A Cheery Gameballs and Goats

Maybe it's just the trytophan buzz after yet more turkey, but this has to be the cheeriest gameballs and goats ever. Perhaps that's because 22-0 home shutouts have been in short supply. But, in the words, of Oliver Twist, "I'd like more, please".

The Week's Results: It's often assumed that phone calls to radio shows and message board activity slows in the week following a win. There's less to talk about when things seem to be going well, I guess. That seems to be true for Gameballs and Goats voting as well, since the Browns 22-0 win over the Dolphins left fans with little to vent about, while the team's overall performance in 2005 leaves them still cautious enough about the Browns to avoid committing fully. Reuben Droughns was the fans favorite again this week - he's been a model of consistency in that department of late.

Player Gameballs
Reuben Droughns (34/RB) 108
Braylon Edwards (17/WR) 58
---Entire Defense--- 41
Leigh Bodden (28/DB) 30
Andra Davis (54/ILB) 17
---O Line--- 9
Trent Dilfer (8/QB) 9

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS:  Sam Rutigliano, Sage's mom and dad, Ferrotte's mysterious 3 quarter injury, Troy Smith, The Ohio State Buckeyes, Girls who go all-the-way on a 1st date, Al Lerner, "All Browns Players, Coaches & Fans", LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, Lehan's special teams, "Phil Savage for a victory over his old friend, Nick Saban", "The dolphins for taking a beating", "The Big Fat Defense on the Shut Out!"

Player Goathorns
Trent Dilfer (8/QB) 34
---TV Announcers--- 14
Phil Dawson (4/K) 12

Run defense(3), Pittsburgh Steelers (2), Art Modell(2), The Media(2), "The new turf on the field >:(", Braylon Edwards' left knee,  "ESPN: Why couldn't this be the Sunday night game?", "nice win squeelers", "Uh, 22-0... can there really be one?", "400 mile drives back home after the game", The University of Michigan, "Enoch Demar--you suck!!!", The Big Fish (Dolphins), Faine haters, Kellen Winslow Jr., "The Price of Gas, Direct TV, & PSL's", CBS Television, "Butch Davis, Owl, and Greg", Bernie Kukar, "Pittsburgh just because it's Pittsburgh", "The morons who do the Hall of Fame nominations for putting Art Modell on the finalist list", Nick Saban.


Gameballs Goathorns
Reuben Droughns Trent Dilfer
Leigh Bodden Kyle Richardson
Josh Cribbs Antonio Bryant
Andra Davis Maurice Carthon
Braylon Edwards Dennis Northcutt
Orpheus Roye Ray Mickens

The only change this week was that Braylon Edwards was able to break into the top group in the gameball listings, thanks to his six-catch performance on Sunday.



