Browns-Steelers: Gameballs and Goats

Browns fans offer their takes on last Sunday night's game via Gameballs and Goats. Once more, Reuben Droughns shows that he's made himself a fan favorite, while Browns fans point their fingers at the team's passing game for a large part of Sunday's loss...

The Week's Results: Anyone looking to identify the team's biggest positive and negative surprises in 2005 need look no further than Gameballs and Goats. Reuben Droughns has built up what seems to be an insurmountable lead in Gameballs this season, while Trent Dilfer, Antonio Bryant, and Dennis Northcutt are all listed as goats heading into week ten.

On the plus side, gameball voters found solace in potato chips during halftime of the Steelers game, and seem to have a re-awakening of interest in college football. Hey, last year at this time we gave up running gameballs and goats because everyone was so down about the team's season, so the fact that so many fans continue to vote has to mean that we're all either still intrigued about the team's direction or just plain stubborn.

Player Gameballs
Reuben Droughns (34/RB) 232
Orpheus Roye (99/DE) 75
Terrelle Smith (42/FB) 61
Leigh Bodden (28/DB) 36
Ethan Kelley (78/NT) 34
Trent Dilfer (8/QB) 25
Braylon Edwards (17/WR) 23

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS:  "The Fans" (2), Batch's broken hand (2), AJ friggin' Hawk(2), Tommy Maddox(2), Jim Brown, Waterboy, The Ohio State Buckeyes, The Pringles I had at halftime, Breasts, "The terrible towel so Pitt fans can finally take their monthly bath", Ben Gay, Chris Gardocki, WKYC, "A Drunk Joe Namath", Chris Gardocki (for providing further evidence of Butch's stupidity), Bill Belichick (for his comments in the Don Banks SI article this week), "Anyone whose PSL is not for sale...", Hines Ward, Nobody, Jennifer Aniston in GQ


Player Goathorns
Dennis Northcutt (86/WR) 190
Trent Dilfer (8/QB) 77
Antonio Bryant (81/WR) 76
Ray Mickens (23/CB) 47
---TV Announcers--- 30
Alvin McKinley (97/DL) 27
---Entire Defense--- 27

Suzy Kolber (4),Everyone (3), "The ground, for breaking Bettis's fall on that hit from Kelley", "Whoever decided we should not throw the ball to Braylon", Brian Billick,  "The whole Defense and the coaching staff", "The Michigan Wolverines", "Pittsburgh bragging rights (again)", "All other players", Northcutt's Sex Change edges out our "Pass Rush", The Chin, "Pittsburgh Still Sucks", Art Modell, Chris Palmer, The city of Pittsburgh, "Fire Bozo", Paul McGuire, Inbreds, "Pending... Romeo Crennel, if he doesn't bench Dilfer & Cutt", Hines 'tears running down my face' Ward, The Hines Ward Lovefest on ESPN and whoever should have blocked Troy Polamulo, "Myself for being a life-long Browns fan...", The Terrible Towel, "ABC Sports for NOT showing OSU-Michigan in Arizona & The West Coast", Steelers fans, Bill Cowher, Butch Davis, Polamalu's hair, Ketchup, Watercooler


Gameballs Goathorns
Reuben Droughns Trent Dilfer
Leigh Bodden Kyle Richardson
Josh Cribbs Antonio Bryant
Andra Davis Maurice Carthon
Orpheus Roye Dennis Northcutt
Offensive Line Ray Mickens

Leigh Bodden moved up to second place in the gameballs standings, but it would be shock if anyone were able to catch up to Reuben Droughns, even with seven games remaining. Orpheus Roye gets the recognition he deserves and moves up to #5 in the gameballs standings.



