Gameballs and Goats: Everyone Loves Reuben

The Browns running back won plaudits from fans again this weekend, as he muscled his way over 100 tough total yards. The rest of the offense, as well as the coaching staff, didn't fare nearly as well, getting goathorned painfully by fans upset with the team's lackluster attack on Sunday...

The Week's Results: One thing that has been consistent, week after week, is how much Browns fans have taken to RB Reuben Droughns. The hard-nosed runner won the gameball voting again this weekend, and has amassed a lead that won't be challenged the rest of the way. There is no mystery - Reuben will win the GB&G MVP award this year. On the opposite side of the ledger is Trent Dilfer, blamed once again for the team's horrible offensive showing. This time, however, both Maurice Carthon and Romeo Crennel have come along for the ride. Their job doesn't get any easier this weekend against the Jaguars.

Player Gameballs
Reuben Droughns (34/RB) 119
Joshua Cribbs (16/QB) 77
Orpheus Roye (99/DE) 42
Chaun Thompson (51/LB) 28
Chris Crocker (25/S) 20
Frisman Jackson (88/WR) 17
Andra Davis (54/ILB) 16


"Minnesota Trolls for being right on!!", "The Seifdog", Sunday Ticket,  SpaZ, "WR Unit", Brad Johnson, "The whole defense just for having to mop up the mess our qb and oc make", "Last weeks Browns", Byron Leftwich, "Braylon's Orange Gloves", beer, Marcus Johnson, "MICHAEL LEHAN'S FAMILY", Ross Verba, Terry Porter, "Mo Carthon - clock management guru" (2), Pat Williams,  "Myself, for boarding a flight to Vegas at game time", "Game ball? Who said anything about a gameball? Are you kidding me... GAMEBALL??? I'm just trying not to fling my *&^%*&^ chair through the window (again) I'm not worrying about GAMEBALLS!", "Chris Wells being named the #1 recruit by", Petron Tequila


Player Goathorns
Trent Dilfer (8/QB) 120
Maurice Carthon (OC) 50
Romeo Crennel (Head) 41
Braylon Edwards (17/WR) 39
---O Line--- 33
Michael Lehan (39/CB) 31
Jeff Faine (50/C) 25

"Entire Coaching Staff!!", Fast Felsen, BBO, "Whoever was supposed to be covering the TE !!! That fat slob caught more balls without anyone even near him!!!", "Anything with a bulldog logo on it", "Next years draft pick (just getting an early start)", "Trent Dilfer's grip on the football. Or lack thereof", "The Aliens for abduction last weeks team", Rip Scherer (QB Coach), "NFL Ticket--Otherwise I couldn't have watched", "3rd & long pass defense", "Time Management", "Receivers Hands", ME, Braden Looper, "Love Boat Haters!", Pete Garcia, "Vikings Trolls", "Mike Tice's Pencil", Butch Davis, "Crennel for bringing Dilfer back into the game", "That damn cover two D that forces QB's to toss floaters into the middle of the field.", "That damn cover two D that fools receivers into thinking it is NOT cover two", Akron Zips, "Braylon's hands/ blocking ability", "Paying bar tabs after a Browns loss"


Gameballs Goathorns
Reuben Droughns Trent Dilfer
Josh Cribbs Kyle Richardson
Leigh Bodden Antonio Bryant
Andra Davis Maurice Carthon
Orpheus Roye Dennis Northcutt
Chaun Thompson Ray Mickens

Thanks to Braylon Edwards poor performance, and Josh Cribbs terrific kickoff returns, there was some shake-up on the leader board. Cribbs moves back into second place, and both Orpheus Roye and Chaun Thompson move up in the standings.



