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Lane Adkins, John Taylor, and David Carducci form the most menacing three-headed monster since Fluffy the WonderDog. Art Bietz does John McLaughlin. And JT breaks the news about Royes restructure in the middle of the lightning round. Most inside stuff and general weirdness than you can shake a dawgbone at... If you missed the chat, check out the transcript here.

Artbtz OK... Person-to-person me if you want in... I'm going to drop the hammer.
Artbtz I have dropped the hammer.
Artbtz Ramllov is up first.
Ramllov I would like to know more about all of these linebackers? Why so many, is there something special going on? Special teams, I realize, but so many?
DavidCarducci Hey Ramllov
Ramllov Hey Dave
Ramllov The team seems to have good depth in almost every area
Ramllov I see so many, I do not quite understand why three in the draft
Lane Remember depth and quality depth are different things
DavidCarducci You know, Butch always talks about the idea that he doesn't care about numbers at a position. ""If a guy can play, he'll be on the team,"" he always says. The idea is that he doesn't care about keeping more linebackers than a traditional roster would keep
Ramllov Is it for future cap problems that they have to prepare to get younger guys
JohnTaylor There are three reasons for the three LBs in the draft. Special teams, special teams, special teams.
Lane Much of the Browns depth is young, inexperienced depth that will take some time to pay off.
Ramllov The other question is related to the wide receivers,
Ramllov What is your opinion (s) on Morgan, Davis and Johnson.
Ramllov Is Johnson a long term guy for this team?
Ramllov Dawson and Northcutt also?
Ramllov I guess, I will pass the speaker to the next fan. Thanks guys
JohnTaylor KJ, #1 WR. Q, has the talent to be a #1 WR. Davis has yet to play an NFL game, so the jury is not only out on him, they haven't even been selected yet.
DavidCarducci Right John, and if it comes down to keeping five, six, seven linebackers on the active 53, or six, seven eight DB's, or 8 OL, whatever, it's going to come down to who is most going to help special teams. Who knows, maybe only 2 RB's make the roster.
JohnTaylor Amen, Dave.
DavidCarducci I'm sure it will be 3 RB's, but that's just an example
Lane KJ, a number one type who may not be here past 2002, Morgan has a load of talent, but has to harness it and Davis has a boatload of talent
Ramllov Thanks guys
Artbtz If I could ask a followup to the linebacker/special teams question...
Artbtz If special teams are why we would keep so many linebackers, why would we let a proven special teams player like Saleh wander off?
DavidCarducci I think they'd love to keep KJ, but Davis allows the Browns to hedge their bets. If KJ is too expensive, the Browns will have a talented young WR with a year already under his belt in this system in Davis.
JohnTaylor Dawson is suffering from lack-of-speeditis, while 'Cutt is, well, 'Cutt.
Ramllov Any trade value on this older players, Boyer etc
DavidCarducci The one good thing is that Butch seems to be finding his way out (OCCASIONALLY) of the falling in love with speed trap. I think he sees flashes of what a guy like Dawson can give the Browns, and while he doesn't necessarily fit the mold of the player he'd like in that position, Butch is finding it hard to ignore
JohnTaylor No trade value on Boyer, unless the Texans bite on a deal that they'd give up a 2020 draft pick.
Lane On Saleh...............they draft their guy, quicker, faster players and save a few hundred thousand dollars
Artbtz They're that confident about their special teams abilities?
Artbtz (thekid is up next, then redright)
Ramllov thanks again
Lane But, with Boyer the Browns know and like the protection he provides. They know that they can plug him in the system and he will produce, at least not hurt them.
JohnTaylor It's obvious they are, Art. Whether it's the proper decision will be up for discussion during and after the 2002 season.
Artbtz thekid is up!
thekid What is the scoop on William Green's health? Is the Colitis thing an issue? Did he really lose any weight as some rumors have it lately? Did the doctors at the Cleveland Clinic see him before the draft?
DavidCarducci With guys from Va. Tech., you are getting seasoned special team veterans... I think that has a lot to do with it. They can come right in and perform
JohnTaylor Ummm, Lane, this one is for you. :-)
Artbtz (redright is next. Person to person me if you want in)
Lane I believe that the issue with his health will always be a concern and it should be..........
Lane Colitis is a disease that can really cause serious problems to the body and without the proper diet and medication, a person can really suffer......
Lane Green did drop down to 208 pounds from a combine weight of 221 pounds......
JohnTaylor Just ask Chris Gedney how serious it can be.
thekid Do you think the weight loss is related to his condition?