dawgsnot Droughns, Smith, Dilfer. Leaders who at least pretend to give a damn.
bigbaddawg2 The only consistent member of the Browns organization.
drdawg12 Other than Reuben, how can I give out any gameballs? They all looked like a bunch of wimps! Outplayed and "outtoughed" tonight.
raine While we lack overall toughness on our team, and that is a big reason why we got our a$$ handed to us by pukesburgh, Kelley, T. Smith and Rueben have showed real toughness. These are the kind of players they have to bring in here in order to compete in our division.
sincitydawg Droughns was a beast out there carrying Steelers on his back several times. He was the only member of the offense that showed up and played with intensity, fire and pride.
butch2k1 Droughns deserves better.
shegalofus It was nice to see class and professionalism when the four letter network showed Jim Brown a couple of times. Too bad his coolness can not rub off on to this team. STEELERS SUCK. BROWNS RULE !!!
glousterbrown Thw only one who came to play, however the waterboy aught o get one also for having to watch this pathetic attempt at playing football. He has to think he could be no worse than some of the guys RAC is playing.
thejamdawg Reuben Droughns, Braylon Edwards & Terrelle Smith were the only players that showed anything in the game. Braylon & Terrelle are badly underused. Edwards should become the #1 Reciever with Bryant as the #2. Northcutt should only do punt returns.
muskiedoug Reuben was the best pick up of the off-season. Forget about drafting Bush, we have our stud...Now we need some other parts to be put around him. Ethan Kelley is proving that he should have been starting weeks ago.
savante Can anyone imagine what things would be like if we had Droughns (or at least a back like him) a few years earlier? Talk about running hard. Edwards is a playmaker. Great routes already as a rook. Get him the ball. Bodden wasn't the one getting burnt on the passes, Mickens was. Plus, of course, the TD. He's a player that I see as a future standout nickelback.
daddy34 Ethan Kelley burying that nosetackle posing as a RB, is the one memory I'll take from this game to put a smile on my face.
brownsman2002 At least Droughns and Smith showed heart. I give a gameball to those fans who stuck around and watched this atrocity.
redright Defensive Line...these guys are working hard and IF the linebackers show up we will have a good defense. Droughns and Dilfer good character guys. the OL did better than expected; need help from the WRs
jb42776 Reuben is the only player worth rooting for.
naxos Droughns plays tuff and shows up ready for every game. The special teams did not give up. Finally I can't wait to watch Charlie Frye soon.
whitesa Ryan Pontbriand is awesome. Let him run and catch the ball. He could be an awesome ironman!!!
blance3459 Eason gets my gameball for dropping Bettis as soon as he got the handoff. We need 10 more Royes on the D. Another good game for Reuben, the Terminator should get one for his eviserating hits on his one pass reception.
orangecrush21 Reuben Droughns is the hardest working football player ive seen in a longtime. Orpheus as always was consistent. Pucillo did a great job filling in for Coleman
dawgdc I've said it for the last 3 weeks or even longer......SIGN Reuben Droughns because he's the workhorse the Cleveland Browns have lacked for years. You can't say enough about this kid, I wish we had 10 more Reuben's on our team!!!!! Ethan Kelley again, I've said this all season long SHOULD FREAKIN START!!!!! He gives us the best chance to be defensive up front force, because Jason Fisk sucks sucks sucks!!!!! What hasn't been said about Orpheus Roye he's the only defensive star we have and he plays he's heart out every single play with class and effort if we had 4 more Roye's on defense we would be better this year!!!! Brodney bats down a ball at the line of scrimmage when he's stuffed at the line. Braylon is the best wideout we have on the team, but doesn't get the opportunity to make plays because he doesn't get the ball thrown to him. The Terminator get's a gameball because for the second straight week somebody got the "f*ck knocked out" again!!!!! Alvin gets a gameball for his help on the 4th down play and the blocked field goal
ed Tommy Maddox for trying to give us a few plays but we rebuffed his advances
edward_mathias Ethan Kelley: Welcome to the position of starting nose tackle!
dp10451 Droughns,Roye,and Smith are the only ones who came to play.
davenbacker I don't want to think about how the game would've gone without Droughns. Roye played tough. I know, Bryant shouldn't have coughed up the ball, but he played a great game otherwise... and he took a SHOT on that fumble.
schehlk Bodden was all over the field, Ethan Kelly played well I'd like to see him more often and Roye as always makes the play, blocking the field goal. With Dilfer's play, we are one game closer to Frye-day.