fishman Ruben shows he is a player game in and out, no matter who we play.
mulekicker3 I was pumped on the first play of the game when Thompson chased down Moore from the other side of the field. Too bad that was the peak of the game for me.
thejamdawg Droughns is easily the most consistent player the Browns have had on offense. Runs hard on every play.
matt_rowk-seat18 Droughns: Who else?
dawgdc I've been voting for Reuben Droughns since the first game of the season and it continues. He is simply the BRIGHTEST STAR of a rebuilding season. Hopefully, he can get 1,000 or more yards this season and a very new contract...he truly deserves it!!! Ethan Kelley and Orpheus Roye hustled there butts off today, and if we had at least 4 more players who hustled like the two of them they we would have a better team defense!!!! Braylon dropped a ball, which lead to interception and alot of fans made a big deal about it...he's 1000 times better than Northcutt, so that mistake I can live with but he did make 4 catches though!!!! Steve Heiden took some shots today, but held on to the ball for 5 catches...great homecoming Steve!!!! Cribbs did his thing today!!! GO BROWNS!!!!
poppa9601 Reuben gets one because he's the one true Brown on the team.The guy comes to play every Sunday
stonecolddawg I heard somewhere Andre Davis and Quincy Morgan are laughing their asses off!
tmeyer007 Best QB in NFL History
rc Reuben is about the only reason to watch this team at this point. Dawson is our only consistent scorer. Nice INT by Crocker.
mistofdeath67 Reuben is about all we got!
vadawglb Good job with our return game. This gave us chances to score..
owlnawndow The Packers get an honorary gameball for releasing Earl Little.
schehlk There were at least three of last weeks Browns playing again this week, I don't know what happened to the rest of the team. Perhaps abducted by aliens. Cribbs, Droughns, and Crocker get my game balls.
glousterbrown Droughns ran hard, Crocker played hard, and Cribbs had some nice returns. Nothing else really stands out.
williamkish Fraser gets a game ball for his quality headbutt with Phil Dawson. Maybe this guy should get some playing time!
vintage1974 No one had or gets any "balls" this week. This had to be one of the most pathetic performances of the year.
bomeister One to 'Cutt for not permitting Vikings to shut us down on TDs... he fought for those 6 pts.... Droughns continues to be the man and the best trade of the Savage-Crennel era thus far. Too bad we have more turnovers than Pillsbury.
doughboy22 Now that Orpheus Roye has another sack, since he leads all defensive line players in the NFL in tackles, he may finally get the pro bowl recognition he deserves. Same thing with Andra Davis. Hoo-rah!
bendal Droughns is the only bright spot on the team.
benwilliamson Droughns is MVP hands down. Heiden's hand are most reliable on team. Roye continues to shine and Chaun Thompson continues to make plays though needs consistency.
tomahawkdawg Droughns, Roye, Davis - Status quo. It sometimes seems like these 3 are the only consistent ones on the team...
muddydawg67 only bright spot i saw is Droughns and smith still fight harder than any browns I've seen since the return
1stanubiis Not much to like about this game but I like the fact that Frisman Jackson showed up late in the game when they finally decided to use 4 WR sets. Josh Cribbs gets a gameball to for his play as he almost broke one for TD in the game.
1stanubiis Crocker got us a turn over, to bad it was fumbled away a play later.
billybongwater Fris gets props for actually catching the ball when it hit him in the hands.
oudawg11 Ethan got a sack and played well, proving he deserved to promoted to starter. Cribbs almost broke 2 for the distance and gave us good field position all day. Droughns was solid again, over 100 yards total offense
spcassidy1 At least Michael Lehan's family got free tickets & didn't have to pay to see that coverage! He made Marcus Robinson look like Randy Moss.
derms33 bodden because you actually play hard and will start opposite Baxter next year, Derek Anderson simply because you are tall and get to watch the qb horrendousness, and ross verba because you are cinsidered nuts but very smart for getting out of Cleveland
whotemp Dawson for MVP...Again!
bbucking Hard to give gameballs in a game like this but Cribbs did a good job so he gets two.
ed Simon Fraser for making the special team squad
ntrprz Cribbs ran kickoffs back very well, I think Frisman Jackson should be starting next to Edwards and have thought so for some time. All he does, hang on to the football. Tucker actually did a pretty good job as we were really able to run the ball off the edges, just not up the middle, wonder why?
brownnoser That was a nice pass to Sharper by Frye though
bigdaddy78 Again Reuben runs hard, and then the team abandons him in the second half, preferring instead to ...(see goathorns comments)
sg2431 Its really hard to give game balls after this effort.
redright RAC & DROUGHNS & DILFER....TOUGHING IT OUT; without out much of a supporting cast.
dp10451 Droughns is the only one worthy of a game ball this week.
osujoe Reuben because he was a bright spot, made some plays again. Chaun because he was flying around all day. And Pat Williams because even though it was a blocking scheme issue, he still changed the game completely.
muskiedoug Droughns is showing why we must sign him long-term. We the fans also get a gameball for sitting though that game.
raine Since no one could seem to hold onto the damn ball during the game, I don't see how we could trust anyone to hold onto the gameball.
uglyd52 He's the only guy who comes every week to play.
glabonne Frisman didn't have any drops! I wish they would settle on him as the third reciever
wwiss Solid returner. Solid runner. Nice int.
spicydeigo randy lerner's son, asking him why has it taken so long for the browns to rebuild. on six days to sunday.
ds_42 Droughns Ran Hard all day, Cribbs a few nice returns, and Fris at least caught the ball!!!!!
avonlakebacker73 when your losing? we cant run much when ur down the whole game, we need a qb that can use the talented offense we have, but we need our line to pass block along with decent run blocking (good but not consistent) wrs need to stop dropping so many, and Edwards i love u, but u have cost us 2 ints in 2 games