Lane Knowing the Browns are affiliated with the Cleveland Clinic, I would assume and surely hope that they had the kid checked out, for his sake and that of the team.
Artbtz (redright is up next, followed by ericthebrown)
Lane It could be, indications are that it wasn't, but a case could be easily thoughts that it could be
thekid Thx.
DavidCarducci As I remember it, Dwight said they did not have him at the Clinic before the draft. I'm not sure that was an option. I think they had to rely on an on-sight physical and the reports from his own doctors ... I might be wrogng on that. I'm going on memory
Lane Green also had a couple instances at Boston College where he had to have IV's during games.....nobody wants to discuss those instances
JohnTaylor According to those in the know at BC, he never experienced a weight-loss episode while he was there. As to what caused this weight loss, who knows.
redright what type of offense do you expect BD will run this year? Unknown receivers No blocking back undetermined tight ends unknown running back What do you think BD is going to do? What style? What can you predict from the roster?
Lane Welcome thekid
Artbtz (ericthebrown next, followed by heater)
JohnTaylor The Browns did have the option of having their own docs check out Green. Whether they did or not is up to them.
DavidCarducci I think it will evolve during camp. Like any team, they'll come in with a big playbook, then strip it down based on what they think best fits the players they have and what those players can handle. I think you might very well see some more 1-back, 2-TE stuff. Really, who knows. Davis has said that they are constantly evaluating what they will do.
redright We have a number of offensive linemen that seem interchangeable and not exactly smash mouth types, will this be a finesse line? trapp9ng line?
JohnTaylor You can expect the same type of offense that they ran last year. The OC is still the same, it's just a matter of whether or not they sign a FB to do some of the short-yardage stuff. The O will not be overhauled.
redright Thanks I'm done
DavidCarducci I have heard there is a lot of tweaking going on, though.
Artbtz Ericthebrown is up!
ericthebrown Without any further signings or seeing them in action, what kind of weaknesses do you see this team having during the season?
JohnTaylor Of course there will be tweaking, but the base offense will change little from last year.
Artbtz (anyone else wants in, contact me via person to person chat)
ericthebrown Or in other words, what am I going to be complaining during the year?
Lane One last thing on Green.........I believe that it would have to be unfathomable if the doctors at the Cleveland Clinic didn't see him.
JohnTaylor Running the ball will still be a weakness until the line gels and the RBs -- Green in particular -- proves to be an upgrade.
ericthebrown Has James Jackson been involved in the conidtioning program or is he going to be an injury concern again? Or too early to tell?
Lane The base offense will change little, we'll see more two TE sets and they really want to resolve the FB issue
JohnTaylor Holmes must step up on D and be an upgrade over Wali. The DBs will be severely tested as they will not see the type of pressure on the QB that they saw last year.
DavidCarducci Weaknesses ... I still think the offensive line is a big question mark. I'm not sold on the FA's they brought in. I still think that at some point the Browns have to develop their own young offensive linemen. I still don't like the speed in the linebacking corps.
Artbtz (Heater next, followed by BT)
ericthebrown Thats all the questions I have. Thanks for the answers
JohnTaylor Can I rack Dave????? Great point.
Heater Thanks, Art!!!!
Heater The earlier stuff clears it up a little, but we've heard, the H-back is in, the H-back is out...which is it? Also, Given the love that Davis has for JJackson and the draft selection of Green, what's Jamel's role now? I know he's going to be on the team, but how many touches per game?
DavidCarducci Also, I think stopping the run is still a big question mark. I'm a firm believer that the Browns need a bigger run-stuffing defensive tackle to compliment Warren.
DavidCarducci Thanks John
JohnTaylor The H-back was never, ever, ever eliminated. Butch's desire for a FB got overblown into the Browns were going to overhaul the offense and eliminate the two-TE set. Sorry, this is a pet peeve of mine.
Heater, too. It's an ugly rumor mill out there sometimes.
JohnTaylor :-)
Artbtz You all set Heater?
DavidCarducci I think it will be hard to keep Jamel off the field in third-down situations. He has the ability to do so many things, impacting the game with his speed and his pass-catching ability. I think you'll see early on that Green gets two or three series, then given a rest with JJ getting a series ... similar to what the Hurricanes did in the past. JJ has to prove he can stay on the field and Green needs to prove he's ready to be a workhorse and then that might change
Heater Thanks to all for the answers and Art!
Heater Yes
JohnTaylor That's what I'm hearing as far as the early-season backfield rotation, Dave.
