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A player who once flashed an obscene hand signal to the Steelers now wears their uniform...

This Ain't No Stinking Rivalry

There has been so much talk about the Steelers being the Browns biggest rival. That may be true for those of us that have watched these games over the years, but to the players it is just another game.

We are in an age that players change teams like I change underwear. Players have players from opposing teams programed in their cell phones. They kneel in prayer together at midfield after the game.

Chris Gardocki, who once flipped off the Steelers bench after Cowher's hoodlums mugged him during a punt, is now wearing the dreaded black and gold.

William Green went after Joey Porter in a pregame brawl last year. But Green most likely be inactive Saturday.

Only Daylon McCutcheon and Phil Dawson have witnessed all fourteen meetings of the two so-called rivals in a Browns uniform since the team returned in 1999. Orpheus Roye has also been around for all the contests but not always as a Brown. He may not say it but I think he enjoys dishing out a little extra against Pittsburgh.

Nine of the Browns starters Saturday will be experiencing the rivalry for only the second time.

Romeo Crennel is 0-1 against Bill "The Chin from Pukesburg" Cowher.

Charlie Frye will be the only player on the field that has the same feelings toward the Steelers as those in the Dawg Pound. The Browns will need to use his arm to upset the hated team from down the Turnpike. The Steelers will definitely not let Reuben Droughns' legs beat them.

Several things can happen Saturday to once again fire up this rivalry:

  • Chaun Thompson sacks Ben Roethlisberger spiking his head into the ground.
  • Charlie Frye spikes the ball into the crotch of the nearest Steeler after scoring on a naked bootleg.
  • The Browns send the Steelers home beaten and bruised. With Heinz Ward tearing up because his buddy Jerome Bettis won't be making the Playoffs in his final year.
  • A player from either team kicks an opposing player in the groin.
  • The exchange of spit between teams can add fuel to the fire.
  • Crennel refuses to shake Cowher's hand after pulling off the upset. Because he disliked the dirty tactics used by the Steelers.

In other words, "Let the good times roll."

Beautiful Ugly

There is nothing more beautiful than an ugly win.

When a team wins ugly it shows they scratched and clawed their way to a victory.

It means they won a game they could have lost.

Get use to it Browns fans, a majority of games in the NFL are won this way. Also the philosophy of the Browns seems to be; Hold the opponent down in points and be close enough in th 4th quarter to win it.

Ugly wins used to be described as defensive gems. But in this day an age, everyone wants to see an offensive masterpiece from both teams. For this to happen each team must execute near flawlessly on offensive putting the ball in the air often, or both defenses must have trouble matching-up with their opponent's strengths.

There is such parody in the league that seldom does a team enjoy domination over its opponent. When it does, it is usually happens when a team gets up early in the game, and the team that's behind loses its will to compete.

No Beer, No Cheer

The Jets are not serving beer this weekend when the Patriots come to town. It is a shame when the acts of a few morons infringe with the rights of others. Take it from someone who knows. If you want to be drunk at a game you will find a way. So the ban is not keeping that element from the game. Hopefully we will never see the day in Cleveland where we can't enjoy our favorite adult beverage during the game.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I have hesitated venturing out of the trailer the past two weeks. The Browns were on the road at Cincinnati and Oakland. The refrigerator was stocked with cheese, beef stick and beer. There were plenty of crackers, nuts, and chips in the cupboards. My medicine chest was complete with every pill to keep me going. Life was good.

But the main reason for staying in was to avoid having to make a decision on what greeting to say to those I came in contact with.

I will undoubtably talk to more people Saturday at the game than I have the past fourteen days. So not to offend anyone and embarrass Mrs.G, I've decided to put my greeting on a sign. It will read:

  • Happy Holidays (very politically correct)
  • Season Greetings (also very acceptable)
  • Merry Christmas (for those who have a Manger Scene at their home)
  • Happy Hanukkah (for those with Menorahs in their home) 
  • Feliz Navidad (for those who only speak the second most common language in the U.S.)
  • Buone Feste Natalizie (for my many Italian friends)
  • Nollaig Shona Dhuit (for my Irish friend Jerry, who wears a badge at the stadium)
  • (Och) Ett Gott Nytt År (for my Swedish friend Henrik who is a frequent visitor to this site)
  • Bah Humbug (for those who hate this time of year)
  • Have a Nice Day (for those that above greetings may have offended)
  • GO BROWNS ! ! !

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