(NOTE: The following contains adult language ineptly hidden using punctuation marks)

fishman Too bad we cant put Romeo on the sidelines "to watch and learn" just like he keeps saying we need to do with Frye. There is no difference in going through the growing pains with a QB or a coaching staff.
mulekicker3 too much to talk about.
dawgedue Complete ineptitude by the coaching staff.
thejamdawg Flat, Plagued with turnovers, had to go to passes taking away the one consistant weapon the Browns have had. Reuben Droughns. Faine's habits have lead to tipping the snap of the ball. Hello LeCharles Bentley.
zigzag420 Has to be in my top 5 worst Browns games I can remember. What a debacle, from start to finish.
apvic hold on to the damn ball!!! catch the fuc#ing ball!!! block someone !!! Spike the ball and hustle like you care that you are pissing away precious time at the 5 yard line !!! ben taylor needs to get his cracker a$$ down and take out someones legs when he tackles !!! lucky he did not hurt his back getting bent over by that fat a$$ TE !! And where the hell were are safties ???
scheckter If I were playing the Browns, I would throw curls and comebacks against McCutcheon all day, too. He hasn't covered one in 7 years.
dawgdc Dilfer....great guy, but it's time to call it a career. The mistakes he made today were very rookie like. I would rather have Charlie in there making those mistakes rather than a grizzled veteran. Call it quits Dilfer!!! Michael Lehan shouldn't be in the league, plain and simple......he can't play special teams and he can't cover anybody so why are we paying him? Daylon made an EX Ratbird look like Randy Moss very bad day for our DB's!!! Trent Dilfer suck....OOPS I forgot I already said that!!! Maurice hung Charlie out to dry when he went in for Trent. Carthon should have either called a couple of run plays or at least a screen play on the first play when he came in. Jeff Faine could not handle Pat Williams....every time the ball was snapped I saw Pat behind Jeff. I'm impressed that Reuben got 73 yards today!!! Ben Taylor had a chance to stop Wiggins 4 yards before a first down and got driven back beyond the first down marker....HE SUCKS!!! Please let him hit Free Agency!!!! Ray Mickens is a bum I see why the Jets got rid of him....can't wait until he's gone next year!!!
poppa9601 Trent Dilfer, Someone please tell me WHY we continue to play this loser. If he's not the future, then there's no reason for him to be the starter. Play Frye. He should be the starter the remainder of the year. Lets find out about him.
thespazdawg Nice clock management at the end of the first half you dolts!
czar2 It's time Crennel shows some of that wizardry on defense and gets the offense going or else the truth will show that Crennel is just a twit from Belichick's shadow and Carthon is just "Me too" puppet.
tmeyer007 Entire team sucks
reverb RAC was wrong to pull Charlie after the int. The game was out of reach at that point. Let the kid play and get some "rhythm"
rc Crennel doesn't seem to know what he's doing with the QB situation. Whenever our WRs are able to catch consistently they could be good. Dilfer sucks.
mistofdeath67 How long must we wait!?
vadawglb Lack of concentration is back again. The defense made Johnson and Moore look like All-Pro players and the offense once again can't hold on to the ball and sustain drives and score touchdowns in the red zone.
owlnawndow Mo....the Earl Little of offensive coordinators.
schehlk There needs to be an investigation into Sunday's game. I think the ball handler guy was a Viking plant buttering up the ball on the Browns plays. That is the only explanation I could come up with for all the turnovers. Trent needs to stop worrying about Frye getting playing time and just focusing on keeping his job week to week. Edwards and Bryant, sometimes your hot, sometimes your not. We need more hot than not. The O-line your is supposed to open hole for the runners not defenders.
glousterbrown Dilfer sucked period, but Carthon was at his worst today. The play calling was so bad it was pathetic!! Our WR unit from coach to players were awful. They couldn't catch the ball, but it may be because they can't see it. Could we get them some glasses so they can see when the ball is snapped and not jump offsides? Faine had a prisoner like day, being sodomized by the vikes all day long. Then Romeo "can't remember" the worst clock management in the NFL in years? Not prepared to play the Vikes on offense or defense is being a little under prepared I think. BTW, the front 7 sucked also, 37 YO Brad Johnson wheeled around in his wheelchair all day and only got sacked because he wanted to run time off the clock.
