Berea Report: Beaten, and Beaten Up

Fred Greetham reports from a downbeat Cleveland Browns HQ in Berea, Ohio, where the team has to cope with the loss of the game and the possible loss of CB Daylon McCutcheon. Here are the gory details...

Berea – The Browns might've lost more than the game Sunday night to the Steelers.

Romeo Crennel said the Browns could be without the services of Daylon McCutcheon, Joe Andruzzi and Joshua Cribbs for upcoming games. All three are having MRI's done on Monday afternoon.

"Daylon is having an MRI today and we'll find out what he has and what the prognosis is," Crennel said. "Cribbs had a couple of stingers in the game and he's having an MRI.

"And Andruzzi is getting an MRI on his knee and calf," he continued. "We'll have to see where they are and how much they can help us this week."

McCutcheon went down defending Hines Ward in the first quarter and did not return. It appeared as though Ward's knee caught McCutcheon in the stomach area.

"It's an abdominal injury," Crennel said. "I don't know how severe it is. On the play, he was defending the pass and couldn't get up."

If McCutcheon cannot play, the Browns will be without their two starting cornerbacks, as Gary Baxter is on injured reserve with a torn pectoral muscle.

Ray Mickens stepped in when McCutcheon went down.

"Ray has experience in the NFL and he should be able to go out and play," Crennel said. "He's done that before. Part of the NFL is when somebody goes down, you have to go in there."

Michael Lehan will get more playing time to go along with Leigh Bodden, who replaced Baxter.

"Anytime you lose any two starters it will hurt," Crennel said. "Because of the work Bodden and Lehan got in training camp, they will help us to be competitive. Bodden has made some plays."

Andruzzi has been battling knee injuries most of the season, but has continued to play left guard. Right guard Cosey Coleman missed the Steelers game with a sprained knee. Cribbs missed several games with a sprained knee earlier in the season.

Quick Hits

Sticking with Trent: Crennel said he's still not ready to switch to rookie Charlie Frye at quarterback.

"Going forward from here we probably have to take a look at Charlie sometime," Crennel said. "Whether we put him in for a series here and there, that will remain to be seen, but Trent will start against Miami."

With the team 3-6, Crennel said there's no time table when the switch will be made.

"I'm not ready," Crennel said. "My years of experience tell me it's not time. I want to pick and choose the time so he can go in there and have some success."

Crennel said he doesn't feel there's any dissension in the locker room.

"If within the locker room there was a large group of players who feel a change should be made, you could lose the locker room," he said. "I don't think that's the case."

Crennel said he and General Manager Phil Savage are on the same page concerning Frye.

"We've been on the same page since we started together."

Staying Positive: Crennel is trying to be positive with the young players on the team.

"I told the guys the season is not over," he said. "Sometimes, it's tough mentally with players. These young kids are resilient. If we show some belief and confidence in them, they'll bounce back.

"We're working on the change of attitude and what it takes to win," he said. "There's always room for improvement."

Confusion: Crennel was asked why the Browns didn't call a timeout with one second to play in the first half when several of the players weren't on the field. It appeared as though Ryan Tucker was not on the field and Dilfer was forced to run out of bounds.

Some of the guys went to the locker room and if you had to blame someone, blame me," Crennel said.

The Browns had all three timeouts left.

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