Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Here is Wednesday night's chat transcript, where David Carducci, John Taylor, and Lane Adkins field questions from a group of some of the most informed and dedicated Browns fans on the planet. Heck, if you're hanging out talking football during the May football dead zone, you're part of a unique breed. Find out which one of our Insiders admits to geekdom, more about front office machinations and June 1 cuts. And, of course, we touch upon the Modell-Bietz ignorance index.

Lumpy Dave, thanks for the timely report on Dwight Clark this week. I never cared for the guy. Can you give us a little insider insight to what it was like in the front office the past year? Did Clark and Garcia avoid each other at the end?
JohnTaylor From what I've been told, the relationship between Clark and Garcia was ""professional"", but somewhat ""icy"". They wouldn't go out of their way to say hello to each other.
DavidCarducci I think Garcia coming in was hard on Dwight, Lumpy. It was a shock to his ego, not having the ear of the coach, not having Carmen jump to his rescue and take his side in every situation. I think he did his best to try to adapt to the situation, but he was basically powerless. He had very little say in anything. He did have a voice in the decision making process, but it wasn't what it once was
Lumpy that is just what I thought....any news on possible WR's after June 1??
Artbtz Lane, here was the question from Lumpy, if you care to add anything: Can you give us a little insider insight to what it was like in the front office the past year? Did Clark and Garcia avoid each other at the end?
DavidCarducci I think it is a credit to Dwight, though, that everything worked as smoothly as it did. He could have caused quite a few problems, especially with Dwight's propensity to just say what's on his mind at all times
DavidCarducci That can be dangerous, and has been dangerous for Dwight in the past
JohnTaylor The Browns have been in contact with McCardell's people, and will likely be in touch with Alexander's as well post-June 1.
Lane We will have a story on this topic in the very near future...............Now, the relationship between Dwight and Pete was never one that would lead to a genuine team working relationship..............
Lane Dwight was brought in here to be the man, it was his show to run..............
DavidCarducci I will say that I will miss Dwight in some ways. He was very good with some members of the media. He was always accessible. He was easy for us to work with.
Lane In which he and Palmer worked closely together................
DavidCarducci He was also much more forthcoming with information than Butch, which isn't necessarily the best thing for the team.
Artbtz David, do I read that as meaning that some of the remaining front office folks aren't, um, forthcoming?
DavidCarducci I think you can say that... seriously, I think Dwight made some mistakes at times telling us too much of what was on his mind
Lane When Butch came in, there was absolutely no relationship between Pete and Dwight that can actually be noted as being anything but troubling............
DavidCarducci For a guy who was tutored by Policy, Dwight never quite mastered the idea of keeping things close to the vest
Artbtz Do you think that Clark's openness irritated others in the front office?
Lumpy Who made the calls during the draft?
DavidCarducci Ultimately, the calls in the draft were a team effort with Butch the lead voice
Lumpy that's all from me folks-thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DavidCarducci Even though he worked well with Palmer, AB, I know that the former coach was upset on a couple of occasions when Clark tipped his hat
DavidCarducci said that wrong ... tipped us off
DavidCarducci Sorry Lumpy, missed it. Like John and Lane have been reporting, I'm sure they'll consider McCardell and/or Alexander, but like I said last week, I think they'll end up passing on signing anyone
YBD Any ""grades"" from QB school yet? Everybody Pass?
BryanK Do you see any other veterans that may be brought in June 1?
DavidCarducci No grades that I know of. I've been on assignment elsewhere
JohnTaylor Still agree with Dave re: they'll be interested in a post-June 1 WR, but will likely come away empty.
DavidCarducci Veterans after June 1? If they add someone, I don't think it will amount to much. I think they are pretty much determined to go with what they have, unless someone who really bowls them over becomoes available ... or if a player like Adams lowers his asking price.... I don't see that happening, but that would be my No. 1 wish
DavidCarducci determined might be the wrong word for my above statement ... satisfied might be better
JohnTaylor They'll continue to look for OL, maybe a safety, defensive linemen. All depends on what is thrown out there.
BT I've read a lot lately about Garcia's intellect. Is he really that smart?
JohnTaylor From what I've been told, it's no hype about Garcia's intelligence both on and off the football field.
