Happy Holidays from Bernie's Insiders!

Here's to hoping the best for all Browns fans this holiday season!

Today's game is a reminder that Santa leaves presents on Christmas, not Christmas Eve, although I think we all agree that the head coach of a certain Pennsylvania football team might deserve some coal in his stocking this year. Ahem.

Fortunately, the holiday comes at a time when we can forget the lack of success on the field, and hopefully find time to be with our friends and family.

I hope that you are enjoying this holiday weekend. If you didn't know it already, access to all Scout.com sites is free through the holiday weekend. If you're not a subscriber, I hope you enjoy the ability to sample what the network has to offer.

We are truly honored and blessed that so many Browns fans have come to find our home on the web, and turn to Bernie's Insiders magazine for their Browns news. It's because of you that we are able to spend our days doing what we love, and we hope to reward your support with even better coverage year after year. We're working, and trying, and listening, and won't ever stop putting the fans first.

Thank you again, Browns fans, for your help and support during the year. Let's hope that the New Year brings some good fortune for Browns and Browns fans alike!

Happy holidays to you and yours from the gang at Bernie's Insiders!!!

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