Random Thoughts from a Wasted Mind

Dale G. ponders which players the Browns will keep and, of course, Browns underwear

Gene Pool

Finally it can be said that the Browns are moving in the right direction. They played the Division leading Bengals right down to the wire.

Now this young team needs to find a way to finish games.

Butch Davis's favorite post game comment was, "The team spilled their guts today."

I would really hate for Romeo Crennel to be remembered for saying, "They made more plays than we did at the end of the game."

Being able to finish games comes with confidence. Winning breeds winning and losing breeds losing. Right now the Browns' reproductive cells are swimming around with a capital "L" on their foreheads.

Winning two out of the last three games would go a long way in changing the complexion of next year's offspring.

The Core

Signing Andra Davis to a five-year extension shows that the Browns have already identifies the players they want to serve as a core of players to build around. The next two players I would like to see extended are Leigh Bodden and Ben Taylor. Bodden has proved he can play corner in the league. Taylor seems to have grasped the 3-4 defense as the season progressed. He has 99 tackles and that deserves a new contract.

Orpheus Roye should go to the Pro Bowl. He has had an outstanding year he tops all NFL linemen with 77 tackles. Though in the scheme his position doesn't produce a lot of sacks therefore he will probably get overlooked by the fans. He has played injured the entire season and the Browns need him back next year.

There has been much talk of Jamal Lewis being a Brown next season. I would prefer to see the team extend Reuben Droughns contract. The tandem of Lewis and Droughns doesn't excite me. They are the same type of runner and Lewis would come carrying baggage in both hands. I don't want to see the organization give up on Lee Suggs. He is a totally different type of runner than Droughns and would provide a nice change of pace to the offense. The only knock against him is that he hasn't been able to stay healthy.

Non-Core Guys

Wasted Mind believes that the following players are not in the Browns plans for the future.

  • William Green received a second chance but will get a third chance with a different team in 2006.
  • Kenard Lang will bulk up and go back to being a defensive end for a team that runs a 4-3 defense.
  • Jason Fisk has given up way too much ground in the middle.
  • Antonio Bryant has had too many drops. His potential is unlimited but potential doesn't make plays on Sundays.
  • Kyle Richardson has been too inconsistent. A developing team needs to be able to rely on their punter to win field position.

Browns Underwear

Mrs. G and I were shopping at a Berea department store the Saturday before the Bears game. Of course we were looking to add to our already too large wardrobe of Browns apparel. Also looking through the selection were two delightful young ladies.

I heard one of them say, "Look they even have Browns underwear."

Not known for being shy I decided to strike up a conversation with them. To my surprise one of the women was Andra Davis's mother. It was refreshing to see a player's mother interested in Browns gear.

The next day I told the story to the gathering of usual suspects that join us at our pre-game table at the Gridiron Grille in the stadium.

All four guys at the table reached down their pants and pulled up a small patch of orange and brown fabric proudly displaying the fact they were wearing Browns underwear. When they wanted to see mine, I announced that I go commando but would gladly show them my tattoo.

Free Gifts

The Browns Holiday Hats were a nice give-a-way at the last home game against the Jaguars.

I am looking forward to these give-a-ways at the last two home games A Jerome Bettis fumble inside the Steelers' ten yard line in which Orpheus Roye picks up and rambles in for the winning touchdown.

Baltimore's quarterback Kyle Boller throws four interceptions all resulting in Browns scores as the Browns rout the Ravens 35-0.

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