Gameballs and Goats

The voting came in for the Jacksonville game, and Charlie Frye wound up on top...

The Week's Results: Light voting this week partially because the voting booth went up late on Monday, and partially because, well, not many people wanted to relive that depressing game. The bright spots however are two players who are part of the future (Frye, Edwards) and two who can be if they're signed (Droughns, Roye).

Player Gameballs
Charlie Frye (9/QB) 62
Reuben Droughns (34/RB) 57
Braylon Edwards (17/WR) 52
Orpheus Roye (99/DE) 20

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS:  "T-Dil for takin a seat", The Future, "Anyone who showed up at the stadium", Padraic Dillon, "My probation officer", Orpheus Roye's parents & the makers of whatever he had for breakfast

Player Goathorns
Antonio Bryant (81/WR) 30
Maurice Carthon (OC) 30
---Officiating Crew--- 19
Todd Grantham (DC) 11
Romeo Crennel(Head) 11

"BE's ACL", "All the no shows", "Cathon's Playcalling: NO PLAYACTION?!!", Lady Luck, Billy Schwab, The D for allowing a known running QB to get a first down on third and 19, "Braylon's Knee", "Bryants big toe", "the fans- can't we throw find anything to throw at the officials harder then a snowball when they call games that s**&^^tY??", "Faine's position switch from Center to Speedbump God for putting us through this constant pain", WKBN, "The injury bug demon", Phil Dawson's Wife, The Injury Curse, Barry separated from Beer during the Game, Lack of pass rush, "Butch Davis and the Owl"


Gameballs Goathorns
Reuben Droughns Trent Dilfer
Josh Cribbs Kyle Richardson
Leigh Bodden Antonio Bryant
Andra Davis Maurice Carthon
Orpheus Roye Dennis Northcutt
Braylon Edwards Romeo Crennel

Braylon Edwards clawed his way back into the top six for gameballs with his performance (replacing Chaun Thompson). Head Coach Romeo Crennel got enough goathorns with this loss that he is also in the top six (replacing Ray Mickens)



glousterbrown Thought about giving Droughns a gameball, but thought his second half play left something to be desired. Frye, Edwards and Roye all played outstanding.
naxos Charlie, Braylon, and Rueben.
confuseddog (Fans) for putting up with this s**t
three sewers gone Too bad Braylon is now out
osujoe Edwards had his best game of the year, but he went down right in front of me in the stadium. It was all I could do to hold back tears. Frye looked solid, didn't make any glaring mistakes besides holding the ball too long and made some smart plays in the first half. Thompson keeps on showing me something. That potential of his is starting to turn into something real. Bah! It was Droughns or Frye here... I needed a 4th selection.
raine Frye looked like the real deal, as did Edwards, too bad about his knee. Roye almost single handedly got us the ball back.
muddydawg67 if we don't sign Orpheus for the rest of his career it'll be a crime
caryncbrownsbacker Dilfer carried the clipboard with MOXEY ... finally we found something he could do WELL!! Regardless of the wind ; )
deathbyeagle Frye to Edwards looked real good. Then the ACL figures!! Droughns ran hard considering the there were no holes. Props to O. Roye for looking like Reggie White out there!!
whotemp The best first half of football I have seen all year!!!
sg2431 Frye to Edwards looks like a winner. Orpheus Roye was outstanding.
thejamdawg Charlie Frye had a nice starting debut. He had poise for a rookie. Congratulations on 1000 yards Reuben. Had his usual hard nosed effort.
dp10451 What can you say about Reuben but "Bravo". Charlie had a fantastic first start. Braylon has became the receiver we knew he is, but alas, all good things must come to an end. At least for this season. Hurry back BE.
dawgdc "A glimpse of the future" as Braylon said after his injury. Charlie Frye made the offense look so easy once Carthon took the handcuffs off. The ball he threw to AB on his first pass was a thing of beauty!!! Braylon you can't say enough about the young cat... it's a shame that RAC waited so late to use him!!! I hope to GOD he can come back real quick for next year...Edwards and Winslow on the field at the same time.. defenses need to be scared!!!! Reuben, well by now we all know whose the heart and soul of the offense.... #34!!! Phil please sign him!!!!
bigdcopfer Good Job Reuben
mrgrinch First 1000 yard back in 20 years... solid start for our (hopefully) long term QB... and a very good game from Braylon, now the last chance for him to get a gameball this year:-(
aqib There were instances when Frye had to get the ball into a tight spot and he delivered repeatedly. Now is he the next Bernie Kosar or the next Eric Zeier, time will tell. This is Braylons last game ball of the year due to his injury, I firmly believe he will be back at the early end of the time range. Opening day 2006 him and Winslow line up for the fireworks. Reuben has to get a ball for going over 1000 yards. I became a fan at the end of the 1985 season (in the playoffs) so at 30 years old I have just witnessed my first 1000 season.
bigdaddy78 34 is a no brainer, but 42 helped him get there. 1/2 gameball to Charlie, he came out strong.
yogi8 Easy to pick the GBs this week. They are our pillars for next year. Braylon, Charlie & Reuben.
born with a burnt orange head First half was great, dominating football against a very good team.



