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Here's a whole bunch of links and comments on new Browns articles from all over the web, as well as here on Bernie's Insiders. Included are some links you won't find on the daily newswire, as well as some of the top message board threads. New feature... check it out, and let us know if you want us to keep providing this article on a regular basis.

Blogolicious Goodness

Blogging has gone mainstream now, and even our overlords at FoxSports.com are getting in on the action. We've had blogs running for quite a while now, even if we don't pimp them as much as we should. We don't have dozens of bloggers, but we do have some of the biggest, best, and longest-running blogs for the Cleveland Browns. More bloggers are lined up to join us after we upgrade our blogging system in January.

Here are some of the latest entries from our four bloggers: Ace Davis, the Dawghouse Blog, Rich Swerbinsky, and 1964 World Champ representative Bernie Parrish.

Latest from Berea

On the Browns beat, attention began to shift to the team's upcoming game against the Oakland Raiders. Before we go any further and start taking the Raiders lightly, Brian Russell is around to remind us all exactly how good Randy Moss can be.

"He's a freak", Russell told the Lake County News-Herald. I've never seen a guy make one-hand catches the way he does. He can really make DBs look foolish and bad."

Leigh Bodden will spend most of his time matched up against Jerry Porter, but he's still the focus of Tony Grossi's article in the Plain Dealer. The most interesting tidbit in Grossi's article, in my opinion, is near the end, where Phil Savage admits the he would contemplate giving restricted free agent Leigh Bodden a first-round tender to keep him on the team. That would mean paying Bodden over $1.5 million, but the Browns would get a first-round pick back from any team that signed Bodden to a larger contract.

There's no word on whether Moss can make his own head coach look foolish and bad, but that might be happening on its own. Raiders head coach Norv Turner suddenly reversed course on Wednesday, and decided that maybe Kerry Collins wouldn't be such a bad starting quarterback after all.

Pat McManamon re-assures that the Browns won't tank the rest of the season while fellow ABJ writer Tom Reed provides the calming news that the Browns 2005 season has been relatively free of stabbings and other forms of dysfunction. Howard Ullman of the Associated Press goes all-out and discusses the team's desire to actually improve from last year's 4-12 record.

Steve Doerschuk looks forward to 2006 in a conversation with Kellen Winslow, who says thinks he'll be "full go" by June of next year, while we all try to make sense of Antonio Bryant's play this year.

Outside the Newswire

Things are a little dull on the fringe today, but CBS Sportsline comes to the rescue with one of the lamest excuses for linking photos of hot women ever found on the sports site. Yes, it's the Top 10 Athlete-Celebrity Relationship list, which has nine male athletes and one female one. The quarterback-who-shall-not-be-named still claws his way onto the list thanks to the coattails (or whatever) of Heather Kozar, who is described as "beautiful and talented". Beautiful I'll give them, but I always thought her talent was being beautiful. Whatever. Meanwhile, Jeff and Carmella: pwned. They don't even crack the list.

On a more serious note, if you're ever wondering what happened to Jason Geathers, an undrafted free agent who was hyped by yours truly in 2004, he didn't make the NY Giants either and has signed with the San Jose Sabercats. This is why Phil Savage's job is amazingly safe.

Latest from OBRLand

Yeah, we were pounding in new stories all morning and afternoon yesterday, with seven new Browns, draft, and fantasy stories posted on Bernie's Insiders.

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