Ten Years Later: Belichick Blasts Modell

The Patriots coach is finally talking about the events of 1995, and the result is a must-read column by Sports Illustrated writer Don Banks. Even a decade after the events unfolded, new information continues to come to light about the chaotic nature of the times for fans and team alike.

A decade having passed by, Bill Belichick has finally begun to talk about the Browns move from Cleveland in 1995.

He does so today in a big way, with a lengthy article appearing from writer Don Banks on CNN/SI.

Belichick tells Banks that the Browns were completely unprepared for the move announcement, and that the coaching staff, players, and front office staff in Berea, Ohio were left dangling and without information in the weeks which followed the move announcement.

"The first few days were kind of a shock," Belichick told Banks. "Your wheels were spinning. Everybody was kind of dizzy. But after about a week, when there was nothing coming our way in the way of support (from ownership) or even factual information about what was ahead, you felt just like a flag on a pole. You were just blowing with the wind, with no control over which direction you went."

The article also reveals a less-than-apologetic Art Modell, who remains angry enough about his treatment by Sports Illustrated to keep them on a "Big List" (whatever that means). For the most part, Modell sticks to his mantra that he was forced to move, and that Browns fans "got a new stadium" out of the affair.

It's a worthwhile read for anyone who lived through the experience. Click here.

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