Artbtz BT up now... t
DavidCarducci I think you are right John. I fell into that trap a bit, taking Butch too literal. Same thing happened when he brought up the 1-back idea a few weeks back. Davis talks a lot about different options, but that's to get people thinking. When that happens, nobody really knows what truly is on his mind
BT Tre Johnson. Any word on how he his recuperation is progressing?
DavidCarducci That trap - meaning the H-back, by the way
JohnTaylor Butch is good at that coach double-speak, isn't he Dave?
Lane We call that...........Butch-Speak
DavidCarducci He sure is. It's fun though. When you are face to face with him, you can almost see the mind working behind his eyes.
DavidCarducci You can't help but wonder what really is going on up there
Artbtz (thekid up next... man, what courage!)
JohnTaylor Not lying, mind you, but using Butchese as his first, second and third language. :-)
DavidCarducci I think that's part of what makes him a good coach, though
Artbtz (person to person me if you want in)
JohnTaylor Absolutely. Butch is pretty damn close to being the perfect football coach.
DavidCarducci I saw a very little bit of Tre while I was at minicamp (and I was only there for a very short time) . During the warmups, he actually seemed pretty spry. I do know he's much better than he was at this time last year
BT Any of the other oline starters have any health issues?
JohnTaylor Tre' is doing very well in his rehanb, but he always does. Pro Bowl talent lineman in an XFL body.
DavidCarducci The OL is pretty healthy. Butch always talks about that being the big difference between this year and last. Butch hadn't had a chance to see his entire line at the same time until midway through camp
JohnTaylor If -- and it's a huge, huge if -- Tre' can stay healthy for this season, you will get a Pro Bowl-caliber lineman. The dude is just so star-crossed. You feel bad for the guy talking to him.
DavidCarducci Funny ... By the way, I know all of us in the media are really pulling for Tre. He's a lot of fun to hang out with in the locker room. Hysterical.
DavidCarducci Funny on the XFL thing by the way ... I'm always a day late and a dollar short
BT thanks.
JohnTaylor He's a great, great guy, and tremendous in the locker room.
JohnTaylor :-) at Dave.
Artbtz No problem BT
DavidCarducci Thanks BT
thekid How is Wohlabaugh handling the rumors surrounding his imminent departure after the June 1st free agency deadline? I hope it isn't true.
Artbtz (seibu1 up next, followed by ramllov)
DavidCarducci Hard to know considering Wohlabaugh doesn't talk to us. I don't think it's a sure thing that he's gone, by the way.
JohnTaylor I wouldn't say his departure is iminent, but it is definitely something that has been discussed.
Artbtz (We've got room for one more person to battle the three-headed monster, then we'll have the lightning round)
thekid what is the likelihood?
JohnTaylor Imminent, I mean.
Lane Indications are that Wohlabaugh will not be released, but he hasn't had any discussions about restructuring his contract either.
Lane I should say that they haven't had those discussions,, yet
thekid What if he doesn't renegotiate?
DavidCarducci I think Wohlabaugh will be back, but if O'Hara continues to improve, who knows for how long. As much as the Browns seem to like O'Hara and with Fowler here as well, I can't imagine Wohlabuagh being back in 2003 at his price
JohnTaylor I would be very surprised if he's released this year. The hope in Berea, from what I've been told, is that Fowler gives them enough confidence that they can unload Wolly's salary next offseason.
Lane Wohlabaugh anf Orpheus Roye are the obvious contract restructure options on the roster, I don't know how expendable either player is at this time though.
Lane Fowler had a very good showing in the recent mini-camp
Lane O'hara spent a good amount of time at guard
Lane Agree Dave, in 2003 Wohlabaugh could be facing some serious roster issues
JohnTaylor The Browns are very high on Fowler, obviously, and have nice backup to Fowler's backup in O'Hara.
DavidCarducci O'Hara played well at guard, but should the Browns have a change of heart and dump Wohlabaugh's salary earlier than expected, I would think O'Hara would take over at C before Fowler considering experience. Although, young centers like Woody have been successful in recent years.
JohnTaylor Absolutely, Dave. The Browns are really high on O'Hara as well.
Art_McLaughlin (seibu get ready)
Lane I believe much depends on the health of Johnson, where O'Hara is concerned. It appears that the team is comfortable with him at the guard or center spots
thekid thx.
seibu1 A light one: Do you guys know if any of the players know of/read Bernie's Insiders? Outside of Gonzo and Tarek of course...
DavidCarducci sure thing thekid
Art_McLaughlin (Ram then redright then the lightning round)
JohnTaylor I like this lightening round idea. This is gonna be good.