glousterbrown Antonio needs to see some bench time for his Q like hands. MC, seems to get worse as the year goes on. Can he make any adjustments by seeing what is working and what is not? The seconday sucked eggs. I wonder why Robiskie still works for the browns? The special teams were once again special for the opposition. If they had done any better I might have given the horns to our punter, but the rest played so bad they kept his individual effort out. Northcutt's punt returns? I don't know what to say about that crap!!
upperdawg Romeo - clock management: learn it, love it, live it. Officiating Crew - I believe there is something in Roswell the gov't. doesn't want us to know about; I believe there was another shooter in Dallas and I believe the NFL officals hate the Cleveland Browns and especially their fans. The block in the back on the punt return was obvious. The PI on Edwards was a joke. No official could have seen Bryants foot that closely from that far away to call off another official. Dawson - Here's an idea, let's let Phil sing the nat'l. anthem and Shannon kick. She could probably make one from inside 40.
three sewers gone Blown call on Bryant pass. Braylon out after injury on next Frye bomb attempt.
fenderbender Lady Luck gets a write-in because she hates us.
osujoe A little goat action for both of our coordinators for not making good adjustments. And extra special goathorn in the butt to the officiating crew for that ridiculous upheld call. To the head line judge who got a full beer to the back of his head... I'm sorry, but that was damn funny.
raine Lousy play calling on O- what about screen, play-action, not running on forst down almost every )&(&(& time? How about not waiting until Droughns loses two yards to throw, so that the D can't *&(*& load up on the pass rush?
muddydawg67 I hope we look at Centers in FA who spend less time on the ground - I want a hot dog eating contest winner who kicks his dog on his way out to church... Also - Considering Cutt's 'don't hit me' candy ass, and Quincy Bryant's clutch catch 'ability', I think Fris is our #1 receiver... I like Fris, but that makes me wanna puke.
photocitydawg Romeo gets the goathorns for waiting so long to play Charlie. Special teams killed us with bad field position.
deathbyeagle Is the #81 jersey a curse? Catch 50% of the balls thrown right between the numbers. F-that... Faine can't handle the big DTs....Hey Jeff!! Lay off the soy milk you pansy!! Phil Dawson--34 yard FGs should always be made by a professional kicker. Fisk was horrible...again
whotemp Two mistakes in the first half...Not going for the field goal on the first drive and Dawson's missed FG. Too many mistakes in the second half to count.
sg2431 Hey Romeo, since your wife knows how to drive, I wonder if she knows how to cover a scrambling qb?
paledragon I've given Romeo a free pass this season, but a second half collapse like that has to fall on the head coach's shoulders.
thejamdawg Is there something about the number #81 that makes people drop passes? The Jags have 3rd and a Mile, and you allow the QB to run for a first down?
dp10451 AB did his best impression of Quincy Morgan. Mo needs to take a course in "Play Calling 101". Ya just can't give up field position on kick-offs and punt returns in this game. Unless you don't mind puttin' your defense behind the eight ball.
dawgdc The last 2 weeks Daylon has been beaten like a rented mule....I'm tired of see that. I know Corner is the toughest position on the field but like you have a pair and he hasn't!!!! Dennis Northcutt is a bum, if he's not be tackled by the punter...he runs out of bounds after a catch. Why play a position where you get tackled, if you can't take it? Phil blew a field goal which bit us in the butt!!! Mo has finally pissed me off...we need a new OC!!!!!
bigdcopfer 3 and 19 and you cal a man-to-man coverage!!!!!!!!! what in the name of Gods green Earth where you thinking. Jesus H. man a pee wee football player knows better than that.
mrgrinch might be nice to have a punter again... can't believe that Mo was listed as one of the "Top 5 OC head coaching candidates" for next year by ESPN... Barry without beer? what is the world coming to!?!?!
redright THE FANS who booed when Droughns was running the ball for 8 and then 9 yards on first down. ROBISKIE...CANT blame every WR every game every's got to be ROBISKE!
aqib Davis gets a goat for being out of position on the Gerrard run. I would give one to the OL but I have too many to go around. The refs get goats for terrible calls. The call on the sideline pass to Bryant not only cost us a chance to win the game but set up the play where Braylon got hurt. The fans get a goat for many reasons, first of all was not showing up. Yeah it was cold. ITS CLEVELAND IN NOVEMBER! This best fans in the league thing is a load of cr*p. Just sell your PSLs if you aren't going to show up. Butch Davis gets a goat again because the team would be further along if he had actually left something to work with. The Owl gets a goat for being a Butch supporter for so long and still not admitting he was wrong.
bigdaddy78 Antonio can lay out and make the grab, seems the ones coming straight at him are in his blindspot. Boo for special teams, they did nothing to help the cause. And the refs....must be the worst crew the NFL has.
yogi8 Goathorns go to the big guys. Faine, Pucillo and Fisk were pushed around much of the day.
born with a burnt orange head Second half these guys fell apart. Charlie Frye gets horns for holding the ball too long and for concentrating on avoiding the rush and not finding receivers in the second half. Grantham gets it for calling a man coverage on 3rd and 19. Andra Davis gets it for being the man responsible for Garrard and letting him run for 28 yards.

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