vintage1974 Romeo, "I don't remember" isn't going to cut it. Sack up and admit you made the worst possible pick for your offensive coordinator. Offensive is putting it lightly. I've seen high school coaches that call more consistent games. This guy is all over the place. At least he leads the league in calling play action on 3rd and 17 and clock mismanagement. Braylon shut your pie hole and borrow the stickum from Northcutt, seems you need it to. What the F*#K do we need to do in this town to field a team that doesn't consistently beat itself. I can handle losing if we get beat by the other team, but this pee-wee s*#t has to stop.
bomeister Dilfer was NOT da man, he continues to hold the ball away from his body and that caused at least 2 turnovers. He also did not see Edwards and 'Cutt wide open down field on at least 2 big potential plays. Bryant is a whiny drop-a-holic like Quincy Morgan was. There should be a stat for receivers paid millions who cause the pick to happen as did to Edwards. Crennel should have left Frye in beyond one bad pass...Dilfer offered nothing better and a much slower target in the backfield. We are not contenders because we are SO inconsistent. the Miami-Minnesota games show that clearly as opposites in execution!
doughboy22 Now I realize that in reality, it wasn't people wanting Charlie Frye to play, it was was people not wanting Trent Dilfer to play. I wanted to look for someone else to blame for Charlie's interception, but it was really all his fault for a terrible look and pass. Now how about seeing Derek Anderson play next game? DEREK! DEREK! DEREK!
crurode Crennel & Carthon should enroll in Clock Management 101. Maybe they could get Ted Ginn Sr or some other high school to tutor them.
pumawolfe New nickname for Jeff Faine--"Rag Doll" Our defensive backfield looked like US Troops trying to take on the Moros of the Phillipines before the advent of the .45 cal.
bendal Entire groups, not individuals, deserve goathorns today. Defense, O line and WR's all failed completely. So do the coaches as well.
benwilliamson Romeo was outcoached by the league's worst coach. Wasted time which wasted opportunties for TD before half time and decision to put in Frye and then coming back with Dilfer made little sense. Edwards' drops will be counted as rookie mistakes, hopefully not signs of Bryant inconsistencies. Dilfer held ball way too long on fumble and does not manage game as much as he was touted to do. Carthon needs to work on more consistent play calling.
tomahawkdawg OL - Way to get blown off the ball ALL DAY. WR's - You would never be on my "all hands" team after that tip drill. Trent - Dude, I know you are tough, but sit your hobbling butt down when you can't walk on a sore leg. Oh, and please learn to either get rid of the ball sooner or cover the darn ball up. And, uh, the interceptions have to stop. Need I go on? Coaches - Where was the intensity from last week? Was it a long plane ride from CLE to MIN? Did you all have jet lag? Come on, I fly from CLE back to Tokyo by way of Las Vegas and Seattle today, so, about 20 hours in the air. How about you light some fires under butts and keep 'em lit, huh?
muddydawg67 i'm getting sick of seeing good def on 1st & 2nd only to give up 3rd and long almost every damn time
1stanubiis Trent 'show me' Dilfer for thinking he had all day to stay in the pocket! Hey if your hurting and can't move around come out a few snaps until your ready. Yea it takes guts to play hurt but if your not effective then its just plain STUPID! You hurt the teams chances when you did that.
1stanubiis I give the horns to this and the coaching staff and Trent! What in the hell we're we watchin' anyway. Does the term '2 minute offense' mean anything to this team?! How about the word URGENCY?!
upperdawg Edwards - Nice. The PD does a huge story on you and you drop a pass that leads to an INT. (2nd week in a row) Maybe you should start working out with daddy again. Romeo - Way to build the kids confidence. Put him in for one play and yank him after an INT.
billybongwater Seriously? Pass interference? That was a horrendous call.
oudawg11 Lehan looked lost against Robinson
spcassidy1 I cant believe I order Direct TV Sunday Ticket every year since 1999 to see this. And "NO" they do not offer a discount if your team stinks. (I already asked)
