From Berea: Frye Gets Practice Snaps

Browns starting quarterback Trent Dilfer will be held out of practices today

Trent Dilfer won't practice Wednesday because of tendonitis and an undisclosed problem in his right knee. Charlie Frye will practice with the starters, but Coach Romeo Crennel won't declare Frye the starter against the Jaguars Sunday yet.

For the first time Crennel said he will see enough of Frye by the end of the season to know what kind of quarterback he is heading into free agency and the draft, but he added Frye does not have to start for that to happen. Crennel said he would at least like to see Frye for a full quarter here and there.

"I think there are enough games left that we can have a pretty decent idea about what he can do in a game," Crennel said. "If we leave out of here this year not knowing what he can do, we just don't know what he can do.

"That would hurt us going into the draft and free agency because we wouldn't know whether we would need to use a pick on a quarterback. That would be a downfall going forward.

"You might have to get (Frye) in preseason and get him in games next year, and then if you find out at that time he is not the answer and you don't have anybody else in placed, then you've taken a couple steps back. That's the danger of not getting him playing time."

Crennel reported the MRIs done Monday revealed the tendonitis in Dilfer's right knee. But tendonitis doesn't occur from being sacked. It comes from repeated use.

"I've had tendonitis in this knee for a while," Dilfer said. "There are different degrees of tendonitis. This is a little bit more than that."

Dilfer declined to elaborate.

"I'll do everything in my power to play," Dilfer said. "I'm not going to let pain or injuries get in the way of fulfilling my commitment to (my teammates). Now, if it gets to the point where I can't produce at a level that helps them, then you put your ego on the back burner and let somebody else do it."

Frye played three series against the Dolphins and one play - he threw an interception - against the Vikings. He is eager to practice but isn't sure whether he'll start.

"It's going to be exciting for me to take all the reps today," Frye said. "I come to work every day. A lot of guys do that. I just want to be ready if T.D. can't go. I'm the backup, but if he can't go I want to go out there and not miss a beat."

Injury report: Defensive end Orpheus Roye (knee), nose tackle Ethan Kelly (cartilage tear in his knee), defensive end Alvin McKinley (ankle) and Cosey Coleman (swollen knee) are new to the injury report. None practiced Wednesday.

Guard Joe Andruzzi (calf), running back William Green (ankle) and safety Brodney Pool (ankle) are still on the injury report, but they are improving.

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