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Here's a whole bunch of links and comments on new Browns articles from all over the web, as well as here on Bernie's Insiders. Included are some links you won't find on the daily newswire, as well as some of the top message board threads. New feature... check it out, and let us know if you want us to keep providing this article on a regular basis.

Radio Replay

Keep an eye on your podcast files today, as we will update the file with the last night's radio show as soon as we get the digital copy from SportsTalkNetwork. STN has just celebrated their four-year anniversary, so congrats to Paul Belfi and the gang on E55th.

To subscribe to our podcast, slam this link into iTunes or other Podcast application: http://www.fanmonster.com/public/rss/BerniesInsidersPodcast.xml.
If you aren't big on that whole podcasting craze, you can also get the archive file in either Windows Media or MP3 formats from the STN archive page when they post it today.

Latest from Berea

Tuesday was an off-day in Berea, as it is around most of the NFL, so there wasn't much activity. The team often will make roster moves on Tuesday, but with no significant injuries coming out of the game against the Bengals, the team didn't tweak the roster yesterday. Wednesdays for the press typically include some locker room time with the players and a conference call with the coach and a selected player of next Sunday's opponent.

As a result of this schedule, it's rare that there is breaking news on Wednesday mornings, and today's Daily Newswire is no exception. There's some good reading, anyhow.

The Plain Dealer's Tony Grossi has a nice look at the current mess in Oakland and offers some hypotheses on how Raiders owner Al Davis will resolve it. Down in Canton, Steve Doerschuk examines the pain and agony of expansion teams and paints a somewhat ominous picture. Mike McLain offers a somewhat more encouraging outlook, and discusses the Browns "steady progress". Jeff Schudel, as he indicated last night on the radio show, writes about the problem that the Browns have had with defensive positioning.

In Dayton, the sports editor realizes that "Frye" and "Guy" rhyme, so he capitalizes them in Sean McClelland's story.

The DDN story, unfortunately, made me go off on a tangent while surfing around this morning.

Having sat in a lot of meeting rooms over the years, with the resulting doughnut intake still haunting me, I've had an opportunity to hear phrases like one that Phil Savage uses at the end of the article time and again. One favorite of my old bosses was "eat our own dog food", which I think basically meant that we had to use our own lousy products whether we wanted to or not. Canned dog food is nasty stuff, if you ask me. It wasn't the most savory metaphor.

Savage uses "Drank the Kool-Aid" in reference to Kyle Boller, which perhaps provides some foreshadowing as to Brian Billick's fate. This one's even more distressing. I wonder how many younger readers understand the built-in reference to the horrific Jonestown mass suicide, a tragedy now 27 years old. It's in the popular culture now, I guess.

It's high time that American business adopted more positive and ennobling pet phrases. I nominate "Skip merrily through the daisies" and "Give the webmaster a beer" as handy new metaphors.

Outside the Newswire

I guess that doing "power rankings" is a quick and easy way to crank out an article when there's any annoying mid-week deadline to hit. They're "interesting" in the same way the same way that a neighbor complaining about how hard it is to grow petunias is "interesting".

If you care, though, the Browns seem to be slowly creeping up some of these lists, probably because we switched to a rookie quarterback who appears to have some potential. That's always exciting, even if you don't pay a lot of attention to a team, so the Browns have moved out of the lower reaches of these power thingies into the middle muddle of them. Here are three: Yahoo, LA Times, Sports Central.

Further off the beaten track, our own Doc Gonzo maintains a blog on Live Journal, which provides him neutral ground for his political ramblings, safe from grating whines of webmasters who insist on keeping their websites focused on football. I'm going to link it today not for the politics, but rather because Doc has the wisdom to pimp one of my favorite bands (Steely Dan) and several of my favorite writers in yesterday's entry. Any band able to craft a song around a lyric like "it's a stone soul picnic for the early resigned" will always have a home on my MP3 player.

Latest from OBRLand

A large chunk of Tuesdays here are spent getting ready for the radio show, so it was kind of a light day for us with three new stories posted:

Lane Adkins went bonkers in Ask the Insiders and answered a whole mess of questions from Browns fans. Great stuff, as always. Here's a listing:

Topic | Response Re: Insiders, New OC in 2006?
Topic | Response Re: How is KWII Progressing?
Topic | Response Re: Lane - do you know who Phil and staff are actively scout
Topic | Response Re: Peerless Price anyone?
Topic | Response Re: Did Dilfer Email Lerner?
Topic | Response Re: Chad Johnson Question
Topic | Response Re: Lane, Insiders, what do you think of the def FA pickup?
Topic | Response Re: Antonio Bryant
Topic | Response Re: Lane, Insiders, what do you think of the draft now?
Topic | Response Re: sean jones

We also updated Hot News again...

From the Forums

We lead off with a fantastically-researched post from Edwardson called "Welcome to the NFL, Rookie" in the Watercooler. Edwardson, who is anything but a rookie with over 2600 posts, takes a look at how NFL teams deal with the knotty question of how to bring in highly-regarded rookie quarterbacks.

Over 5,000 visitors have checked out bseitz75's effort to track down all the classic Browns songs into a music compilation. He's got seventeen songs he's trying to put together, and progress continues to be made to track all of these novelties down.

Cball1 brings us the news that Chad Johnson has actually admitted that Leigh Bodden shut him down last Sunday. About 100,000 votes cast on http://www.youcantcover85.com are about 65% in favor of saying that Leigh Bodden can, in fact, cover 85.

There's also a big debate on whether Andra Davis is "all that" or not over in Pure Football. buckoff10 started things off with the "anti-AD" view, and things have been rolling for a couple of days now.


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