Rumors and Tidbit Teasers

If there is a will, there is a way. The news is out there and we have found it.

Awaiting the June 1st cut-day in the NFL is well...........really not all that exciting.

Granted, there will be a few players of interest released, every season a handful are. Some of those players could impact a team, including the Browns.

Thinking about the selection of William Green, a couple settling items come to mind:

Selecting William Green with the 16th selection in the draft didn't come as a surprise to this column. (Yes, we did select Green in our mock draft.) Butch Davis wants to run the football and the similarities of Green and Emmitt Smith (Dallas) are obvious. We were told that Davis really is excited about the potential Green brings to the offense, especially to the lethargic rushing attack.

Onto a serious issue. Knowing the Cleveland Browns affiliation with world renowned Cleveland Clinic, William Green will have the opportunity to be treated by some of the finest doctors in the world. Green suffers from ulcerative colitis, a chronic disease of unknown cause in which the lining of the colon and rectum becomes severely inflamed and eventually wears away

You would have to believe that the Browns had this young man checked out by the world leading doctors at the clinic to protect their interest and for the sake of Green's health.

While reviewing notes and recent conversations, some thoughts remain on the building of the Browns:

In light of the recent contract signed by Johnnie Morton in Kansas City, you'd have to wonder what kind of deal it will take Kevin Johnson in Cleveland for the long-term? Johnson wants more money than Morton received overall (7-yrs, 27-million) and he wants much more upfront, say between 6-to-7 million dollars. We hear that a Brinks truck isn't expected to be seen in Berea anytime soon.

How many Kevin Johnson trade rumors are actually true? We hear three, but can only solidly confirm two. One with the Saints and another with the Eagles (at the same time in 2000 as the Saints).

The Browns have drafted a wide receiver in the second round of each draft since 1999. They also signed Chris Sanders this off-season, the Browns would appear settled in at the wide receiver position, wouldn't they? Not so fast, slick! Proven talent and veteran leadership are intangibles that can push a contending team over the top. Throw in Johnson's contract status and a couple very good free agent wide receivers into the mix, things could get interesting.

Which players that are expected to be released on June 1st could the Browns be interested in? As said above, the wide receivers may get some play. Rumors are surfacing about offensive lineman John Fina, I just don't know if that is really an upgrade.

The excitement generated in Cleveland from a 7-9 team was amazing. There is no doubt the team was vastly improved, but in looking back, the Browns were as close to 10-6 as they were 4-12. This team has just about completed the "learning how to win" stage. Going into the 2002 season they will expect to win. Confidence breeds results, barring major injuries, this team will be very good in 2002.

File this in the "Give Credit where Credit is Due" file:

Butch Davis gets the title as "The Man", little does anyone know that his assistant Pete Garcia may have the keenest eye for talent in the National Football League.



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