Greg Pruitt To Visit ClubChat on Tuesday

I would normally talk about the Newswire at this point on Saturday morning, but there's not much there because most sites have gone into their May football comas. What we've got going on, though, is Browns RB Greg "Do it" Pruitt hitting ClubChat on Tuesday night to talk about his past, present, and future. We're trying to use this light news time of the year to do some upgrades around the site. More...

Your Saturday Wire

The wire is as light as one would expect on this day of the week at this time of the year. A bunch of media sites that pimp themselves like madmen during the season are deep in the media's May football coma and talking about the Tribe's death spiral. Steve Doerschuck of the Canton Rep is still hard at work, though, talking about the competition at free safety. Steve King of the Sporting News has an article which hit the tipline yesterday regarding Butch Davis' unhappiness at some of the public contract negotiations going on. The Official Site ruins a decent article on Ben Taylor to give Carmen Policy some space to crack wise about the Steelers. The only problem: he's kidding. Once he means it, we'll have converted him to a Cleveland Brown. And, oh yeah, Dick LeBeau of the Bungles is certifiable. All that on the Wire today.

Greg Pruitt Visits ClubChat

We've been fortunate to have some great guests in ClubChat recently, and the trend continues with Browns RB Greg Pruitt visiting us next Tuesday at 9PM EST. Greg's fantastic football career began at the University of Oklahoma in the 1970s, where he was a unanimous All-America selection in 1971 and 1972. Greg averaged an astounding 9.4 yards per rush in 1971, and gained 294 yards in a game against Kansas State during that year. Greg's professional career took him to Cleveland and Oakland, where he had an excellent 11-year career. After mostly sitting during his first two years for Nick Skorich, the Browns hiring of Forrest Gregg gave Pruitt a chance. With an opportunity to run the ball, Pruitt exploded for three straight 1,000 yard seasons between 1975-7. Pruitt also seemed to lead the league in leaving behind small portions of jerseys in the hands of desperately grasping defenders. Pruitt wound up his career in Cleveland as part of the Pruitt-and-Pruitt back field with RB Mike Pruitt, who took over after Greg had a knee injury in 1979. Greg wound up his professional career in Oakland in the early 1980s.

Join Greg in ClubChat on Tuesday to relive some of those old memories and catch up with where he is today!

Beware of Webmanglers at Play

We're trying to use some of this "light news" time to make enhancements (read: implement stupid ideas for the heck of it) and fix stuff that's broken (read: whatever I had a hand in). We hacked up the boards yesterday to provide what we hope is cleaner navigation around the forums and the site, and we've been messing around with the Rant forum and basically breaking stuff. Let me know if you like the changes, or hate them, by writing to me at

Sorry about all the crankiness about the lame wire above. My coffeemaker's broken. Arrgh.

- AB

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