derms33 fisk.. do i really need a me his salary... Cutch...what size is that skirt?? u got 0 forgiveness when a simple kick to the stomach puts you out for a whole game, you coddled pansy, and Mo..j esus did you throw the game to let your mediocre son look good on offense...the gameplan was terrible as always...Dilfer has a grudge against Braylon.. very poorly handled internally...l et one of the other drop-prone wr's have a chance
whotemp Minny's DL finally showed up this year. Or maybe it was the Browns lack of pass protection.
ntrprz The triumvirate of stupidity on Sunday. Dilfer doesn't know where to throw, or when, or why. Carthon doesn't know that playaction doesn't work on 3rd and 13, THREE TIMES! Crennel is too timid at the QB position and needs to be decisive. And also, he approved the gameplan that had playaction pass, one WR formation for 3rd and more than 10 to survive on the playsheet. Pi$$ poor.
three sewers gone Why trade for Dilfer when your QB was available for nothing and beat us yesterday?
gingerdeadman Dilfer is a washed up loser
bigdaddy78 Trent, its time to get on with the rest of your life. DB's, short guys can no longer cover tall guys, I don't care how fast you are, If you'd look for the ball even once the score could have been closer. And the coaching staff is becoming a joke, all one has to do is look at the last minute of the first half to see that this staff is as ill prepared as its players.
sg2431 going to give myself (GDC)a goathorn because i actually believed we had a chance to win.
redright O-line tried to kill Dilfer and stuff he the answer? Frye...for posing as the answer at QB.
dp10451 The whole team and the coaches looked like dawg excrement. How can they look so good one week and so flat the next? Maybe they forgot why they're all here. Win for the fans! The FANS. No fans... no team. Bottom line.
osujoe Braylon and Antonio - CATCH THE DAMN BALL! Lehan - You got beat like some type of step-child. Probably a redhead, but it doesn't really matter. YOU GOT BEAT!
btngcrew I was going to give it to Pontbriand for getting hurt as a long-snapper, but this one is more appropriate for Butch.
muskiedoug This game just made me sick. Romeo has done a nice job but I don't agree with putting Frye in for only one play. Either play him or don't.
raine After the game, I had to take the Browns to the superbowl myself- too much bran in my diet.
deathbyeagle Rookies didnt look good....Frye needs time and BE should catch the damn ball!! All this talk about just going back and getting it right is truly tiresome.
glabonne Same ol' thing expecting different results! Mo hasn't learned much in 11 games, so why would the Browns think he will improve in the off season
wwiss Turn overs. Dropped balls.
spicydeigo well my goat horns go to the media. all off season everyone talked up Dilfer as a good safe qb that doesn't make mistakes and protects the ball. well last week I finally look at his career stats and they are not good.. HOW can you be labeled as a good qb that protects the ball when you have more int's than td's. well i admit it i drank the kool aid. but no more. sorry trent your a good guy and mean well but you are not very good. its time to start frye and see if he is the future or once agian we draft or pick up another free agent qb. also what happen in the final minute of the 1st half. i coach middle school football and they even know to call a time out or spike the ball real quick and not huddle and take the time down to 12 seconds. come on your in the NFL there are no excuses, bad coaching and play calling. also our best offensive player reuben only had 4 carries in the 2nd half. it was like we were getting blown out and had to pass. and we did have alot of droped balls in trent's defense but that why we are a bad team. droped balls, turnovers and penalties kill teams. i still like romeo but he and his staff did a poor job on sunday.
ds_42 Sorry B-Easy but if your gonna be the man you need to catch those balls!! Faine your a #1 pick at least try blocking Fat Williams!!!!! Lehan I know a backup in but c'mon at least be close to the guy.
smootholaf Ugh. A step back. Do you know what a veteran quarterback does? A veteran quarterback, upon seeing a less-than-stellar defensive back entering the game, attacks him. This is what Brad Johnson did every time he saw Michael Lehan being sent in. Where, oh where, is Antonio Perkins? I would like to see what he could do. He can't be worse. Every time Lehan entered, he got burnt for a touchdown.
avonlakebacker73 o line pass block!!! we need better play calling, i saw faine on his back a few times along with a couple other linemen to often then they should
redright Robiskie....time to fall on your sword!

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