Press Conference: Davis Defends His Guy

Cleveland Browns head coach Butch Davis held a press conference on Wednesday morning, and Mike McLain was there to record Davis' comments regarding his "right-hand man" Pete Garcia and Dwight Clark's sudden exit.

It's becoming more obvious why Dwight Clark ended his association with the Browns as director of football operations last Monday.

As Clark said, "Butch has his guy." That guy is Pete Garcia, who goes by the title assistant coach/football development. In reality, there's more to what Garcia did last season and there will definitely be more on his plate in future years.

Davis, speaking at length Wednesday about his close working relationship with Garcia, expressed admiration for his partner of seven years. The two began working together in 1995, when Davis was named coach at the University of Miami and Garcia was the program's director of football operations.

"It would foolish to not utilize Pete's enormous resources with college scouting and his personal relationship with a lot of college recruiters and coordinators," Davis said. "That's a valuable asset for the Cleveland Browns. To not utilize that at its fullest would be like not giving Barry Sanders the football on Sunday. That would be making a horrible mistake."

Garcia's responsibilities will expand beyond college scouting. In addition to an increased role in that capacity, Garcia will work closely with Davis in the every-day running of the team.

"I have seven year of wars and battles of NCAA sanctions and probations," Davis said. "I value Pete's input. I value the things he says. Pete came here like myself, realizing that this is a team collaboration, and all he wanted to do was fit in and work."

Davis and Garcia worked closely in finding ways to keep the Miami program afloat while dealing with NCAA-imposed sanctions for recruiting irregularities involving a previous coaching regime. Despite a significant loss of scholarships for three seasons, the Hurricanes posted a 51-20 record during Davis' six-year reign.

"When we found out in October of 1995 that this is going to be the hand that we're dealt, Pete and I looked for ways to get around it," Davis said. "I could resign and go back to the Cowboys and quit and give up, or we can figure a way to get out of this.

"He came in with a NCAA rulebook with about 25 yellow papers sticking out and saying, 'Here's something we can do; here's something we can do, and here's something we can do.' We kicked around ideas and put them into place."

Davis denied a report by "CNNSI" reporter Peter King that Garcia leveraged an opportunity to return to Miami in an administrative capacity against the Browns. In responding to Clark's remark that he didn't like the way the team handled the dismissal of former Pro Personnel Director Keith Kidd, Davis said that the decision was made by President Carmen Policy.

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