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OBR News and World Report for: December 12, 2005

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Latest from OBRLand

Yesterday, of course, we were all witness to the emergence of the Cincinnati Bengals as a playoff team, or, as was suggested in yesterday's in-game chat, "a bunch of lucky bas***ds who paid off the officials". We also saw our beloved Cleveland Browns take a step forward, as they fought tooth-and-nail (and ankle, and knee) with the Bengals and gave them all they could handle.

Naturally, it's our sworn duty to document all this stuff. which we did with the normal karmic overload of articles:

We also did a variety of other site updates yesterday, as we caught up with some of the injury-related transactions:

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From the Forums

Also, there are some forum posts well worth checking out (nominate posts as "Huge" by using the button on the forums if you they merit inclusion here):

We recently implemented some changes on our Ask the Insiders forum, and it seems to really be taking off again as a great spot to interact with our writers and columnists, as well as getting into some of the most-informed Browns discussion anywhere.

Lane Adkins swung through Ask the Insiders yesterday, and here are some of the threads where he participated:

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Fred Greetham and Mike McLain were in ATI a couple of days earlier, and here are some of the threads they participated in:

Topic | Response Re: Peerless Price anyone?
Topic | Response Re: Insiders - J'vonne Parker
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Daily Newswire

This being the day after a regular season game, there are enough links on the newswire to choke a proverbial horse. This is exceptionally bad news if you are a proverbial horse. If you are one, however, this means that you're a lower mammal who has mastered web surfing, reading, and has good enough PR to make it into a proverb. All of which means you probably don't have time to go through all these links.

One cool thing to watch as we get into the off-season. The opening at the University of Colorado has two names mentioned already which will strike a chord with Browns fans, one beloved, one less so. WR Dave Logan, who is well remembered for being a key end zone target for the Browns in a prior life, is a Colorado grad who is currently coaching high school football in his home state. There are a number of media types pimping Logan for the job.

Also mentioned is somewhat less-beloved ex-Browns head coach Butch Davis, well-remembered for panic attacks, Jeff Garcia, and firing anyone who paused outside of his office long enough to get the jabbing finger back in 2004. Davis, of course, is also remembered for absorbing a lot of cheap shots from the press. Like that one two sentences ago.

Anyhow, here's the latest from the Browns, Bengals, and other beats:

  • Rudi awakening for Browns again  (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
    Cincinnati- The Browns shut down one of the Johnsons, but not the other.
  • Penalties set back Browns in 23-20 defeat (Lorain Morning Journal)
    CINCINNATI -- The Browns almost took the best team in the AFC North to overtime yesterday. If that's supposed to be a sign they are getting better, the defense doesn't want to hear about it because once again the game came down to an inability to stop an opponent at a critical time.
  • Losing culture plagues Browns (Akron Beacon-Journal)
    Scribbles in my notebook as the Browns lost 23-20 to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday: Early in the second half, I mentioned to a friend, "Here comes a heartbreaking Browns loss.''
  • Moral victory? Uh ...  (Canton Repository)
    CINCINNATI - In any locker room, even the visitors' quarters in the home of Cincinnati chili, talk of a 'productive loss' gets a certain chilly reception.Some members of the Browns' organization, though, conceded that Sunday's 23-20 loss to the Bengals generated a little heat.That is, the Browns s...
  • Frye deserves to start for rest of season (Canton Repository)
    CINCINNATIIf a loss can be progress - and Head Coach Romeo Crennel said Sunday's 23-20 defeat to the Bengals was just that - then the Browns showed improvement. And that's about all any Browns fan can hope for this year.'We're in a game down to the wire against a playoff team,' Crennel said.In the e...
  • Frye ‘pretty decent' in losing effort (Browns Official Site)
    CINCINNATI-Browns QB Charlie Frye wasn't Joe Montana Sunday, but the rookie was mostly efficient during his second career start. Frye completed 16-of-24 passes for 138 yards, a rushing touchdown, a passing touchdown and an interception for a 78.1 passer rating in a 23-20 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.
  • Frye had his moments in loss (Dayton Daily News)
    Charlie Frye will have better days, but this one wasn't too bad.
  • Unfamiliar territory (Chillicothe Gazette)
    Disappointed by his poor performance in a tricky wind, Carson Palmer shook the Cleveland Browns' hands after the game and got a little uplifting ...
  • A kick in time (Cincinnati Enquirer)
    Graham's 37-yard field goal sailed through the uprights Sunday as time expired, giving the Bengals a 23-20 victory against Cleveland, Browns backup quarterback ...
  • Bengals weather the Browns for 10th win (Middletown Journal)
    he Bengals played far from great Sunday, but their brand of football was good enough - just barely - to defeat the Cleveland Browns 23-20 in front of ...
  • Late calls go against Cleveland (Warren Tribune Chronicle)
    CINCINNATI - Leigh Bodden didn't have much to say after the Cleveland Browns' 23-20 loss to the Bengals here Sunday.
  • Rookie Frye learns lessons, shows he's ready for more (Akron Beacon-Journal)
    Charlie Frye has made the Browns worth watching, which isn't easy when a team has a 4-9 record. Aren't you intrigued by the rookie from the University of Akron, whose poise seems far beyond a kid making his second pro start?
  • Bodden penalties hurt Browns (Canton Repository)
    CINCINNATI - The Browns dizzied Carson Palmer with jabs, then clobbered themselves with one last punch.With 56 seconds left, safety Brian Russell almost delivered a double knockout. While making a flying tackle of Chad Johnson after a pass over the middle, Russell clobbered teammate Leigh Bodden o...
  • Bengals edge Browns (Canton Repository)
    CINCINNATI - Who dey? WHO DEY? WHOOOO DEEEYYYY? In answer to the group question rained by Bengal rowdies rolling down the Paul Brown Stadium exit ramps Sunday, dey are....
  • Too close for comfort (Cincinnati Post)
    Cincinnati Post, OH - ... for them. The Bengals have placed those memories behind them this season, leaving them for teams such as the Cleveland Browns. The ...
  • Logan belongs on list (Denver Post)
    Denver Post, CO - ... Faust didn't play in the NFL. Logan was a standout receiver for the Cleveland Browns. Faust didn't have a broad-based background that added to his credibility. ...
  • Browns Replay (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
    Cincinnati- Browns cornerback Leigh Bodden probably would've been fuming over two flags thrown on him late in Sunday's 23-20 loss to the Bengals - but he couldn't remember them.
  • Browns receiver disappointed in conservative calls (Warren Tribune Chronicle)
    CINCINNATI - Antonio Bryant had good things to say about rookie quarterback Charlie Frye, but the Cleveland Browns receiver wasn't ecstatic about the play calling.