DavidCarducci You know, while I've seen Garcia around a lot, I've never really spoken with him more than three or four times, and it's impossible to tell from that. I think the Hurricanes record might just speak for itself. If he was the point man in recruiting and Davis' right-hand man, then that says a lot considering the talent Miami brought in and the way they handled their probation
JohnTaylor He's a sharp guy. Same with Lal Heneghan. There are some very, very bright men in the Browns' FO.
Artbtz Too bad we couldn't get someone REALLY smart like Brian Billick, though.
BhamFan Good evening Fellas, Why the speculation on a June 1 WR? Is there some concern on KJ not signing, or is he still trade bait, or is the WR is still not up to a certain standard?
JohnTaylor The Browns will always have an interest in someone that can make their team better, regardless of who is on the roster. They are comfortable with the WR position, but, like I just wrote, will always look at a perceived upgrade.
BhamFan But no other reason than that?
DavidCarducci I think KJ's signing is a very real concern. I think he'd like to stay, but who knows. If he becomes a free agent and somebody gives him an offer the Browns can't afford to match, then I'm sure he'd go. I think the selection of Davis is more telling than the June 1 potential for adding a free agent. Davis and Morgan will have another year under their belts as the No. 2 and possibly 3 receivers this year, then the Browns could consider another lesser veteran free agent next year if Morgan is ready to step in as No. 1
Artbtz Anyone want to toss anything else at Dave? Questions, that is...
Lumpy When do the players put on the pads for practice?
DavidCarducci Unsure as of now. As I said, I was unable to meet with Butch today during his media availability.
DavidCarducci They won't put on full pads until training camp. I think it's shoulder pads or shells with shorts during minicamps under CBA rule.
Guest59 Is Willie Green back up to his 221 playing weight? How is his pulled muscle?
DavidCarducci As far as I know, Green is still under 221, last I heard
rockdawg there has been some question whether Garcia quit or was offered job @ UM last week. What's the story?
Guest186 Dwight Clark mentioned he had a good relationship with Lal Hennigan and would like to work with him again someday. Is Lal the next guy to walk the plank?
JohnTaylor The only way Heneghan leaves is for another job. He is a very, very, very important person in the organization.
Lane There has been some grumblings that another member of the front office will depart. Is that Lal? hard to tell, he assumed an increased amount of responsibility during the 2001 season, working much more on the player-side of the game
Lane No comment until later this week on question 1 and I believe that Lal stays in 2002
DavidCarducci I doubt that Heneghan is going anywhere. He's too valuable. In fact, his role should continue to grow. Policy did talk about his being involved even with the evaluation side this past year, although that was mostly in assigning $$$ worth
DavidCarducci ie- knowing what the coach wants from a particular position , then assigning a $$ value to that position
Guest186 What role does Trip MacCracken play?
JohnTaylor He's heneghan's understudy.
newdawg Are the browns interested in Ray Brown from the 49ers if he is a June 1st cut???
JohnTaylor The Browns have a mild interest in Brown. Brown has a serious interest in the Browns.
Lane Brown's name has come up in discussions regarding the Browns from information that has come across my desk
Guest186 Does Butch now have more power than Policy?
Lane Policy is the ring-leader and spin-master
JohnTaylor Only Lerner has more power than Policy.
rockdawg Are the Browns waiting for the dust to settle before assigning new titles Hanigan seems to be in line for a big boost.
DavidCarducci I think Policy is smart enough to know that Davis is THE football guy. Policy is a different end of the organization. He and Heneghan will take a bigger role in the day-to-day operations
DavidCarducci A lot of people think Heneghan is a shoe-in to be a GM one day...maybe the equivalent here? who knows
Guest186 Dwight mentioned the name of Randy Lerner. Is he being groomed to take over for Al?
Lane Randy is Al's son and a very good man. Until recently he had no desire to be involved in the game
DavidCarducci Yes. I think there are a lot of people hoping Randy will take over at some point. When Al first took control of the team, the rumor was that Randy had no interest in being involved. That has changed
BhamFan Any idea where cap # is?
Lane Over 5.4 million
JohnTaylor I think that Heneghan will someday make a perfect candidate for team president ala Carmen.
Guest186 Butch mentioned how he loved the depth and competition at every position. Does that include QB?
rockdawg now that M. Seller's has landed on his feet, can we get the real story?
