Berea Report: Trying to Bounce Back

Fred Greetham was in Berea on Monday, where the Browns are going to try to forget Saturday's debacle and move on. Here's the latest from Romeo and others as they regroup and try to get ready for the Ravens...

BEREA - After Saturday's 41-0 demoralizing loss to the Steelers, there is some good news.

There's still another game and the Browns have a chance to redeem themselves, rather than waiting the whole off-season with the stinging loss lingering.

"We still have a chance to finish strong and not end with a sour taste in our mouths," Reuben Droughns said.

Droughns was held to just 36 yards on 10 carries and now has 1,192 yards heading into the final game.

Quarterback Charlie Frye echoed Droughns' sentiments.

"When you get beat like that, you want to get out there as soon as possible and play really well," Frye said.

Romeo Crennel says it might not be easy for the Browns to forget last week's game.

"My experience is whenever this happens, it's tough to bounce back," Crennel said. "Human nature tells you how badly you got beat and you lose a lot of confidence in yourself because of what happened.

"However, I've seen games in this league where teams bounced back the next week," he said. "We'll have to work extremely hard to be competitive and it can be done. We're going to work hard to make it happen."

Quick Hits

Talent Gap: Crennel said there's no question the Steelers have better talent than the Browns do.

"There's a gap (between the talent)," Crennel said. "I still think we're average in talent. I don't think you can judge a game by one game."

No Change: Crennel said that Frye will start against the Ravens.

"He had a tough game on Saturday," Crennel said. "He'll bounce back. My thoughts on Charlie haven't changed as to what his abilities are."

Frye was hurried throughout the game as he was sacked seven times and fumbled three times, losing one.

Crennel doesn't think the game against the Steelers will hurt his confidence.

"It could've rattled him, but how he performs this Sunday will determine," Crennel said. "The experiences itself will help him be ready the next time he goes through it. I'm sure it is one he doesn't want it to happen again and learn from the experience."

Frye agreed he didn't want to go through that type of a game again.

"I was disappointed in the way we played, "he said. "I never want to experience that again. I never want to feel like that again after a game."

Frye said he's working on having a short memory.

"They say the best quarterbacks have amnesia," Frye said. "I have a lot of confidence in myself and I want to do everything in my power to play well."

Rookie wide receiver and kickoff returner Joshua Cribbs has observed Frye throughout his college career. Cribbs was the quarterback for fellow Mid American Conference rival Kent State.

"He's been a leader before and he's equipped to bounce back and be a leader of the offense," Cribbs said. "A loss is a loss, no matter how bad it might have been."

Injury Update: There were no real significant injuries to come out of the Steelers game. Crennel listed six players, but said all should be ready to go next Sunday against the Ravens. He said Frye had a slight concussion.

"Charlie was a little dazed and had a slight concussion," Crennel said. "He'll be okay."

Others mentioned were DL Jason Fisk (back), CB Ray Mickens (groin), OL Cosey Coleman (knee), TE Steve Heiden (ankle) and DL Orpheus Roye (knee).

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