born with a burnt orange head Droughns ran strong again, if we'd been able to hang onto some balls or slow down the Steelers offense he could have had a monster game playing with a lead. Smith came to play and he knocked some people around, unfortunately the Steelers knocked the rest of our team around.
njfortino1021 Great intensity in T. Smith and Droughns. Braylon made some big plays and could have made more if the ball is put in the right spots; hopefully he starts and Northcutt only sees the field on 3rd downs
vadawglb Droughns looked like the only player that had concentration and motivation last night on the field.
pballer_sjb OIOIOIO
r22weiss Droughns continues to play really well. Love to see a RB keep going even when someone hits him. Too bad more of the Browns don't have the passion that he has. But one of the best things is that the team as a whole didn't quit last night.
yogi8 Droughns the best player on out team, Roye the best player on our D, Thompson for making at least 1 good play.
jimdetwiler Terrelle Smith seems to get it. He should not have come off the field against a defense like the Steelers. Even in passing situations he's more valuable at picking up the blitz then an extra receiver going down field. When you need 3 receivers take out the TE.
brownhornet15 Quite possibly, one of the worst moves in recent history. Getting rid of a guy that has NEVER had a punt blocked and is an expert at dropping them inside the 10.
robertbmagee Droughns - What a runner, Reuben is so much fun to watch Orpheus Roye - He is very disruptive in the middle of the defense, an underrated player Braylon Edwards - Continues to get open, makes things happen when Dilfer actually throws accurately enough that he can reach the ball
deathbyeagle Rueben is the real deal
gov135 I gave a gameball to Mo Carthon. The offensive gameplan wasn't really that bad - the opportunities were there - the execution was not.
weimer19 Smith for hitting anyone in sight everytime he was on the field. Dilfer because this was not his fault, the receivers sucked, the protection sucked and everyone around him let Dilfer down. Droughns for dragging people all over the field with his runs.
ysufan I voted for the only 3 Browns who seem like they know what the Browns-Steelers game is supposed to be about: Droughns, T Smith, and Roye!!
dawglber Thank God for Reuben Droughns! What a bright spot in a dreary game!
ssmac thanks be that Reuben is a Brown - give he and 54 b an new long term dream.
cjrossi72 Reuben Droughns was the only player to show my any passion on the field Sunday night. Too bad the rest of the team doesn't play with the same passion.
Dawgalong Ethan Kelley fought hard, Reuben could have gone all night and Terrelle was jackin' people up again. The team as a whole at least stood up for themselves and didn't take any s**t from the Pittspukes. NOW the nubies know what the Pis*burgh game means. Bring on Christmas eve!!
stonecolddawg The offense was aggressive. Aggressiveness is what you need out of an offense on the road. The play calling and decision-making did not lose the game for us.
atomdawg Andre Davis shows up every week to work and that's what Cleveland Browns football is all about
bo Notice there was no obsessive-compulsive focus on Kelley's pasting Bettis at the end of the game by the PC-sports media?
ejester if dilfer had help he would have made this game competitive.....
benwilliamson Droughns only player tough enough to be on field with Steelers, best RB in last 15+ years. No other player worth mentioning.
climberbrown Another solid showing by Reuben, should be expected by now. Trent did a nice job except for the one throw to Braylon that would of gone to the house. Good job Braylon for being the one receiver who had dependable hands.
jpaxton Droughns was solid and inspiring as usual. Braylon made the most of his few chances.
crurode Droughns played like a Steeler. He and Terrelle Smith are the only players who can match the Steeler's toughness. Everyone else on the Browns, including the defense, are physical and mental weaklings.
fenderbender Any fans that didn't shut it off during the third quarter deserve a gameball for enduring this crap for sixty NFL minutes.
slambar Terrelle Smith and Reuben Droughns are the guts of this offense. Ethan Kelley gets a Game ball because he ought to be starting over Fisk at this point. He showed up respectably against the best O-line in football.
strobedog Give Droughns a long term contract. Smith did a nice job blocking, catching and running defenders over.
vintage1974 Shows up every week and plays his guts out. He must have learned that playing in Pittsburgh. Maybe we should give him a role on the coaching staff as well.