paledragon Droughns is the man. The defense rocked, and the scoreboard says it all. Edwards asked for more reps, and he got em.
mark zickefoose Reuben ran like I've only seen in black and white highlights, and Heiden and Bryant and Edwards blocked beautifully. The Terminator scores a one-hand TD and toasts the fans. Josh Cribbs lays a rasslin' smackdown on a 'phin returner, and Leigh Bodden just keeps playing like a starter. The D gets one for piching a shutout, the O-line gets one for keeping a pretty strong D on their heels, and RAC should also get one for being right about well, almost everything so far.
raine Just give Rueberman the damn ball!
confuseddog Romeo for playing Charlie, even tho it was very strange timing
phelix17 WTG Brownies!
mulekicker3 I love the fact that we used Braylon.
whotemp Best game of the season! For the most part the Browns controlled the trenches and made very few mistakes.
ed Braylon Edwards will get many more game balls. He ran his trap to the media, got the start and put on his show. Great job Braylon!!! You are correct sir ... you can make plays!!!!
muskiedawg01 A dominating performance. Good coaching, good running game, great defense. Very impressive.
ysufan Droughns (obviously) but also for the Fat Guys that made it happen...THE O LINE! Defensively...Leigh Bodden is turning into a heck of a corner!
other bjk Droughns and the Entire Defense get obvious game balls, plus Heiden for his downfield block on Droughns big run.
clevelandfan Reuben Droughns - Well on his way to 1,000+ yards, best opening run I think I've ever seen, any other RB on this team the last seven years would have drop to there butts after the first hit. O Line - no sacks, nice run blocking. Entire D - gave up some chunks of yards on run plays, but completly shut down the 'fins passing game, and got the shutout...nice freaking job!!!!!! Braylon Edwards - Nice finger-tip catch...showed why he should be starting, and why he was a high first round pick.
thejamdawg Now THIS is a perfect weekend. Ohio State beats Michigan and The Browns get the shutout.
deathbyeagle Droughns is Savage's best move so far...Braylon is the 2nd best move. Defense stepped up in the redzone Props to Pucillo for solid play. We have backups that can play in the NFL. Pucillo plays tough and steady--reminds me a lot of Andruzzi
chad.garner Best Browns game I've seen in a long time. Granted, it was the Dolphins...but we have to start somewhere, right?
appraiser This is what CLEVELAND BROWNS FOOTBALL is all about!
rc Savage, your first priority in the offseason better be to resign Droughns. In fact don't wait till the offseason do it today! Whoever the QB is when the ball goes to Braylon good things usually happen. When the team scores a shutout that means the whole D deseres a gameball.
yogi8 Not enough game balls to go around. Droughns, Edwards and the entire D each get a game ball for obvious reasons. But I'd also add RAC, Grantham, MO and all coached for a superior gameplan!
robertbmagee Reuben Droughns - How can you not give him the gameball? He is the heart of this team! PLEASE GET THIS GUY SIGNED TO A LONGTERM DEAL! Braylon Edwards - If you're going to run your mouth, you gotta back it up. Braylon backed it up again today. Entire Defense - Anytime you shut a team out, the whole defense deserves credit.
sigcleve downfield blockers for reubens big run was impressive, bodden looked great, too.
bethesdawg Reuben is the man! Can we clone him? No goats to be seen this week. They played 4 quarters of good football, and more than a few Dolphins went home hurting.
writerdawg Droughns was a man among boys, Braylon backed up his smack from earlier in the week, and Pucillo did an amazing imitation of the Invisible Man. He was there, obviously did his job, and we didn't notice -- you can't ask for more!
dp10451 Droughns is an animal. The word "quit" is not in his vocabulary. Finally Braylon gets his due and makes the best of it. Kudos to the O-line. Jason Taylor was a non factor because the line did an outstanding job pass protecting and run blocking.
toddawg Aaaaaahhhh...a Browns game with no heart-pounding histrionics, no nail-biting anxieties, no hastily mumbled prayers...I could get used to this! If I had one more Gameball to dole out, it would go to Todd Grantham for the timely blitz packages. Toddawg
devilinmypocket No brainer votes here. Reuben for a great day of rushing to an already fine season so far. Braylon for proving he can back up the talk, and you have to give the D props after a shutout.
aqib This win is bigger for me than beating the Steelers. Why? Because Thanksgiving is coming and I am spending it with my family who are Dolphin fans. So I can respond to the "Why aren't you married yet" questions with "why does your team suck so bad". What can you say about Droughns other than "Wow!" Sometime in the next two games he will go over 1,000 yards. The first time since 1985. I am shocked that Bowling for soup hasn't included that in their song. Braylon called for the ball and produced when he got it. Better than BE-LEE-DAT Morgan. The defense pitched a shut out, and you could give a gameball to any of them so I say give it to all of them.
bigbaddawg2 Reuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!
gkbollinger droughns has carried the team all year. Entire defense - anytime you pitch a shutout in the NFL, regardless of the opponent, you're doing alot of things right on defense. edwards finally showcased and he made some big plays.
rutger Droughns and Bodden are givens for this game and Romeo gets one as well.. Then a write in for the whole team..
owlnawndow Everyone on the team should get a game ball for this effort.
frankie.z Leigh Bodden had several nice break ups and good coverage, he really stepped up to the challenge
billybongwater Great game by all players on the team.