JohnTaylor Every coach talks about competition at every position, but the reality is there are some positions on every team that are not up for grabs. The QB of the Browns is one of them.
DavidCarducci I don't think so. Davis knows that a team has to believe in its quarterback. Tim has to be the leader of this offense, and the staff ans players have to be behind him
Lumpy Yeah....I remember hearing that Sellers ""is a very bad man""....what was the deal there?
DavidCarducci You know, I'm uncomfortable talking about the whole Sellers thing because everything I've heard is all rumor.
KJ Good call Dave!!
Artbtz I made most of those up, too, Dave.
DavidCarducci I will say this. Mike Sellers was actually was very cool to me
DavidCarducci He was always willing to talk
Artbtz So was Dwight.... are we seeing a pattern here?
DavidCarducci Different type of talk. Dwight would give things away. He would tip off the team's strategy. Even when he didn't want to, you could read his tells. Sellers was just a good guy to talk to in the locker room. He'd say what was on his mind, but nothing that would hurt the team. He was great when asked about the Redskins. Really funny talking about Dan Snyder
KJ Do you know what percentage of the team is participating in this QB School? Any significant player absence?
JohnTaylor Dwight's not there. Is that significant?
rockdawg no
JohnTaylor :-)
rockdawg does dwight have any chance with the ATL job? His track record isn't the greatest.
JohnTaylor Dwight has a very good chance at the ATL job if Mueller doesn't get it.
Guest186 I got here a little late. Did Garcia really threaten to leave?
DavidCarducci Butch denied the report that Garcia threatened to leave.
newdawg Can you believe Butch's denial?
DavidCarducci Of course you have to wonder. He's Butch's friend, and I'm sure he'll protect him. That doesn't mean it's not true, though
Guest186 Will the Browns be the most popular team in Cuba?
JohnTaylor No, the red-clad Chiefs will be.
Lumpy understood......about Sellers. Indians just went up 2-1. Back to football-with our blocking back gone (Sellers) last year...the offense really came untracked. there were injuries too. Now who is the monster blocking back we need? Air Force Ben Miller?
Lumpy 3-1 of 9th
Artbtz Do wins against the Orioles count in the standings?
BT Has any of the trio of rookie LB's distinguished himself in camp or school?
DavidCarducci It's really too early to say anything for or against the young picks at LB. I know they are high on what Davis has shown, but that doesn't mean anything right now. They are just young guys trying to absorb as much as they can in a short time
ramllov Any idea about June 1st free agent signings?
Guest186 Only if you beat Baltimore by more than 5. Would Butch have taken Tim Couch and Courtney Brown at #1?
DavidCarducci I don't think the Browns even know that, yet. I've heard, again, that they might use J.J. Johnson at fullback. Give him a try. I've also heard from other sources that he's d-o-n-e, done. With Shea's added strength, his football IQ and his desire and aggressive nature, I'm not sure that he couldn't become a pretty good H-back/lead blocker
JohnTaylor Dudley will help the running game if healthy. Same as Tre'. J.J. may be a help, but probably not. They'll likely go into 2002 without a big FB.
DavidCarducci I still believe in Shea. I think he can become a player.
JohnTaylor The Browns will take a look at anyone available who they feel could improve the team. WR will obviously be a position they are looking at.
Lumpy Shea as a TE or H-back?
JohnTaylor Right now, Shea is a better TE. With some added bulk, maybe he can improve in the run blocking.
ramllov Does Ray Brown RG have a shot?
JohnTaylor Browns have a mild interest in Brown. Brown has a serious interest in the Browns.
DavidCarducci I hope not Ramllov
ramllov What type of money does Ray Browns want?
JohnTaylor He knows he'll get the vet minimum on a one-year deal, with a ton of playing time incentives and very minimal signing bonus.
Artbtz John, do you think there would be interest in Gash or Oyandbaienaoo from the Ratbirds after 6/1?
JohnTaylor Haven't heard their names mentioned, Art, but nothing Butch does personnel-wise would ever surprise me.
DavidCarducci I say help the team, but don't sign a player who will force me to write Obafemi Ayabadej-whatever-the-hell-it-is more than a couple times a season
JohnTaylor LOL
DavidCarducci By the way, I know this is going to make me sound like a complete geek, but I have to take my girlfriend to see the new Star Wars soon.