award2403 These three guys are the role models for the future of the Cleveland Browns. Smith and Droughns can talk all they want because they can back it up.
matt_rowk-seat18 No gameballs this week; even Reuben missed a key block.
browniefanman Droughns gets a gameball for totally kicking Squeeler a** nearly every time he touched the ball. Gameballs for Terrelle Smith and Trent Dilfer for not giving up and for standing toe-to-toe with assorted mentally defective Squeelers.
palmer19 Tough, tough, determined
sigcleve Watching Reuben and Terrelle blow people up seems to be the last sustaining act.
paledragon Droughns three times because he is the only one who impressed me last night.
doughboy22 To put it simply, Reuben Droughns plays like a Steeler. He would definitely fit in with that team, cause he's a powerful back who will do everything he can to help his team, and he's strong enough that it takes five defenders hanging on him to bring him down.
couchbro get out there and get that blood on ya
mulekicker3 Rueben and Smith were drilling people all night. Those guys can play for me any day.
mjones85 Droughns only.
k2scar Smith, Droughns and Kelley were easily our most physical players in a game where most of the team was getting physically dominated. Roye also had his usual tough game against his former team and I thought Dilfer played well if it weren't for dropped passes and Polamalu coming untouched on blitzes (one of which was Droughns' missed pickup).
clevelandfan Reuben Droughns - One of the few players who decided to show up and at least give effort the whole game...still needs to run the ball more (especially in the 2nd half).
writerdawg This is the 10th loss to Pittspuke in the last 11 games -- I never thought I'd see the day when they'd be this close to evening this series, but it's coming.
ccclay57 Way to play Leigh! Ethan Kelley looks like a real lineman. I want Jennifer as a sideline coach in a bustier. She's already on my fantasy team.
brrexkl Droughns is THE BROWNS. Throw him the ball more, hand him the ball more, get him the ball MORE! Roye is a rock, our Prudential on D. The O-Line must be doing something (with Terrelle Smith) for Droughns to be churning and burning!



zeke24 The entire team, coaching staff, and management are goats for this debacle, except for three guys who played with heart - Droughns, Terrelle Smith, and O. Roye.
dawgsnot like a leaky faucet...drop..drop..drop
bigbaddawg2 The performance of the team has put me as close the edge of just giving up on being a fan as any performance of any sports team ever. Simply embarrassing.
raine Worse play I've ever seen- that badly underthrown pass by Batch, we had two guys on the reciver for goodness sakes! Pathetic
sincitydawg Northcutt dropped numerous passes at critical times. He needs to be benched in favor of Braylon Edwards. Antonio fumble cost us, but he too dropped a few catches he should have had.
butch2k1 Northcutt is simply horrible. Bryant is too inconsistent to be a good NFL receiver. Ben Taylor is street free agent quality.
confuseddog Rats still suck worse!
shegalofus Nice job with the Dilfer story you pittsburgh hack. She should be covering womens basketball or Sheryl Swoopes out party. Troy Polamalu is more of a woman than her.
glousterbrown 3 division games and 3 terrible showings. If you want to say we showed for any of them.
gingerdeadman i'm tired of hearing biased announcing
thejamdawg This is nothing personal against Dilfer, but Frye should start against Miami to see what he's got. It's not like the Browns have a shot at the playoffs. Northcutt & Bryant dropped way too many passes. Northcutt should be confined to punt returns. The Browns should also develop the mentallity that they will drill you on every play and intimidate the opposition. That's half the battle right there.
wild_weasel3000 Trent did a good job too bad the WR's dropped so many damn balls!!!
muskiedoug Dennis, you are a good slot receiver, two drops on big third down plays? It's time to start the kid. Trent, you will be a serviceable back-up. Again, it's time to start the kid. The run defense looked terrible. While our D has been impressive at times this year, we are still a few players away from being a good defense.
