Berea Report: Suggs, Jones To Get Shot

Here's Thursday's update straight from Berea, where head coach Romeo Crennel is considering giving more time to RB Lee Suggs and S Sean Jones against the Baltimore Ravens. Plus, more on Chaun Thompson's lingering wrist problems and other injuries as the team prepares for the season finale. The daily Berea Report - first and free from Bernie's Insiders!

Running back Lee Suggs and safety Sean Jones will get increased playing time in the final game of the season Sunday, Romeo Crennel said in his Thursday press conference.

It has been a very disappointing season for both players. Jones, a 2004 second-round draft choice who missed all last year recovering from knee surgery, has just one tackle from scrimmage. Suggs, who finished 2004 with three straight 100-yard games, has six carries for nine yards this season.

"I might try to take a look at (Jones) if the situation is right, maybe try to give him a series or two to see how he does on defense," Crennel said. "I know he's been playing on special teams, and he's been doing a good job there. He's been hustling and his attitude has been good all year, so I might try to get him a series or two on defense.

"Lee Suggs is another guy. He's been playing on special teams. I might give him a series to see what he can do with it. Those are the two main guys that I'm considering."

CALL THE DOCTOR - Chaun Thompson is still wearing a cast on his left wrist. He fractured a bone in it in August of 2004 and it still has not healed properly.

"The blood supply and the blood flow into that wrist area are somewhat minimal," Crennel said. "There was a piece of a bone in there that was taking a long time (to heal). I think it's gotten better because of the fact that he's had the cast on.

"After the season is over, they're going to take a real good look at it and determine if they need to go in and do something or if it's healed enough so that maybe he can get to the point where he can play without the cast."

Thompson has 93 tackles, good for third on the team.

WATCH FOR LEWIS - Crennel doesn't want to hear about Ravens running back Jamal Lewis being worn out or over the hill. Lewis has rushed for 817 yards and three touchdowns on 249 carries. He has had only two 100-yard games this season.

"Jamal still has pretty good ability," Crennel said. "I don't think we should write him off because he still runs hard. He still breaks tackles. Why he's not gaining 200 yards a game, maybe guys are loading up on him a little bit more and realizing that he used to do that and they don't want him to do that again.

"Maybe his experience over the past year has something to do with it (prison, ankle surgery). I'm not exactly sure, but the guy still has ability. It looks like he's beginning to come on just a little bit."

INJURY REPORT - Orpheus Roye (knee), Ray Mickens (groin) and Cosey Coleman (knee) were limited in practice but all three are expected to play against the Ravens.

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