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Here's a whole bunch of links and comments on new Browns articles from all over the web, as well as here on Bernie's Insiders. Included are some links you won't find on the daily newswire, as well as some of the top message board threads. New feature... check it out, and let us know if you want us to keep providing this article on a regular basis.

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Latest from Berea

The day after a regular season game is a day full of reflection and recovery. It also tends to be a day full of finger-pointing, blame-shifting and excuse-making for losing teams, but with little pressure on the Browns to produce a playoff appearance in 2005, we're able to escape that for the most part.

It's been a long time since a running back gained 1,000 yards in Cleveland, which makes Reuben Droughns' awarding of gifts to his offensive linemen, fullbacks, and tight ends a bit of a special news event. The Browns running back gave expensive watches to thirteen players, according to Jeff Schudel at the Lake County News-Herald.

Jeff approximates the value of the watches at between $3,000 and $5,000 apiece, which makes the total value of the gifts between $39,000 and $65,000. Anyone wondering if Reuben Droughns is appreciative need look no further. By a coincidence, this is about the average household income in the State of Ohio according to the 2003 census. Nothing wrong here. Move along.

As Fred Greetham pointed out in our practice report yesterday, there are a number of bruised warriors after Sunday's battle in Cincinnati, but nothing that should impact the roster this week. Charlie Frye was left limping a little, but should be fine when the Browns travel to the land of mullets and flying objects next Sunday. Frye continues to get positive marks for his performance on Sunday, but still has a lot to learn.

Meanwhile, there is a bit of chaos on the West Coast, and the magic bullet of changing quarterbacks didn't work. There's also doubt (to say the least) about the future of the team's head coach.

Outside the Newswire

When wandering around the 'net for the Daily Newswire, I find a whole bunch of links that are kind of interesting, but perhaps aren't newsworthy enough for the wire. I figured I would put them here to provide some more value to these reports:

  • Still-popular Browns quarterback Brian Sipe continues to be a successful high school coach in California. His team is playing for the CIF Division IV title and utilizes the Wing-T offensive system. Odd for a Sipe-coached team to focus on a ground attack, but it's a weird planet. Here's an article about the match-up.
  • The University of Colorado plans on selecting a new coach before they get pounded senseless by Clemson in the Champs Sports Bowl on December 27. I was going to make a snarky comment about the Champs Sports Bowl being a stupid name, but decided not to, fortunately. Butch Davis is the leading contender. Oh wait, he's not a candidate at all.
  • Remember that massive defensive lineman from Manitoba (it's somewhere between Fargo and the Arctic Circle) that the Browns looked at in training camp in 2003? He caused some low murmurs of interest in May of that year? No? Well, he's now playing for the Chicago Bears and doing pretty well.
  • All that stuff is great, but this is still the coolest link I've found today. (Nerd warning)

Latest from OBRLand

We ran three stories yesterday, including the first report from Monday's practice in Berea.

Berea Report: Frye Gets Passing Marks - The Browns rookie quarterback passes his second test, in the eyes of his coach

OBR News and World Report: 12/12/05 - You want links to Browns stuff? We've got links to Browns stuff.

Top Twenty Draft Order: 12/12 - here's a quick rundown of the top twenty selections with three weeks remaining in the season.

Also, Tony Pauline at TFY Draft provided another update about underclassmen who are considering declaring for the NFL draft.

The FoxSports.com "Next Great Sportswriter" contest is continuing and can be found here. We also updated Hot News and Barry posted press conference transcripts and answered questions in Ask the Insiders.

As we do every day, there was a new Daily Newswire.

From the Forums

Long-time Charlie Frye pimp Sobodawg is "postively giddy" about his early performance and backs up his giddiness with some stats.

TopDawgDixon finds an early mock draft that has the Browns taking Ahmad Brooks. It... starts....

Raine offers a counter-point to, i.e, rips, Frank Derry's optimistic commentary from Sunday night.

If you listened to the Orange and Brown Countdown show on Sunday morning, JJ and I talked to a Pete Hunter pimp who felt that the recent acquisition could be a nice find for the Browns. This comes up in Pure Football as well.

Proving that we'll do whatever folks want, because you know that the staff here doesn't go for this stuff (no way!), we created Beer, Babes, and Nascar forums last month. They've been pretty busy for new forums, for some reason.


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