savante How do you get a facemask as a defensive lineman rushing? Worst possible time to do it, really killed the momentum. Northcutt is a great player, but against the Steelers, I don't know. Move him into the slot and he'll be fine, but tonight, he was awful. HINES WARD IS SO GREAT! I CAN'T BELIEVE HE CALLED THAT TD PASS, WHICH RANDLE EL GOT LUCKY ON, BECAUSE HINES WARD WAS SO OPEN!!! HE ALSO CURED CANCER AND ONCE SAVED THE WORLD~~!
daddy34 Can our receivers catch? Should Northcutt be allowed to take the field at Pittsburgh?
brownsman2002 This whole team sucked with exception to Smith and Droughns. They should be embarrassed and ashamed. I hope after all the hard hits they realize that this is a rivalry and not just "another game".
redright The WRs and LBs are the weakest links they have to step it up. When is the light coming on for these receivers and linebackers? Andra Davis is the year's biggest disappointment.
jb42776 this team sucks and its because we have no talent
naxos Ug, ug, ug. I hate losing to the Steelers. I also dislike dropped passes, poor throws, and crummy defensive efforts.
whitesa Northcutt couldn't make the Columbus Destroyers. He sucks. My two year old has better hands.
phelix17 Crocker missed two interceptions that anyone who didn't have his head up his a$$ would have had to make fair catches on. Romeo has to give up on Dilfer. Romeo has killed any chance for us to have a season. Dilfer stinks.
blance3459 Way to stop 2 drives with clutch drops... Way to put the ball on the ground when you do make the catch. McKinley has some costly penalties at the worst times. For going for it on 4-10
orangecrush21 Get rid of Northcutt and Bryant. They cant catch a pass for nothing. Ray should be out of the league.
dawgdc Antonio Bryant and Dennis Northcutt are the worst Wideouts in the league plan and simple. Northcutt can't catch a cold more less can't catch a freaking ball thrown at him. The sad part about him dropping two catchable balls is that sometime this week he'll say it's the lack of opportunities that cause it...not his sorry arse!!! AB shows up whenever he wants too, but I guess it's better than having Quincy Morgan. Ray Mickens is a waste of a roster space plan and simple. He's the worst DB in the league, my pet turtle could get open if Ray was checking him. Trent missed a wide open Braylon enough said...completed pass the outcome of the game changes!!!! I swear Brian Russell and Michal Lehan thought they were running in a track meet on that "hail mary" pass that was completed there is no way in hell that pass should be completed!!! Then on top of that he and Ray Mickens get beat by Hines Ward on play in which when Ward ain't trying to block you then he must be out running a route!!! 14 points on two blow coverages there is no way in hell it should have happened!!! Ben Taylor and Jason Fisk are the worst Players on the team and probably in the league!!! Why are they on the team? Because there under contract.....I hate them both!!!!
ed Dropcutt needs to be CUT!
edward_mathias Suzy Kolber: Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of Man quite like the phrase "Let's go down to Suzy Kolber on the sidelines". The few times she did talk about the Browns, she usually screwed it up. Suzy actually makes me yearn for the days of Leslie Visser's fire hazard hairdos.
dp10451 Dilfer can't pass, Northcutt can't catch unless no one is around him, and Bryant is a pansy who can't hold the ball when he gets hit. Am I PO'd? You bet!
davenbacker This was a different game if 'cutt catches those passes.
saurus We need some wide receivers with game!
schehlk I love Northcutt, but today he had a very bad game and dropped big catches. Bryant had a few drops and the fumble. Difler was a throwing wild man. The ones he hit the WR they dropped, the others were to low, over the head, or just out of reach. The interception I don't pin on him completely he was being beat the hell up. My write in is Chris Palmer seeing him happy makes my stomach turn.
born with a
burnt orange head
Trent Dilfer and Braylon Edwards share a set of horns for the bad throw / route / catch on the 3rd and 4 of our second possession. Our defense just stuffed the Steelers on a 4th down attempt and this was our chance to put them well behind 14-0. If the throw had been a touch softer or a touch outside or the route had been a touch faster or a touch inside this would have been a TD. Russell gets horns for the long, underthrown bomb to Wilson on 2nd and 10. A safety needs to play the ball, the corner has the man. There is no excuse for not intercepting that ball.
