWNS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ccclay57 Jason did a good job in a pressure situation. Chaun may finally be starting to get it.
mulekicker3 We finally threw a deep ball to Braylon! Who cares that it wasn't close to being completed, at least we tried!!!!!!
dp10451 It's good to see Cutt involved again and having a good game. Orpheus is a rock on defense. He doesn't get a lot of recognition except from the guys that really matter. Chaun just keeps getting better. Oh, and Richardson had a good day too. And he didn't look like a punter on that tackle.
mjones85 Great job by the O-line. Droughns is making Sundays exciting again.
swargo2 Rueben is a warrior! Best running back C-Town has had since Mack. He made a mistake earlier this week, but he has proven himself! Once this DWI blows over, Savage needs to lock him up for a few years. He will be even better once Carthon figures out what he is doing and Suggs gets back. Way to go Rueben! Second gameball to Northcutt! His patience paid off with a touchdown, a nice run on a reverse and unfortunately a great punt return that was called back. Get him involved Carthon! Finally a gameball to Romeo, he has stayed the course, has gotten the defense to overperform and although this is still just a five win team this year, he is doing it his way.
houlihan Droughns gets a game ball for leveling "pacman" when that chump tried to cheap-shot him. That's Cleveland football.
muskiedawg01 Dilfer had to hear the "Charlie" chants and still had a pretty good game. Yes, he left some plays on the field but what quarterback doesn't? Reuben had a hell of a game. He's a player. Orpheus is just a solid player and I love having him on this team...
k2scar Dilfer bounced back to hopefully keep the kneejerkers off his back for another week. Droughns was an absolute beast. The defense continued to be surprisingly effective. Dennis Northcutt and Chaun Thompson get an honorable mention...
spicydeigo the defense played another great game. i love Todd Grantham's fiery spirit, what a great a great job he is doing with the talent we have, i cant wait till next yr if we get a few more free agents and draft picks. go browns beat those damm steelers....
mazdogg Go Northwestern
daddy34 Reuben Droughns - What an absolute warrior! This guy should be the model that each and every player stives to be. Amazing performance, incredible HEART!
glousterbrown Droughns ran hard all day long, Cutt had a great game and another called back return. Richardson get's one after some very poor games he comes up with a very good game, and the O-line played well today for the most part.
izdlizard Reuben was phenomenal a real hard nosed performance. The line opened holes and got to the second level. Northcutt had his best game since 02 and provided a much needed spark for us.
dboots Northcutt today showed he's a playmaker when given the opportunity. Gave Trent one for a solid performance despite the wind. And Kyle Richardson for sucking it up & punting the best since he's been here.
rc Pool, congrats on your first INT. Trent Dilfer played the way he was supposed to today. Rube was the man today.
phelix17 A win is a win is a win. Go Browns!
bfan99 except for the fumble, Reuben had a hell of a game. Trent and Northcutt came to play today.
deathbyeagle Trent deserves some props for going out there and playing tough...he also shows he doesn't care about stats when he threw that hail mary....Frye will get his chance but at least we got someone we can rely on if Frye struggles. Props to Andre Davis...needs to be resigned ...he sticks his nose in there--No "Wali Rainer-type tackles for this guy!! Note to Savage: Resign A.B. and Davis, extend Droughns and get a draft pick for Suggs
appraiser The fans! Is it becoming Cleveland Browns football again?
gambierdawg Trent for doing what we've asked all year....and for blocking on the reverse- I love QBs who think they're actual football players. Terrelle for blocking well and crushing two guys on the swing pass....the defense for winning the game.
dru57 Northcutt- for not falling down after he caught the pass and ran it in for a TD. (Hey, AB, see Northcutt for how to do that) Josh Cribbs- for catching that kickoff that got held up in the wind. HUGE play!
ed The whole offensive line did a great job keeping the titans off of Dilfer and made some great block and running lanes.
gbeachy50310 RICHARDSON: Deserves a gameball for finally getting his act together. Booming punts, accurate placement, and a great tackle to save a certain TD. Now, keep it up every week and we'll stop missing Gardocki. DROUGHNS: Sentimental favorite this week, especially after the heart-wrenching article in the PD on Sunday. Great game. ALL PLAYERS: Everyone was focused and played the full 60 minutes. Lots of energy all around -- like Unck, ain't he great running to the end zone on before kickoffs and getting the fans riled up? I wish they'd show that on TV. And Lang with his great play, and A Davis, and Northcutt, and...etc. Nice work.
brbbva What a wonderful game from Droughns. Richardson's punting was a factor in this win, just like it was a main factor in the loss against Houston. Keep it up. I have to toss a gameball to Jason Wright for getting the first rushing TD for the Browns in over a year.