paledragon Dilfer for being a tool. The new turf for screwing up Phil Dawson and Charlie Frye.
mark zickefoose I could tell when Fisk was in, because they ran all over us. The rest of Braylon gets a gameball, but that knee gets the goat for tipping the ball into an INT. And the Steelers get one because they let KYLE BOLLER beat them. (sad little Billick head shake)
raine When ya open ur yapper, you better back it up, not cause your rookie QB to be intercepted.
confuseddog quit whining Trent, u deserved to be benched before today...get ready for next week
r22weiss None since it was a shutout!!!
mulekicker3 I miss giving Gerard Warren goats.
whotemp I don't know if was the Richardson or Dawson's fault, but you cannot miss XPs. Also, I know Richardson 2 punts I20 and one was called back. But, he needs to have a better average than 36 yrds/punt.
ed@edresp.com Crenell for not playing Edwards more often
muskiedawg01 Not many goathorns today.
ysufan Dilfer, for his post game comments. Ray Mickens for his offsides on a kick-off. Lastly...the fans. Maybe it was because we were in control, but to leave when the D was pitching a shutout...BOO!
other bjk No goats in a 22-0 win, so I'll give a write-in goat to Art Modell
clevelandfan Trent Dilfer - Trent gets my only goathorn this week, for his reaction to giving Frye sometime...very uncharacteristic of Trent, and was uncalled for.
thejamdawg How can you give any Goathorns to the Browns after that game? Michigan deserves them just because they're Michigan. Hopefully, scUM keeps LLLLoyd around for another decade so they have to suffer like OSU did with the ineptitude of John Cooper.
upperdawg Not a bad game, but quit whining. They put the kid in to get him some game action. For a guy who has been portrayed as a team first, character guy, his post game meltdown was very disappointing.
deathbyeagle Run defense was shaky Northcutt gets a horn for his play against the Steelers---nice to see Northcutt playing little on offense Antonio Perkins gets a horn for contributing zilch
k24us Don't cry Trent
chad.garner I smell Tuna!
crurode Aaron Shea for being from Michigan and dropping a possible TD pass. Shea is the measuring stick for roster strength...as long as he's on the team we're not where we need to be.
appraiser None, finally!
rc Score would have been higher if the motorcycle expert TE was there. And sorry Phil but even if you did slip if you miss an extra point, you get a goat.
yogi8 Only Horn is awarded to Dilfer for his ill-timed comments following the game.
robertbmagee Trent Dilfer - All year we've talked about what a great guy Dilfer is. It was very disappointing to hear him whining after a win. How can you complain that you're rhythm is getting disrupted when you come in with more INT's than TD's and haven't found rhythm in 9 games? Phil Dawson - I'm sorry, but anytime someone shanks a PAT I've got to hand them their horns. I mean, what else is there to complain about?
irishmutt shut up and play football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sigcleve skipping the goats this week: the team and fans have earned it.
zeus9800 CBS in my area had the Steelers game on both CBS channels instead of having the Brons on their normal channel.
writerdawg A win, at home, and a shutout to boot? No goathorns.
dp10451 How can you give any goat horns in a 22-0 victory?
bigdaddy78 Dilfer gets horns for spouting off after the game. He knows he is only filling a billet.
aqib Its hard to give a goat to anyone who played this week. So I am going to beat up on other people who annoy me. The standing ovation for Frye when he came in irked me. I know the backup QB is the most popular guy on the team, but Cleveland fans have taken that silliness to the next level. The media annoys me with the way Dilfer is being treated. Listen to the whole press conference, rather than read the spin about how he pouted and moaned. He answered the questions honestly than said he wasn't going to talk about that anymore. They make it out as if he was being a big jerk and never answered them to begin with. You guys could have gotten away with that in 1985, but now fans can hear the whole press conference and we can see what a group of petty pretenders you guys are. Report the news stop trying to be the news. Davis gets a goat because these sort of wins would be more regular if Butch hadn't set us back so far. Lerner gets a one for keeping him so long. As usual the Owl (who we don't know his real identity but we are told is a member of the aforementioned idiot media) gets one for shamelessly backing Butch to the end and beyond, now he praised Crennel for his changes. So Owl were you wrong before and are you ready to admit it? Or are you the coward I think you are. Greg gets a goat for also being a Davis shill.
gingerdeadman I hate bernie kukar.. but the biggest Goathorn of all.....I HAD THE STEELERS ON MY YOUNGSTOWN CBS!!
bigbaddawg2 22-0?! What's not to like?
gkbollinger dilfer - don't whine about frye getting a chance. dawson - can't miss an XP. suggs - no room to complain. try staying healthy first.
rutger Dilfer gets my only goat and it's for his responses to the questions after the game about Frye.. I've been a big Dilfer supporter from day one not because I think he's the answer at QB. but because of the way he appeared to put the team first and his ego last (and I also didn't want Frye starting for any reason this season..) Well he blew that in one post game interview.. I still want hin to remain the starter for this year but I think a lot of the fans lost a lot of respect for him last week..
dabrownsrule So much for Mr nice guy... Nice of Trent to show his a&& after Charlie gets to see a little playing time.
owlnawndow ESPN for not showing THIS game on Sunday night and constantly kissing the Steelers' backsides.
cfdawg The only reason Dilfer is in this goathorns is becasue of his comments other than that his performance was not bad


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