njfortino1021 Coaching for not starting Braylon and sticking with him exclusively (I saw him make blocks so that can't be the reason) Northcutt and Bryant were horrible and isn't it about time we seen Frye take some snaps even if it's only a couple series a game when the game is out-of-reach.
vadawglb Crennel - Too many bone-headed mistakes by the entire team, time to look at some of the younger players, time to sit Northcutt and Bryant for their lack of concentration. Grantham -Teach players how to wrap up when tackling!!!! Players - you must keep your heads in the game for the entire 60 minutes and keep your cool while staying disciplined in your assignments. That game was ours for the taking!!!!!
pballer_sjb IOIOIOIO
r22weiss Northcutt shouldn't start anymore. Time to get Edwards in there. Both he and Bryant looked like 4th string recievers. They wouldn't be starting on most teams, so why are they here? Difer continues to show that he's only a stop-gap QB. Nice to have around as a backup but not a starter. if not for those 3 guys the game could have been diferent...ok maybe not. Think it's time to draft another WR.
yogi8 If Nothcutt, Bryant and Dilfer make plays when called upon, this game may have been very interesting. Too many bad passes then drops if the pass by chance is accurate. Northcutt has to go back to the slot (3rd) WR. Put Braylon in there!
jimdetwiler Long poorly thrown passes can not be allowed for big plays when you're playing a "bend but dont break" defense. The Browns offense doesn't have much of a big play component so any mistakes like penalties or DROPPED passes are drive killers and result in losing the field position battle.
brownhornet15 I can't stand listening to that guy.
robertbmagee Northcutt - Complains that he's not getting the ball enough, then drops 2 big 3rd down passes and makes a very questionable decision to let a punt land and gets the offense pinned back Dilfer - Trent is so inaccurate beyond 5 yards, it's ridiculous. And his pocket presence is nonexistent. L.J. Shelton - This guy is the only guy in Cleveland with slower feet than Zydrunas Ilgauskas.
deathbyeagle Romeo get the horns b/c he is not getting BRAYLON the ball!!!!!!!! Where is Antonio Perkins?? We have all these injured DBs and this kid can't even sniff the field
photocitydawg Northcutt screwed up as both a receiver and punt returner. Time to try out the young guys. And yet another Special Teams penalty, brought to you by Sean Jones.
gov135 Goathorns for the D-Line. Boller, Wright, Maddox, McNair, Carr - how many teams do we get to play with sub-par QB's this year? Can we get some pressure on these stiffs? Any help from your LB friends?
weimer19 Dennis "Drop"Cutt should shut his damn mouth about not getting any chances and hold onto the F-ing ball when it is thrown to him. Bryant not only for his fumble, but also for laying on the ground and giving up on the play after and Ray Mickens was horrible the entire game.
ysufan McKinley played like he was drunk and was flagged for a crucial penalty. I know our DB's were hurt and shorthanded, but the Steelers passing game is non-existent vs. the rest of the NFL! choked.
dawglber How can a team that looked so good in the first quarter look so bad in the 2nd? Northcutt should take the first train out of here, but he probably couldn't catch it! And McKinley -- what a dumb sh*t!!
ssmac Let's watch Northcutt drop balls for anyone else
cjrossi72 Why can't the coaches get these guys to play with some passion. Dennis Northcutt and Antonio Bryant as well as the rest of the receiving corps have dropped tooooooo many balls this year. This is really disappointing. I was expecting good things from the wide outs this year and they are not performing.
Dawgalong Most of my goats go out to players who won't be on this team next year. Gentle Ben Taylor couldn't tackle Aunt Bea. This guy has got to go. Put Ruff in and bench Taylor. Dennis, I am a big fan and this is the first goat I have ever given you. I still say week in and week out you are the only guy that's brought his "A" game for the last few years. It breaks my heart to give you a goat, but you deserve one for dropping passes two weeks in a row. Aaron Shea? I just don't understand why we can't find a better tight end than this bum. Blown blocking assignments almost got Dilfer killed. Then of course there's Quincy, uh, I mean, Antonio. Oh never mind. We got beat by a much better team all around, including coaching. Maybe the rematch will be better. Note to Browns season ticket holders (of which I am one) did you see how the Squeeler fans were all in their seats at the start of the game and how they helped their team win? Hmmmmm.