    Rest of the story (Canton Repository)
    In throwing for 138 yards, Charlie Frye had no completion longer than Antonio Bryant's 17-yard catch that helped set up a third-quarter field goal.
  • Upon further review ... (Canton Repository)
    THEY LOST IT HERE - Good teams find ways to win games against the elements, be they weather or officiating. The Browns pointed to calls officials made near the end of the game that extended Cincinnati's drive and brought the Bengals closer to a makable field goal. But Cleveland can't allow a 37-yard ki...
  • It's a lineman's life (Cincinnati Enquirer)
    Cincinnati Enquirer, OH - Richie Braham went down in a lump early in the fourth quarter. He got snagged in the middle of a flesh pile and a Cleveland Browns linebacker fell on him. ...
  • Final drive a bit hazy for Bodden  (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
    Cincinnati- Browns cornerback Leigh Bodden probably would've been fuming over two flags thrown on him late in Sunday's 23-20 loss to the Bengals - but he couldn't remember them.
  • In loss, Frye winning job (Lorain Morning Journal)
    CINCINNATI -- For Charlie Frye, a loss is a loss, but for his head coach, what happened in Paul Brown Stadium was a sign the Browns might have the right man at quarterback.
  • Bengals grind out win over Browns (Kansas City Star)
    Kansas City Star, MO - Shayne Graham's 37-yard field goal on the final play gave the Bengals a 23-20 victory over the Cleveland Browns in a game in which Palmer had season lows for ...
  • Game is lost, respect is won  (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
    Cincinnati- Rookie quarterback Charlie Frye made his second start of the season and his first start on the road for the Browns on Sunday at Paul Brown Stadium.
  • No one need ask who the starter is (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
    This will be remembered as a break through, but not specifically for Charlie Frye. This was a day when a game was lost but sensibilities were saved, when the question of whether Frye will get another start was too ridiculous to even ask of Romeo Crennel.
  • Browns' best shot not good enough (Browns Official Site)
    CINCINNATI-Shayne Graham's 37-yard field goal as time expired helped the Bengals overcome an erratic offensive performance and escape Paul Brown Stadium with a 23-20 win over the Browns Sunday.
  • Walk-off field goal tough to swallow for Cleveland (Warren Tribune Chronicle)
    CINCINNATI - The growing pains of rebuilding hurt more some days than others.
  • Browns see positives, but results the same (Dayton Daily News)
    In the end, what did it matter whether the penalties against cornerback Leigh Bodden late in the fourth quarter were just or unjust?
  • Penalties draw ire of quieted Browns (Akron Beacon-Journal)
    The public statements were all politically correct. Privately, though, the Browns fumed. They thought that cornerback Leigh Bodden had been jobbed by officials on two key penalties in the fourth quarter Sunday.
  • Johnson again has big day vs. Cleveland (Canton Repository)
    CINCINNATI - The game plan was smart. The Browns were not going to let Cincinnati quarterback Carson Palmer beat them again this season.Mission accomplished.But Rudi Johnson's 169 yards, touchdown and back-breaking runs leading up to the game-winning field goal beat the Browns in a 23-20 Bengals w...

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