DavidCarducci So, I have about 10 minutes left
Artbtz Geek
newdawg Let us know how it is.
Artbtz Is there another question, or should we go to the lightning round?
ramllov Did the Quarterback practice start today?
Artbtz Yes
DavidCarducci It did
newdawg how long before tre johnson can train at full speed?
JohnTaylor He will be 100%% for the start of training camp.
DavidCarducci Tre' looks pretty good. He's coming along very well, from what I had heard a week ago. When I saw himi stretching and warming up in practice, he looked pretty spry for a big, injury-prone guy
BT 100% would be extremely cool. Amazing that he could get back to that when the coaches were suggesting retirement as an option
JohnTaylor Tre' is a tough guy who has gotten the crap bitten out of him by the injury bug.
BryanK Is Dudley participating?
newdawg a final hurray?
DavidCarducci by the way ramllov, I saw a couple of your posts from the last few days. Some good stuff. It deserves a bit more time than I had today, but I will get to them
ramllov thank you
DavidCarducci How much he can do, even in the next minicamp, is still in question, I believe
Artbtz OK... it's time for the lightning round!!!
Artbtz *** vast applause ***
JohnTaylor WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Artbtz Multiple choice questions first.
Artbtz 1. The exit of Dwight Clark and Keith Kidd will make the Browns
Artbtz A. A better team
Artbtz B. A worse team
Artbtz C. No different
Artbtz D. Dunno, but it's fun watching Carmen spin
JohnTaylor A
DavidCarducci A ... but only in that it streamlines everything a bit.
DavidCarducci Really the same voices have the greatest impact, in my mind
Artbtz 2. By the end of the Summer, Dwight Clark will be
Artbtz A. An NFL executive again B. A broadcaster C. Enjoying vacation month #4 D. The owner/operator of a Men's Wearhouse in Fresno
JohnTaylor B
DavidCarducci B
Artbtz 3. If you had one evening to cut loose and party, would it be with
Artbtz A. Carmen Policy B. Plaxico Burress C. OJ Santiago D. David Modell E. None of the above
JohnTaylor A
DavidCarducci OJ Santiago ... I consider him a friend. He's a good guy and a fellow Golden Flash
JohnTaylor Although I'd pay good money to see Carmen and Plax party together.
DavidCarducci Friend in as much as we are allowed to become friends with players
DavidCarducci True
Artbtz (WRONG!)
Artbtz The following individuals will still be part of the Browns organization in three years:
Artbtz Carmen Policy
JohnTaylor True
DavidCarducci true
Artbtz Pete Garcia
JohnTaylor True
DavidCarducci true
Artbtz Butch Davis
JohnTaylor True
DavidCarducci true
Artbtz Foge Fazio
DavidCarducci false
JohnTaylor False
Artbtz Bruce Arians
JohnTaylor False
DavidCarducci true
Artbtz Between 0 and 10, with 0 being total ignorance at a Modellian level and 10 being total and complete knowledge and grasp of the facts at a Bietzian level, rate how much the public knows about the following events
Artbtz Clark's exit
DavidCarducci 2
JohnTaylor 3
Artbtz Palmer's firing
DavidCarducci 6
JohnTaylor -128
Artbtz Modell doing the ol' backstab
DavidCarducci 7
JohnTaylor 5
Artbtz The reason for Ben Gay's exit
DavidCarducci 3
JohnTaylor His name.
JohnTaylor Oh, and a 4
Artbtz Terry Bradshaw's baffling continued employment
JohnTaylor 0
DavidCarducci 7... he's better than Musberger
Artbtz Thank you gentlemen!!!
DavidCarducci sure thing
Artbtz (Applause)
JohnTaylor My 4-year-old is better than Musburger.
Lumpy thanks guys....GO BROWNS !!
Artbtz See you all next week!
JohnTaylor Thanks.
BryanK Enjoy the movie!
DavidCarducci see you all. I'm off to Star Wars .... man I really am a geek
BT Thanks guys.
DavidCarducci thanks Bryan
Artbtz Go watch your geek thing David
JohnTaylor Sorry, gotta get to the theatres to beat up the geeks waiting in line to see Star Wars.
BT lol
JohnTaylor See ya next week.

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