stonecolddawg Absolutely poor performance by the DBs. They were intimidated by unintimidating receivers and backs. It is basic technique to look for the ball when it is in the air, and fight for it when the receiver does not have possession. I don't buy the "learning the system" angle. When your basic technique is lacking, you lose football games. Point blank, we should cut Dropcutt. He makes a routine 12 yard out look difficult, and never catches it. He is too busy looking pretty while doing his job.
atomdawg I still like Northcutt and know he has a lot to offer, but he just has to stop dropping catachable passes thrown to him.
bo Dilfer gets goats for the mis-throws he had, the receivers get it for all the dropped balls. Bryant should adopt Ward's style and jump up after being made a eunuch on national TV and smile like Smokey Robinson on weed.
ejester dropcutt's legend continues to grow. wonder how much of a hit he is on the steelers salary cap?
benwilliamson Crennel got outcoached - why punt in the 3rd quarter on 4th and 5 from inside the Steelers 40? Romeo will still get the Browns to much better days. Dilfer's accuracy a problem but Bryant looks like a little better Quincy Morgan, can't count on him to make big catches.
bbucking Dennis Northcutt complains that he does not get the ball enough so we throw it to him in the biggest game of the year and he blows it. Bench him!
climberbrown Dennis and Antonio, how hard is it to catch the ball. Time to supplant Braylon ahead of Dennis on the depth chart. Antonio did get drilled, but you gotta hold onto that thing. Alvin for the critical facemask penalty on Pittsburghs drive. Announcers for not getting off Hines Ward's marbles. The secondary (Batch's long completion; nuff said). Ben Taylor for his penalty on the first drive.
jpaxton The only guy Dilfer can consistently throw strikes to is Northcutt...who consistently drops would be first down catches. I am sorry but both drops brought back very bad memories of the playoff loss that Northcutt dropped. I think it is way past time to make a complete change to #17.
smootholaf I just want to make sure I understand this. Droughns runs for 30+ yards and a TD in the first quarter, so we STOP running the ball? And why is Edwards not starting? What, he doesn't drop as many balls as Bryant or Northcutt?
crurode Ryan Tucker couldn't wait to get in the locker room and may have cost them a chance for a Hail Mary. Crennel should have told Tucker to stay in the locker room for the 2nd half. Antonio Bryant - He'll win you one game and lose you three. Northcutt - As soon as the team headed North he should have been Cutt.Now it's up to the coaches to start Braylon AND use him as the #1 receiver. Dilfer - He goes about his business, leads by example, blah, blah ,blah. The Browns need a leader who can match the Steeler's intensity AND make plays!
fenderbender Entire defense gets vote for pulling off the most degrading defensive play I've ever seen. Stools run a give-up play, and it goes for a TD.
slowmotion1994 Maurice never stayed committed to the run. He found creative ways to run the ball against the titans but he did stay with it against Pittsburgh. Dilfer is a liability when he has to pass the ball. his accuracy is horrible most of the time.
slambar I'm too disgusted with the QB and starting receivers to comment without being censored right now.
strobedog Don't throw it to "Stone Hands". Thing is we have more than one receiver who fits that bill. Dilfer didn't help by being inaccurate esp late in the game. Goathorns go to Suzy Kolber for basically kissing the butt of about each and every Steeler.
vintage1974 Someone put some stick-um on his facemask. That way the next time the ball hits him in the face we may have a chance of him making a clutch reception. the f*#K do you leave Hines Ward open on every play? Coverage, ever heard of it. Ruff - nice tackle or should I say whiff.
award2403 Toasted by Charlie Batch? Come on.
dogguitars Dennis gets an extra write in vote for all of his extra after game, year after year, just catch the ball dammit!!
thorsvensson Yeah, Suzy, all we want is for Dilfer to beat the Browns. Oh, and that's the Pittsburgh fans I'm talking about. Let's see, you're in the middle of the fourth quarter, it looks like your team is certain to win, and the stadium is almost empty. Nice loyalty.