JohnTaylor Or, lightning, if you will.
DavidCarducci They all know about it. The magazine is passed out at the complex, I believe.
Lane No names please :-)
DavidCarducci I know I've seen it in some of the lockers
seibu1 So is CB feeling the heat from the forums?
seibu1 ;)
Art_McLaughlin The answer, though, is yes. There are some Club members with familiar names.
DavidCarducci I wonder :)
Art_McLaughlin You all set seibu?
seibu1 or cutt?
seibu1 yeah
DavidCarducci take care seibu1
seibu1 thanks again guys
Art_McLaughlin Cool... Rams up next.
DavidCarducci sure thing
seibu1 always a pleasure
Ramllov I would like your thoughts on John Fina, offensive line, Does he have a chance in Cleveland, it was posted on another magazine?
JohnTaylor CB will be feeling the heat from the coaching staff if he doesn't perform. CB is not a Butch-drafted guy, and will be expected to perform at a high level. The jury is very much out on this staff in regard to CB.
DavidCarducci Fina's a pretty old 31... I've heard different things from different people, but the information I trust the most says that the Browns are more likely to stand pat at tackle than sign Fina
Ramllov I was also curious about Alexander WR, Kansas, past Cleveland Brown? I thought he weakness was not able to run specific routes? Does he look like a guy for us?
JohnTaylor Fina would have been a guy to have in 1999. Since this is 2002, and the Browns have Verba penciled in at LT, I would be very surprised if they have any interest in him.
Ramllov Do any of you see any other free agents that will be available on June 1st for Cleveland?
Art_McLaughlin All set Ram?
DavidCarducci Ideally, I think Verba is much better for the right side of the line, but I think, like John, that Verba is the guy the Browns will go with
Ramllov That is all , thanks again
JohnTaylor Alexander is a ""sloppy"" WR, and would not be looked at as a mentor like McCardell. But he IS very talented and will be an option post-June 1.
redright Rickey Dudley was injured last year and took a honeymoon when camp opened. How did that go over with BD? Has Dudley been working at strength and rehab? He's never lived up to his billing and I'm concerned that without a top notch tight end Couch could be in for a long season.
Art_McLaughlin You're up red
DavidCarducci I think McCardell is a better option for the same reasons John brings up, but here's my prediction. The Browns won't sign another WR. Just my prediction.
JohnTaylor Dudley has been working out and rehabbing religiously, and I don't think a honeymoon when a player couldn't participate in camp at absolutely 100%% will have any effect on him.
redright How do you rate out tight ends blocking and receiveing? H-Backs?
DavidCarducci I think the Browns are pretty understanding about Dudley considering he wouldn't have been able to really participate had he been in Berea
JohnTaylor I happen to agree with Dave. I think the Browns will pursue a WR in the post-June 1 market, but will not sign one.
redright Thank You I'm hoping Dudley has a career year!
Art_McLaughlin All set red?
DavidCarducci I think Shea is a better blocker than people think. He is such a hard worker, he's only going to get better. I think his additional size could help in the blocking game. Dudley is a decent blocker. Sanders was considered the best blocker on the Buckeyes by his teammates, although I was always critical of him
redright Thanks Art I'm done
DavidCarducci Take care redright
Art_McLaughlin I would like to give props to the diehards are who are with us tonight.... we're going to try out something new.
Art_McLaughlin (Plays Sound: applause.wav) Way to be people
Art_McLaughlin We're going to try a lightning round, where our Insiders are allowed only short quick responses to pointed questions.
Art_McLaughlin All answers will be in the form of a number, letter, or a short answer.
Art_McLaughlin Are our Insiders ready?
JohnTaylor Oh boy, this may call for another beer.
Lane Shoot
DavidCarducci ready. Bring it on
Art_McLaughlin Long answer JT, minus five points.
Art_McLaughlin Question 1
Art_McLaughlin On a scale of zero to ten, with ten being Tim Couch roster-spot-lock of absolute certainty and zero being the chance of survival of a single beer in my refrigerator on gameday, rate the chances of the following players being Cleveland Browns when the regular season kicks off:
Art_McLaughlin Ready? Answer from zero to ten.
Art_McLaughlin Dave Wohlabaugh
Lane 8
DavidCarducci 7
JohnTaylor 8
Art_McLaughlin WRONG! The answer is 6.
Lane ""SLAP""
JohnTaylor Nice one, John.
Art_McLaughlin Lenoy Jones
DavidCarducci 1
Lane 3
JohnTaylor 3
Art_McLaughlin David is correct. One is the answer.