edwardsmatt Droughns - we have been waiting on that type of running since CBS opened. Northcutt - after all he has been through (contract, penalties), he has kept his head high and been the consummate professional. Thank you Dennis. The entire team - for the first time in a LONG TIME - we were doing the hitting. Physical game that made me proud to be a Browns fan.
muddydawg67 Reuben tore it up... Richardson sets an unbreakable record for most improved... and every time the d made a play it seems like Orpheus was either there or creating pressure. honorable mention for Terrelle Smith's old school bash fest of a run...
fenderbender Kyle Richardson goes from goathorns to gameball in one week. Keep it up!!!
aqib Droughns has to gets a game ball after his huge game. Kyle Richardson gets a ball for pinning the Titans deep all game, and what can you say about the defense that is actually upset for giving up two TDs. Better than celebrating for holding Jamal Lewis to 45 yards except for the 5 plays where they gave up 250.
apvic great catch by Northcutt.. some big balls shown by Carthon and Crennel for calling some long pass plays in bad, bad weather...decent announcers for a change...


cashdog296 I still dont like Carthon'ss play call.
drdawg12 The FANS get a major Goathorn today. Listening to the Charlie chants with every incompletion was downright sickening...
writerdawg I am so sick of special teams mistakes costing this team dearly. When this season ends, Rosburg needs to be fired and run out of this town on a rail.
thejamdawg Steve Heiden get a pair of Goathorns for ALMOST costing the Browns the game with the holding on the Field Goal Attempt. The Officials from the Vanderbilt-Florida Game Get a gross of Goathorns for screwing over Vanderbilt, preventing the upset of the Gators.
davidhobrath wow that was nice to be able to leave one of the goathorn boxes empty
rutger Nice win.. No-one gets any goathorns today.. Let them all enjoy it..
fgm LB Unit- Do any of you guys know how to cover the tight end? Steve Heiden- Two boneheaded illegal motions on offense, a dropped pass on 3rd down, and an inexcusable holding call on the FG late in the game. If the Browns would've ended up losing...oh, I don't even wanna think about it. Special teams- I really think this group belongs in the special olympics instead of on special teams. More illegal blocks and holding calls. And more blown punt and kick coverage. Rosburg should be getting his resume ready soon!!!
paledragon Lehan got another stupid special teams penalty. Edwards was a non-factor, and lost his bling to Pac-Man.
dawgdc I'm going to be tough from now on, period!!!! Kyle Shankinson will continue to goathorns from me and actuallly everybody that was cheering Shankinson for his punts gets a goathorn!!!! He sucks, and it took extreme conditions for him to focus in on his job? Draft a punter next year and make sure Shankinson wears a different uniform next year. Andra Davis and Kenard Lang were both responsible for both touchdowns, because of blown coverages. Davis looks inside first instead of looking at where your man was running his route. Kinney was wide open and he was looking for his jock strap. Lang trying to defensive hero over ran the touchdown on the Chris Brown TD and if he would have stayed his ground Brown should have been tackled for a lost!!! Corey and Heiden of course for there penalties and Jason Fisk because I get tired of seeing him pancaked every game!!!! Please retire Jason
okibrown Heiden almost earned himself on the unemployment line for that stupid penalty. Rosburg continues to prove he should be bagging groceries. The DB's allowed way to much passing yardage considering they were playing against rookie's and UDFA's.
other bjk Fans get a goat - too many empty seats
shegalofus How can a professional screw up the first names of player yet look like a jake in "B_Lines world "?? Nice photo SB. If the Browns did not win today, we'd be putting lugers to our heads and shutting the door with the last sounds of Steve Beurlein on our minds. Thank God WE won ! GO BROWNS !!!!!!!
ccclay57 More empty seats than a bungles blowout loss. We can't handle a little weather anymore? Are we becoming typical NFL fair weather fans? YEP.
mulekicker3 looked like a lot of empty seats....booo
dp10451 Only had a problem with the officials (arm around the waist IS pass interference), and the 25,000 fans that weren't there.
swargo2 Only two potential goats this week. Obviously, Heiden could have cost us the game with the penality that wiped out Dawson's field goal. Can't blame Dawson with that wind, Heiden escaped when Pool intercepted that last pass. Final goat goes to Carthon. He just dosen't get it on a consistent basis. The shuttle pass on 3rd and 6 was a great call as was the reverse, but to be on the goal line, up 17-7 and to again throw the ball when you go jumbo backfield, is stupid! He could have put the game away right there and didn't. He needs to quit passing on 3rd and short. His tendencied are so obvious that my four year old said that they were going to pass it! He has potential to be an OK coordinator, but he must get better.