browniefanman Bryant and Northcutt -- I pray they don't ever, for the rest of their careers, whine about not getting the ball enough. You d*** well better catch it when its thrown to you or you will have that opportunity taken away all together. Seems to me the ESPN announcers who called this game are just inches away from being declared legally retarded. I can't even count how many times they mixed up names and teams. Did Joe Theismann's brain get broken when LT sat on his leg?
jameslambert999 Fire all three wide recievers
palmer19 Drop, Drop, Penalty
sigcleve HEY DEFENSE, when Tommy Maddox is in the game, they are going to *gasp* RUN the ball almost every down. And in the first half, the Steelers had some guy named Hines Ward who apparently is quite productive when only 1/2 of a DB is covering him.
paledragon WRs: Catch the ball like it's your job. Oh wai... TV announcers: Man, does that ESPN crew suck. Butch Davis: For not holding on to Chris Gardocki. Seeing him nail punt after punt within the ten yard line made me miss him so much.
doughboy22 The ESPN Analysts should all be fired. Not exaggerating, I definitely noticed three times where they mixed up the Browns and the Steelers. The worst was when the idiot female sideline commentator explained how Trent Dilfer was told when he came into Cleveland that "It doesn't matter what he does, as long as he beats the Browns." Also, they never mentioned that Orpheus Roye blocked the field goal, and at the end of the game, they were just goofing around, thinking that no one was watching.
couchbro the Steelers always throw in gimmick plays against us, for once can we defend them. note to coaches if Hines Ward isn't trying to hit someone he's up to something... smiling punk
bigcat1052 who ever choose to try and score near the end of the first half instead of going in down 10-7.When are they going to understand that Dilfer cannot win a game for the Browns. Tampa Bay, Baltimore and Seattle gave up on him. Time for the Brown's to see what they have in Frye.
mulekicker3 Dennis, you need to start catching passes with your hands.
mjones85 Going in, I actually believed we had a chance to win this game.
madelph We're just one or two crappy plays away from cutting... what's that... we just extended his contract? Really? I need a beer...
k2scar I've defended Northcutt often on here but this is by far his worst game ever. I don't know what it is about the Steelers that turns him into Quincy Morgan but he dropped two passes I could have caught at crucial times in the game. Bryant's fumble was just pathetic and pretty much summed up the whole game. It was actually kind of funny that when they showed a Hines Ward highlight of all his big plays in the game you could see Mickens running haplessly behind him. Mickens was terrible and really we should have had Bodden on Ward or anyone else for that matter.. I think if McCutcheon stays healthy it could have been an entirely different game. Oh well...
clevelandfan Dennis Northcutt - At least 2 major drops (I stopped watching at some points).... unacceptable, he needs to take a seat and let Braylon get in there. TV Announcers - 'His feet keep moving'...annoying, annoying, annoying...should have just muted the 'ole tv, I must enjoy punishment. All Players - looked good at the start of the game, but they seemed to have just given up, and that is unacceptable.
writerdawg A loss to your rival means there's enough blame to go around.
ccclay57 Boy he burned Mickens on that one, Mickens got turned around on that one, Mickens fell on his butt on that one, Mickens toasted on that one. No problem remembering his number, you saw his back on every play.
apvic I did not write in Bryant's name even though he had that fumble. I think it was a good hit but he would have showed me something by holding on to the ball. I watched parts of the game again (I know I'm a sadist) and Northcutt is really the one who looked afraid to be hit. Northcutt cannot catch a ball above his waist because he is afraid. The same style of receiver as Kevin Johnson was. And how many tackles has Ben Taylor missed in the open field ???
brrexkl Trent is still a contributing factor in every loss. Congratulations, at least you are consistent! Jones, where are you? Our Starters can't catch, and our bench can't beat out guys playing that bad! Wonderful combination!
dapound I thought the whole defense played poorly, everyone knew they were going to run the ball. They ran it at will. There was no pass rush at all. The WR unit dropped so many passes at the worst possible time ( like there is a good time) I would make each receiver do laps for every dropped pass. just like in pop warner.

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