Art_McLaughlin Dennis Northcutt
Lane 5
DavidCarducci 2
JohnTaylor 6
Art_McLaughlin Marquis Smith
JohnTaylor 8
DavidCarducci 4
Lane 4
Art_McLaughlin Oooohhh... intersting.
Art_McLaughlin JuJuan Dawson
Lane 4
JohnTaylor 5
DavidCarducci 7
Art_McLaughlin Andre King
Lane 6
DavidCarducci 4
JohnTaylor 4
Art_McLaughlin Jamel White
Lane 9
DavidCarducci 10
JohnTaylor 10
Art_McLaughlin Excellent. You were mostly correct.
Art_McLaughlin True or false. The following players will be Cleveland Browns when the team opens the regular season:
Art_McLaughlin Keenan McCardell
DavidCarducci false
Lane false
JohnTaylor false
Art_McLaughlin John Fina
DavidCarducci false
Lane false
JohnTaylor false
Art_McLaughlin Sam Adams
Lane false
JohnTaylor false
DavidCarducci I wish true, but false
Art_McLaughlin Anyone of the slightest interest to any fan.
JohnTaylor ?
Art_McLaughlin That's the last category. Will any interesting player be picked up.
DavidCarducci no
Art_McLaughlin True or false.
Lane no
JohnTaylor no
Art_McLaughlin Multiple choice. Beer in stadium next year will be sold in (A) glass bottles, (B) plastic bottles, (C) papers cups, or (D) you will be forced to hold it in a cup your hands and slurp.
Lane D
DavidCarducci D
JohnTaylor As long as it's sold, what does it matter?
Art_McLaughlin WRONG!
Art_McLaughlin The correct answer is A. Carmen REALLY wants a super bowl this year and wants all the calls.
Art_McLaughlin Easy one.
Art_McLaughlin A number between 0 and 16. How many games will the Browns win in 2002?
Lane 11
DavidCarducci 10 plus one playoff game
JohnTaylor Orpheus redid his deal.
JohnTaylor On the line with his agent.
Art_McLaughlin What does that mean numerically?
Art_McLaughlin Last question.
JohnTaylor Trying to get details.
Art_McLaughlin Kickoffs in 2002 will be performed by (A) Phil Dawson (B) Chris Gardocki (C) Any random person pulled from the stands or (D) Someone with an unpronounceable name.
DavidCarducci A
JohnTaylor Got a signing bonus of $750,000 to restructure.
Lane E........the Browns will let the opposition start from the 35-yard line
Art_McLaughlin (Thanks John, I mean that).
Art_McLaughlin WRONG!
Art_McLaughlin The correct answer is (C) because our new drafted special teams players are so damn good.
Lane OOPS!........sorry, A
Art_McLaughlin Same thing Lane.
Art_McLaughlin Thanks for participating in tonight's Lightning round.
Lane Good work, JT
DavidCarducci Thanks Art ... good job JT
Art_McLaughlin I am lifting up the hammer and running off to the front page to drop in stuff about the Roye restructure. Woo hoo!
dabesst how many years is the deal JT?
JohnTaylor Working on it, dabesst.
dabesst cool....thanks for the breaking news
DavidCarducci Guys I must run
Art_McLaughlin JT rocks.
dabesst IMHO, it is great to know Roye on the Dline this year
Ramllov Thanks Dave
Art_McLaughlin See you Dave!! Thanks for participating!
DavidCarducci Thanks guys. It's always fun
BuzzardBlaster later Dave
dabesst cya DC
DavidCarducci later
redright Going to make a VERY interesting camp for defensive linemen
BT thrilled that roye will be here.
JohnTaylor This deal GUARANTEES that Roye will be a member of the Cleveland Browns in '02.
BT D went to pieces when he got hurt.
dabesst very it likely he remains beyond??
dabesst let the butcher knives begin to roll again...hehe
BrownsBacker Roye is restructuring contract?? thats great news for both us and him
BrownsBacker He's a good DL just not at the current price
Art_McLaughlin Hitting the front page with more details on Roye see you later.
Ramllov good night
BrownsBacker see ya
Ramllov art
BT thx art
JohnTaylor The story on the Roye restructure will be on the site in roughly 15 minutes. No years were added to his contract, he took a paycut for this season, received a $750,000 signing bonus for restructuring, no exact details on how much cap space the Browns will get, strongly hinted that it'll be in the neighborhood of $2 million, will get the exact details of the restructure in a couple of days.
JohnTaylor And that's all I know right now.
ericthebrown You da man John

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