muskiedawg01 Ben Taylor is just plain terrible. He's an average backup at best. We need two solid LBs in this defense (a pass-rusher and run-stuffer). Heiden played a poor game. The weather just plain sucked. Let is boil out or snow but rain just plain sucks...
bigdawg101 I really needed to be able to watch some football this weekend. And no the bengles still dont count
spicydeigo the packers and there costly turnovers against the Steelers.
glousterbrown Edwards disappeared, Heiden's penalty after a made FG costs us 3 points, and Robiskie needs to go. Our WR have to be some of the dumbest or poorest coached in the league, and I lean towards the coaching since he has never done a good job with any of them.
izdlizard Heiden's penalty almost cost us the game but all's well that ends well. The fans get one for the lack of them especially in the expensive seats and the Charlie chants.
dboots Only goat is special teams. We have alot of work to do.
avesice51 Our LB Unit could not cover a TE all day long. Andra Davis is a great tackler and run stopper, but not good in coverage. Completely got burned on that first Ten. TD.
brownsbot Can I vote for Heiden 8 or 9 times? Damned idiot.
dawgbown Stop booing every incomplete pass, you whiners!!
rc Kellen Winslow gets the goat since he's not there. Mr. Heiden, were you paid by the Titans to throw the game because that's how you played.
phelix17 No goaties from me today. Too happy to have a W.
bfan99 Heiden has been around too long to make such dumb mistakes, nearly cost us the game. Special teams have to improve and stop the stupid penalties. Edwards needs more catches that one for two yards
deathbyeagle Kellen Wheelie Winslow---I still hate you! Heiden--focus!! 2 illegal motion penalties? Thats unlike you Aaron Shea...where were you? Guess it was a bad day for the TEs
gambierdawg After a plethora of these the last couple weeks, a win gets them all the week off- NO HORNS in the win.
dru57 Heiden- Penalty could have cost us the game.
confuseddog just because
ed Sorry Heiden had to get a goat for the holding call that took POINTS off the board
bigdaddy78 Heiden is one lucky SOB, he ought to buy Brodney dinner all week.
gbeachy50310 HEIDEN: Where was your head, man? Get with it. The penalty on the field goal took points off the board. And missed passes to boot. SPECIAL TEAMS: Not-so-hot again this week. Make something happen, guys. Our special teams got us to the playoffs in '02 -- we need some spark here. You almost got burned 2x on the fake punts. Get your act together. CARTHON: Still not convinced of his play-calling ability. The shovel pass was nice to see, along with the double reverse, and some interesting alignments. But, still, a lot of luck and hard work by the O seems to be the key factor in today's win -- not Mo's play-calling.
brbbva Droughns gets horns for his DUI. He had no business speeding, that was dumb. When no one else earns them, I hate to pass up the opportunity to honor and complain about the announcers. The hometown fans had a lame showing.
edwardsmatt B Ed - too many wrong routes and false starts for #3 overall. Get in your playbook. Heiden - too many penalites. Officiating crew - too many penalites. But you missed two PI calls that would have put the Browns on the 1 yard line. Terrible.
sigcleve eediot fans with the 'charlie' chants at the game. special teams coverage units are still weak. we were plain lucky their punt team didn't convert the run and pass. that pac-man guy really comes off as moran.
chad.garner It's freaking November and we're showing golf and movies instead of football? What the heck? And of all games to show...the Bengals? Give me a break.
muddydawg67 special teams needs work... how many yards & td's has cutt lost this year already for $#!##% away from the ball penalties...
gov135 I don't like giving goat horns to the fans - but seriously, was there no one left in the stadium by the fourth quarter, or was it just me. It seemed to me like no one came back from halftime. I was cold and a little wet, and this wasn't the Steelers game, but c'mon. Sit your butt in the seat and cheer.
wadingdawg Heiden has been OK all year but he was absolutely out to lunch against the Titans.
fenderbender Refs get the goat horns this week for calling a Mickey Mouse holding penalty on a field goal attempt, and not calling pass interference on a play where the defender was clutching the receiver's jersey.
aqib Fans get a goat for booing everything. Do you have to boo every incomplete pass? Guess what when Frye gets in he will not have 100% completion percentage. Give it a rest guys. Davis will keep getting goats because we would be further along if he didn't suck so bad. Randy Lerner gets one for for keeping him so long, and as usual Owl and Greg get ones for supporting him
apvic Heiden had his worse game as a brown... Dawson still needs to make the kick, this is his misses..

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